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Bribing of Civilians On Footage on Rebel Opposition

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posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 07:19 PM
Bribing of Civilans and Pure English sign almost like on cue

0:03 a Guy is holding a white shet of paper, while the ladies in van stare at it, some of these look a frightened

0:03 an old lady in the back looks frightened stareing at the outside of the van

0:04 a sunglass guy waves his finger to cut off the scene which ends the part at 0:05 you will see him waving his finger at the camera.

0:25 looks like a base camp for outside fighters, the place i believe is a port side alots of old kingdom of libya flags, how did they got them?

0:43 Looks like port side of Benghazi hey look there is a cargo ship? i wonder if the rebels are coming in by the cargo ships, notice how there base camp is near the port side.

0:49 these libyans dont look qutie libyans they remind me of foreign fighters look closey

0:49 Aardogan i We are not Alqaida Take Your Lover Gaddaf or let us get armed

Hold everything here, if lbiya has around 6 million and yet compread to this footage, what we are seeing are rebels in a 1000 or so, why is the guy on 0:49 holding a sign in pure english.

Almost as if its on Cue for the western viewers, notice the sitting cargo ships in the video?

Aardogan i We are not Alqaida Take Your Lover Gaddaf or let us get armed

If i was Libyan i wouldn't be speaking in pure english on cue rather i would speak Arabic therefore my sign would be in Arabic not in english, and if i am fighting for a real cause it wouldn't be right on cue.

Take your lover Gaddaf reminds me much like Take your lover saddam and bin laden from the Neo Cons.
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