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Demons - Your REAL experiences

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posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 05:18 PM
I've been interested in this for a few years now, not enough to actively study it or look further than say Wikipedia for example (or the Dante's Inferno video game) and no, this is NOT (I repeat - not) me asking how to summon/contact any nor do I particularly want any posts requesting not to try and get in touch with a demon of any sort because honestly, I don't wish to. Ever.

I'm just fascinated and curious on whatever real stories and encounters any members of ATS may have had. Keep it all in one thread, maybe serve to make an official ATS bibliography of encounters on these very forums.

Please, nothing far fetched or made up for the lulz, doesn't have to be ouija experiences.

If possible, encounters with known and named demons and not just unusual entities like the demonic baby although if you wish to post stuff like that, feel free. It's all welcome.

Who wants to bite first?

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 11:37 PM
OK, in my true advocate fashion, I will start this out contrary to the nature of your thread, but relevant none-the-less. I accept the sacrificial virgin. I have a unique ability that does not allow demons to appear in my presence. I have had friends contact many (Legion, Beelzebub to name a couple) via Ouija board and seance while I lay in wait. But I must tell you right off the back that demons lie A LOT. They claim to be more than they are often and you can't really trust them unless you know their limitations.

There is a real good reason for my ability to not coexist with demons, but it is a long story and I do not wish to clog up your thread with MY stories. I will add upon request, but I will tell one story now...

When I was a teenager I really started testing this theory. We held seance in my basement where a double homicide had occurred 2 owners ago. 4 tall figures dressed in black appeared behind us. 2 males and 2 females. The house was crowded with people and you had to go through the crowd to get downstairs to my basement/bedroom/summoning circle. One of the 4 individuals asked me why I was playing 'child games' and they all started circling the group while chanting "Grady, Grady you're so shady." I know it doesn't sound like much but my group was paralyzed with fear and when the 4 figures left, I ran after them (not paralyzed due to the non- coexistence I mentioned) and they were gone upon approaching the first shadow. I asked around upstairs to see who those people were and who invited them and everybody said I must be stoned because nobody came in or left. The 5 of us know what we saw and there was no other way out. There is more to the story, but I want to see if this is the type of thing you are looking for before I go on.

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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by curious7

It kinda comes down to, like all things, definition of the terms used. What's a "demon" exactly? I have been bothered in certain houses by noisy, shadowy thingies that I thought might be dead previous (or current) tenants. I also have had something big, dark and translucent sweep through my current quiet apartment at 3:33 a.m. a few times and had it dim the lights and TV which was quite weird and oddly theatric.
A few sensitve friends have said they've contacted entities that hang around people experiencing profound emotions and somehow feed off said emotions and they can be "good" and "bad."
So it seems there are things out there without material bodies and I suppose they can be good, bad and indifferent. They have been noticed through the ages and given a thousand different names and that's about as far as I'll go off the deep end. Any religiously dogmatic person will give you their brand of "truth" but it's hard to draw conclusions about things you normally can't see or feel, so...?

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 09:00 AM
Yeah in my ideas of "demons" I'm talking about those that aren't necessarily bad entities of deceased humans but those who identify themselves as having an origin in "Hell" (whatever/wherever that may be) but of course, the nature of them as liars and the general descriptions of them as being bad means that of course, those with spirits of human origin who classed the encounter as demonic in nature are welcome to post.

I'm also curious, does saying the name of a demon out loud or in writing create bad karma and energies? Such as the so-called "Crown Prince of Northern Hell" who I won't name but starts with a B (just in case it does bring about bad fortune).

LuisCyfer, you're very welcome to continue posting, as I said any experiences, post them if you feel comfortable. You got me interested anyway after your initial post in this thread so please, continue whenever you're ready

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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by curious7

I'm also curious, does saying the name of a demon out loud or in writing create bad karma and energies? Such as the so-called "Crown Prince of Northern Hell" who I won't name but starts with a B (just in case it does bring about bad fortune).

