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N Korea rejects US nuke offer

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posted on Jul, 24 2004 @ 05:07 AM
July 24
NORTH Korea today rejected a US-proposed package aimed at settling a standoff over the communist state's nuclear drive as having "little worthy to be discussed", a North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said.

"The study of the recent policy clarified by (US) high-ranking officials ... clearly suggests that the US 'landmark proposal' was nothing but a sham offer", the spokesman told Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

"a sham offer"? Thats not a very smart thing to say given the gravity of the situation.

posted on Jul, 24 2004 @ 05:35 AM
Im not surprised, Kim Ill Jong wants something. I think its much more than a "non agression" pact he keeps touting. The bottom line is we should not deal with him at all. He clearly has "issues".

posted on Jul, 24 2004 @ 06:38 AM
well for a while bush did have a "we're not talking to you" mkind of policy towards NK and crazy kim. he made it clear a long time ago he wasnt about to give crazy kim a thing until he stopped his nuclear program. this has always been an issue for bush has been been very adamant about it. however not long ago he has softened somewhat on that and seemed rather genuine about ending this diplomatic stalemate. even as bush has softened up on his stance and has even offered deals in exchange for crazy kim to stop his nuclear weapons program good ole nut job kim has only gotten more solidified in his stance to not deal with bush.

of course kim jong il wants something! every time he rattles his cage he later on asks for soemthing and tries to make a deal for what he wants.

i light of what i know about him and how his people are treated i'd be inclined to ignore him till hell froze over. i cant imagine anyone actually dealing with him in any way. our own politicians may not be all that wonderful but i can say they are ant AS bad as he is. not by a long shot. "government sponsored" military parades? making young girls practice continuously their grymnastic skills for these parades? some being pretteens and having serious medical problems like joint and knee problems from the constant practice. funding a military that he forces people to join while his people starve. blocking all outside information and news and feeding them his own propaganda. rewriting history, an example of this being him and his father have lead their people to believe they actually won the korean war (if the country is still divided how is anyone a winner here? tell me that) and that we're holding back south korea from them and we're entirely evil (i dont mean bush stuff either, i mean every last man woman and child are immoral heathens and that sort of thing.) his people have reduced themselves to cannibalism in the past, entire fields that could grow rice have gone long unattended as he tries to make people constantly do something else for his gain trying to distract them from the hunger in their bellies and keep them too busy to think about how bad a person he is. they have a frigging shrine, a huge shrine dedicated to his father "the great leader" (WTF was so great about him exactly?) where people have to buy flowers and lay them at the foot of this enormous statue where attendents chase off birds that land on it (i kid you not, i've seen this myself). people being made to wears suits in public to give a false front that NK is somehow doing wonderfully economically even if their job doesnt require they wear a suit.

is this the kind of person ANYONE can even talk to let alone negoitiate with?

posted on Jul, 24 2004 @ 07:11 AM
I watched a doco' on telly the other night titled 'Access to Evil'. (SBS Oz)
I was stunned and angry. If you can get a vid' or dvd watch it.
tv credits...
october films
And a book related...
kim sang hun 'one man against kim jong il
by donald macintyre photographed by ki ho park
prison camp22

I found a review re: Access to Evil.

In this report for the BBC, Olenka Frenkiel offers a polite olive branch as she suggests North Korea feels deeply hurt, the innocent victim of that terrible axis of evil slur by President Bush, and that perhaps it needs its nuclear weapons for self-defence.

It's her entree card - or at least the reason for obtaining it - for, as she explains, "they have asked us in to tell their side in the propaganda war between Washington and Pyongyang".


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