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"Demons" don't come unless called very specifically, usually, unless they feel like it or have a reason, but that reason typically comes independently of just saying their names. Kind of like, if I wanted to call my buddy Joe in Hawaii, I wouldn't just stand in the living room and say "Joe" and have Joe talking to me, or start to hear strains of cheesy death metal. I'd have to pick up the phone and dial his number. Then I'd be talking to Joe, and probably hear his cheesy death metal in the background. If Joe happened to call me at that moment, it would be coincidence and related to Joe's independent desire to call me, not the fact that I mentioned him.

Same goes for summoning up devils and their energies. You have to pick up the phone and dial the number... or, not metaphorically, correctly perform the specific ritual associated with the intelligence you are attempting to summon. Their names alone are not enough, unless you're rather good at yelling into the aether and meaning it.
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by curious7

curious7, You and I have already had a conversation, about my last encounter with something demonic,
I had one other before I changed my direction, and recognized the exsistance of suicidal spirits, which I now know are demons with their expertise being in the area of anything that causes us to harm ourselves.

I was very depressed, with thoughts of "what's the use,and "my life is worthless.One day I was driving over a new bridge that was built over the Tn,river, just before the bridge there is an opening between the bridge and the mountain slope, when I reached that point, I heard the most wicked sounding audible voice say,
"come to me", "come to me, it was in a whisper directly into my ear, I felt drawn to drive in the direction of the opening,even turning the steering wheel in that direction, I began fighting the impulse while saying out loud , "Linda what are you doing", I started sweating profusely and It seems like I held my breath until I got over that bridge.

I have also since learned, that demons, although they cannot read your mind, they do watch your actions and listen to what you speak, then play opon them to make suggestions to your mind, when you begin to accept these thoughts, strongholds begin to be built up in your mind, which lead to the acting out of the thoughts.

here is an instance that happened after I changed my direction.

shortly after coming to God, I was praying in my bedroom alone, I began pleading the blood of Jesus for my husband, and I heard coming from the corner of the bedroom, a faint growling sound, as I continued praying it changed to whining then ended.

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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by infojunkie2

Thank you for your post, this and the other story you recounted to me are very much appreciated. Glad you've found a way to combat those thoughts and emerge safe and well.

Thanks also to the other poster for the simplified explanation. I had a feeling that was the case but always felt, I dunno, wrong? Weird? I was going to name a character Belial after said demon but every time I looked at the name in writing or was about to say it out loud, I felt a strange sensation like my ear is pricking up listening for something. I have that sensation right now in fact after typing it.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by curious7

I've written a semi-finished graphic novel with Belial as a character.
I must commend your taste in naming.

The number of times I've typed Belial, Sammael, Lilith, Beelzebub, and then some, in so many different drafts of scripts, and how many times I've run through the dialog aloud with my cowriter... they'd be so annoyed with us they'd have certainly found a way to ruin us by now.

If you're already on somebody's radar, yeah...that's more of a problem. (Sorry to hear about what happened to you, infojunkie... So sorry. My heart goes out to you. May your god protect you well.) But if you're writing a story, or even an informative piece of non-fiction, and you have no ties to the entity you're calling out... you're in a pretty safe spot.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 03:00 PM
Thread title should be changed too.

Delusions-your FAKE experiences

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 03:14 PM

Originally posted by XxRagingxPandaxX
Thread title should be changed too.

Delusions-your FAKE experiences

I can respect your opinion but honestly, this was meant for those with experiences, not people who have no belief in the matter to bring in their humour-filled nay-saying of the subject. For instance, I don't venture into the 9/11 section of ATS because I believe it holds no water as a theory. I'm sure you probably have the intelligence to discern that and understand, correct?

Sorry for it being derailed already, experiences welcome.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 04:06 PM
I believe I may have had an encounter with a "Succubus."
I posted it once in another thread about an individual who had a similar encounter.

Mine begins last summer in July, my wife and I had just moved into our new apartment. About two days of staying there one night I had a vivid dream of someone singing to me, it was weird because I couldn't see who or what was singing to me; I can recall how the song went, it was a cross between humming and a female voice singing the three blind mice lullaby.
Suddenly, for no reason my eyes open wide and I notice that I am laying on my back with my head turned to the left; in the right corner of my eye I see what appears to be a young woman kneeling over me, I try to move my head to see, but then I realize I can't move it, I CAN'T MOVE ANYTHING! That's when fear strikes me; my wife is asleep next to me so I try and call out to her but could only manage a pittiful faint moaning noise. I ask myself "IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!" I couldn't believe I was actually experiencing something of this nature. Then I notice the figure stand up and walk away, about ten seconds afterwards I shoot up able to move again, my wife wakes up and asks me what was wrong and that I, "look like [I've] just seen a ghost.."
I quickly dismiss it as a nightmare because I would rather my wife not think I'm crazy.

I am still curious to this day if it was a Succubus that attempted to possess me, the vivid dream and female singing voice trying to sooth me with a lullaby gives me and uncofmartable feeling that it may very well have been one. However, I am no longer scared of it, I am actually more curious than anything. People keep saying it was sleep paralysis, but I have never had that happen to me and I haven't had one since. However my mom use to tell me of this one time she remembers opening her eyes at night and seeing a very ugly looking man standing at the foot of her bed, could've been an Incubus in her case.

Could it be something in the family or just coincidence? Anyone have an answer?

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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 07:17 PM
Raging Panda , please go to New Orleans and you buy a "Enchanted" oujia board the real deal no toys r us stuff. Come here in two weeks and tell us how your life is going.

However im Christian so, if you do this you do it on your own free will and i have no responsibility to it what so ever

Or go to a VooDoo ritual lol , freaky stuff if you dont believe in the paranormal. I walked past a voodoo ritual in New Orleans , it was like being hit in the gut and fell to my knee and i rebuked the spirit in the name of Jesus and their Torchs went out and they were glaring at me , i was waiting for them to eat my face off and kill a baby kitten. I know im being sarcastic here but you need to try it , take all non paranormal believers to a voodoo ritual. People learn the hard way now a days.
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 08:17 PM
Continuing on, I am in harmony with nithaiah. Demons function on the principal or consent. They are very crafty at getting it. The more religulous you are the easier to trap. Take or instance this reply by milkyway12:

“Raging Panda , please go to New Orleans and you buy a ‘Enchanted’ Ouija board the real deal no toys r us stuff. Come here in two weeks and tell us how your life is going.

However im Christian so, if you do this you do it on your own free will and i have no responsibility to it what so ever. . .”

Seemingly harmless, but yet he has been duped into giving the demon permission and taking responsibility for the entities actions. From the time you summoned Belial, even without invoking his name, he was able to work through other receptive individuals and gain enough power to have his name summoned. I purposely left his name out in my opening so you could watch this unfold. (Thus the sacrificial lamb comment.)

Now some very important things to remember:

1)In order to create “sin” or generate “karma” 3 things must occur.
a. You must mentally will/ desire the action to happen
b. You must commit said action
c. You must have no regret for having done said action
If any of these 3 things occur or you change your mind then no “sin/karma” has been generated.

2) Demons function on a hierarchy. They do not know what powers exist in the ranks above them. So by invoking a name they believe to be greater than them they become subservient (including the name of Jesus Christ a great demonologist himself). However YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you don’t they will know and your power diminished.

3) Demons are subservient to man. We were created 3 or 4 cycles above them. (Hungry ghosts and animals below us.) This is why they delight so much in tricking us.

4) My protection will extend to you as a courtesy of my posting so any karma/sin you would normally generate in the course of this post will be voided and nullified.

Now I don’t disagree with XxRagingxPandaxX either as there is a certain element of “illusion” when dealing with the hierarchy of demons. It is us as humans that give them power and when you understand this it is easy to take it away from them. But I cannot stress enough how tricky and deceitful they are.

Now that ground rules have been established I will continue my story in my next post.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by curious7

well...when I was 17 ( 25 now ) I would read books on how to find ghosts, how to comunicate with ghosts..etc..and I always wanted to see one. so I would make my own ouijia boards and play with them by myself in my room. very often.. nothing ever happend so I threw it away.however, when I say nothing happend I mean nothing happend with the ouijia board moving to other letters but something did happen with my spirit. I started getting very depressed and isolated inside and negative. I was still the happy go lucky girl inside but something just wasn't quite right. I lived in California and moved to AL a few months after expirementing with the board and something very strange happend to me. I was laying in bed reading a book one night and my radio next to my bed turned on by itself. It scared me so bad because it was one of those where to turn it on you have to press and hold down the button. I took a picture in my room hoping to see something and never did. I just dismissed it as a electrical glitch somehow.
Anyway, my room was always cold in this house and I never knew why even after the demon came. shortly after the radio turned off I remember I was having a very vivid dream. I was in my room laying on my back in the bed and on top of me was a demon with sharp claws, sharp pointy teeth, and black slits for eyes. it had billy goat horns that curved behind his had and a grayish black body. while it was on top of me I could not move but it could. the demon leaned forward reached his claws towards my shoulder and pulled my spaghetti strap tank top all the way down my arm till my left breast was completely exposed. he leaned forward as if to 'molest' me and I slapped my hand across my chest as hard as I could. as soon as my had hit my chest I awoke to find I was completely paralized, heart pounding and could not speak. what really scared me is that my hand was actually across my chest where it landed in 'my dream' and my tank top was pulled all the way down with my breast exposed!!!!!!!! I layed there and calmed my self down and asked God to protect me from the demon and keep me calm. I told myself it was just a dream but continued to say our father and hail mary till I fell asleep.
I didn't tell anyone till a few weeks later and when I did I had the shock of my life when my friend Daniel told me that he had just seen a show about a demon who does that to you when you sleep called Incubus. I looked up pictures of 'incubus' on the internet and was amazed at what I saw. type it in and look it up under images and you will see it is exactly what I described.... I had never known such a thing had existed. demons are not to be messed with and I'm glad that happend because I really let the Lord back into my life and asked him to get rid of the evil in or around me. he did. I love him for that.

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posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 12:13 PM
LuisCyfer, thanks for your post, very interesting read and informative. I feel we all have a lot to learn from you.

AshleyJake, that must have been terrifying. Wow, thanks for the post and glad you found a way to keep yourself protected. Hope all is well in your life now after that experience.

posted on Apr, 6 2011 @ 06:05 AM
Continuing my story:
After the group experience we weren't satisfied with no one seeing anybody come or go. So we decided to invite the demon to step out of the pentagram if indeed he had the power. One of the best friends I have ever had is psychic. But she never learned to control it. She thought all of this was a bad idea from the start because out of all of us she had actually seen things she wished she never had. But she believed in my ability to protect her so we continued on.
When we made the request, the power went out. She immediately said, "get out everyone.".
So we are all standing out in my front yard with a bunch of drunk minors and we (the summoning group) decided we needed to get everyone back in the house.
We told the group what we did and most of the people were in agreement that we were full of sh**.
One of the drunk Marines jokingly said he was going into the basement to kick some demon ass. My psychic friend pleaded with him to stay out of it to no avail. He went in and came stumbling out saying someone threw him against the wall and someone was going to get their ass kicked when he sobered up.
So her and I went back inside (believing it was the demon) to make contact. She sensed a presence, but it told her that it was not the summoned entity it was my guardian. I said I didn't know I had one and to make a long story short, it communicated to her that the demon would restore power when it received an apology. She said it wanted the guy to apologize for being disrespectful. As soon as we convinced him to say he was sorry the power came back on.
Now the power was only off on my block, which was strange. And later the next day one of the neighbors found a fallen tree branch on the power line in the alley, but the power company never came to restore power.
My friend told me to never ask her to get involved with a demon again. But that is when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had an ability to bind demons. I have had many more experiences since then with demons and even other entities but that was the exact moment my mettle was made.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 12:20 AM
Here is my experiences with demons. I grew up in a christian family. I attended a christian school. I was forced to attend a christian church were our Sunday school teacher told us we were going to hell for our natural sexual urges. When I got a job for the first time I had to listen to my colleague spout his christian nonsense almost daily. That is my honest experiences.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 01:00 AM
Wow that is a downright horrifying experience. I can relate.
I was locked in a closet, beat, threatened with eternal damnation if I didn't love god with all my heart and forced to miss sunday morning cartoons since I was 4 years old. I had half of the king james bible memorized by the time I was 14, in addition to having the same experiences as you. To top things off my father (a baptist youth minister) abandons us and the church decides to kick us out because we can no longer afford to make the same tithe. The pastor tells my mother to never bring me back all because I asked him if the devil is so evil and god is so holy then how did god create him?
Needless to say you develop a VERY special relation to the whole good vs evil stigma when that happens. Lucky for me I was able to get god to believe in Me after that and taught myself how to bind demons.
No hard feelings anymore and based on my experiences I would probably do it all over again if I had to. You are not alone.

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 01:11 AM
i read something (or maybe it was a video) that aliens are actually demons, illuminati are satanist, and were all gonna die the end

posted on Apr, 8 2011 @ 01:38 AM
Ok. I was coerced into attending an exorcism back in 1984. Was told it would be 'for the good '

Despite all the talk of Anglican Deaconesses being in attendance and the whole thing being conducted under the auspices of the Church, with highly reputable and experienced persons in attendance -- it turned out to be more of a New Age exorcism

Once I realised these people were departing from the formal Roman Catholic exorcism ritual, I consigned myself and them (de facto) to God and all that's holy

While they droned on, I closed my eyes and began to pray for the welfare of all of us, because the very little I knew about exorcisms (one book, at that point, and not too many since) claimed that the exorcists basically barters his/her own soul in return for release of the victim. The exorcist then relies on faith in God to deliver his own soul to heaven in good shape, after his physical death. So, the stakes were high, yet the exorcists seemed oblivious to the danger -- not only to themselves, but to everyone involved and THEIR families and loved ones, in addition to the possessed victim

I experienced some amazing and unforgettable things while I was sitting there praying and as the exorcism droned on

Then, it was over, apparently. I questioned the methods used, but they patted me on the head and told me not to worry about it. Then they told me to go home and think positive, because this would assist the exorcised individual

Well, I'd been so scared about the forthcoming exorcism that I'd been taking the children to stay with a friend during the weeks leading up to the exorcism. But, having been told to think positive and having been assured by the exorcists that all would be well from now on, I decided it was time to reclaim our home and cast out fear. Accordingly, once dinner was over and the dishes washed, etc., I put the children to bed (first time in their own beds for weeks) and decided to watch tv

It was an engrossing programme. I was sitting on the floor, fully absorbed, when I sensed something behind me. Believing it was my small son, I said without turning around, ' Won't be a minute darling and I'll warm some milk for you '

No answer

I was riveted by the programme which was nearing its end. So even though I could still sense something behind me, I didn't pay much attention apart from murmuring a few more times (without turning around) to my son, to let him know I wasn't ignoring him

The feeling became too strong however and finally I turned around, a bit irritated at the interruption yet fully expecting to see my son standing there with his finger in his mouth, half asleep and wanting some milk

Instead, what I saw when I turned around was a very tall entity. It was so tall that when I think about it now, I suspect it might have been suspended a bit above the level of the floor. The ceiling was very high in that room, with exposed beams

I'm pretty sure it was a male entity, based on the width of the shoulders and the authoritative voice. It said to me:
' You've got rid of the rest of them. Now you have me to deal with '

At around that point, I left my body, for by now, I could see myself sitting down there on the carpet in front of the tv. I could also see the back of the entity. It was dressed in a cloak (how original, huh) of a brownish, yellowish colour. Hooded

I was up near the ceiling. Also, I was down on the floor

Not sure how that ended, but next I knew, I was hauling the children bodily out of their bunks. They were still asleep. I told them we were going to ' X's ' place again (the friend with whom we'd been staying nightly for weeks)

Then I bustled them into the car and drove off. I was scared

When I arrived at my friend's place and had put the children to bed, I phoned the exorcist to tell him what had happened. He let me know he was not pleased by the interruption and told me briefly that it was all in my mind, tra la

Next day after I'd taken the children to school etc,., I phoned the local Roman Catholic church and told them the whole story and asked for their help. They declined to do so on the grounds I was not Roman Catholic and suggested I approach the Anglicans, which is what I did

The Anglican minister agreed to see me later in the day, at which point he blessed the children and I -- and told me off for ' meddling in the occult '. He did the same at church service the following Sunday and made quite a spectacle of me before the congregation who were told only that I was pretty bad, pretty evil, due to my involvement ' in the occult ' (not much thanks for attending a scary exorcism, is it ? So don't let anyone drag you into anything of that nature, because when the chips are down, you'll find you're on your own )

Well, the New Age guru-cum-exorcist contracted kidney cancer almost immediately. He was basically consigned to a quick and agonising death by the medical fraternity, but his New Age survival instincts obviously kicked-in and he saved his own life. He amazed the medical fraternity sufficiently for them to arrange for him to have part of a building in a city hospital, where he taught survival techniques to others. This was all duly written up in a two page spread in the leading newspaper for the area

The New Age exorcist is still alive, I think, though elderly. He was a talented man with high ideals. Unfortunately, his ego exceeded all other parts of him combined. He's never apologised for stuffing up the exorcism or for dragging me into it. Nor did he ever show the slightest interest in the entity that threatened me and scared me out of my own body. My opinion now, having met a lot of other egomaniacs since, is that the New Age exorcist was scared silly by what I told him -- scared because here was something over which he had no control. Prior to conducting the exorcism, he'd boasted to me how he and his group went to newly razed building sites in the city (which at the time was going through a period of rapid redevelopment and bulldozing aside dozens of heritage sites, with the full knowledge of the then Premier of the State who himself was a bit of a cowboy) to persuade spirits to depart the buildings and 'move to the light '

So, because I confused that paragraph, I'll say it briefly again: the exorcist was very proud of his ghost-busting activities and talked of how he and his group used to go to old buildings and sites to rid them of spirits. He believed he knew all there is to know about spirits. He fancied he was on first-name basis with them and obviously believed he was a spirit-guru

Now, he'd learned from me that a bloody huge spirit-entity thing had traced me to my home and threatened to deal with me in repayment for the ousting of apparently other spirits at the exorcism

In other words, the entity who'd appeared before me had not succumbed to the New Age exorcist's ritual-technique. And this must have been a massive ego-blow to the exorcist. So -- rather than acknowledge that he wasn't as good or as correct as he'd believed he was re: the spirit world -- the exorcist had instead chosen to deny the existence of the big cloaked entity and blame me, claiming I'd imagined it. His choice. He got kidney cancer. I didn't

Of course, that's not to say I'm home free. And why the cloaked entity chose to threaten me instead of the exorcist and his clerical gang, is unknown at present. Maybe it's the fact I was closely associated with the allegedly possessed individual ? Who knows. Maybe the cloaked thing was a manifestation of the possessed individual's mind, outraged at my betrayal in attending the exorcism ? Who knows. Guess I'll find out at a later date, as I pass from 'life' to 'death'. Not something I'm particularly looking forward to. And as to the question ' Would you attend the exorcism if you knew then what you know now ? ' -- the answer is a resounding NO. I'd run like hell and wouldn't have a thing to do with it, not for a million dollars

The allegedly possessed individual did not improve, incidentally, and is still wreaking mayhem wherever she goes. I eventually took out a restraining order on her to prevent her coming anywhere near me or my family, after which she simply moved on to torment lots of others

Would like to add another little tale here. I recounted the above on a famous online forum devoted to the paranormal several years ago. I still remember one woman's response -- she said she'd been doing normal things in her house one night, when 'something' (she didn't know what it was or how to describe it) ' whoosed' out of a wall and into her while booming, ' You are MINE ! ' before whoosing off again into the opposite wall. The woman who wrote this said she felt as if she'd been shot. She was terrified

I knew from her many posts that she was an intelligent person, well respected in the forum. Usually, she didn't say much. She went on to say that when she'd recovered, she asked various people for advice and was told by someone experienced and whom she respected, that the 'other' worlds contain a lot of malicious tricksters who enjoy scaring the daylights out of humans. ' Ignore it ', she was advised. So, she was trying to -- and she tried to reassure me using the same advice

Who knows

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