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Woman Unable To Close Eyes Now Suing N.J. Plastic Surgeon

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posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by Versa

Originally posted by Whereweheaded

Nope not at all bitter. Quite content actually. I find it interesting, you claim you've posted your actual picture on a past thread, which one could easily conclude, that your one of those " kinds " that need attention. Further, do you not read? You do understand that reading and correlating that with real life tends to be more educational.
And yet, you come here, trolling for attention, ( based on your posting history would prove that ).
Actually its quite comical. Try having a conversation with another woman, who is flat chested and has developed depression because of it. Then will see just how much merit your argument has...which clearly lacks.

No, I'm not bitter at all....just face palming at your response. I think re-runs of Sesame Street would do you loads of good~

ETA: Like your threads! BWAAHAHA!! Not much return on those huh? How's that working out for ya...

How does anything you just posted have a bearing on your thread? You might want to check the ATS terms and conditions before you start with the personal attacks.

I'm very aware of the T &C thank you. And none of my comments have been derogatory. Nice try though.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by Whereweheaded I find it interesting, you claim you've posted your actual picture on a past thread, which one could easily conclude, that your one of those " kinds " that need attention.

at that comment
Do you say the same to the male members of ATS that have their photos's on here? How about Springer and ScepticOverlord?

one could easily conclude that you need some better books about women, there's more to women than boobs.

your funny

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by BnletB

Thats not the way malpractice works.

If the doctor did a negligent job, he is liable. If this was the result of something totally unforeseen, and he did everything right, he isnt. And thats for expert testimony and the jury to decide, not a bunch of nasty natured people gloating over someone elses misfortune, and judging someone else for their choices.

By your logic the family of any woman who died in childbirth due to crappy care or a botched cesarean should not be allowed to sue for malpractice, pregnancy is optional, you did it to yourself, right?

The elective nature of a procedure is not the point. Whether or not the doctor was negligent is.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 10:48 PM

Originally posted by irishchic
reply to post by 2manyquestions

I'm choking back the response I'd REALLY like to type because I enjoy this site and dont' want to get banned but TRUST ME,most men are NOT "looking for younger women" because of a specific number nor does a women's "value" decrease after say 60 as you say?

Most men are not looking for younger women? Since when? Men are naturally attracted to younger females who are still able to bare children. Look around and notice the age difference between couples. Most men are older, sometimes MUCH older than their girlfriends or wives. This isn't a coincidence. If you believe that men aren't looking for younger women, then I don't know what world you're living in. It certainly can't be this one. In fact why would women go through elective surgery to look younger and prettier, if men weren't attracted to younger women???

I never said that a woman's value decreases after 60. I said that when you get to that age and skin starts wrinkling and sagging all over your body, it's time to give it a rest with the surgeries for your own good. Lotion and exercise will take care of many undesired lumps. It's not attractive when a woman's face is stretched across her skull while her turkey-neck and wrinkly arms sag below. I'm sorry, but I think older women who simply take care of themselves and allow themselves to age gracefully are far more attractive than some of those plastic freak shows walking around in Beverly Hills.

I think you misread/misunderstood my comment. The older women who have plastic surgery in order to look younger, will never be able to achieve the youth they seek to attain. Most men will spot the parts that don't match, maybe some post-surgery scars, and they'll rather pick up on the 35-40 year old rather than the 60 year old who bought enough surgeries to create the weak illusion of a 40 year old. At some point a person starts looking like a freak show, and that's when it's time to stop and accept the fact that they're getting older.

Most of us are not NEARLY ready to "give it up" and I promise that if we met,you'd choke back your words...I am not quite that "old" but look as good or better than MANY women 1/2 my age due to good choices,good living,and a LOT of exercise and discipline...

I didn't say give up on looking good or looking for a partner, I said give up on elective surgeries unless you're horribly disfigured. There was no attack on your looks, so I'm not sure why you feel the need to tell me how good you look. Sounds to me like you're doing it the right way, so why would you be offended by my comments?

Harder to get a man if you have a bit of "enhancement surgery?" are unique in yoru opinion to ANY man I have ever known and I have a long and rather impressive list: most men worth a chit like a prefer a woman to be fit,well-groomed,intelligent,and most of all confident and ANY age!

You would be surprised how many men are actually turned off by plastic surgery. I'm sure they can respect it if the surgery was correcting some disfigurement, but too much surgery creates an unnatural look that sometimes borders on the grotesque. I'm sure a lot of women who opt for plastic surgery don't think so, but most of them don't realize they looked beautiful before they chose to go under the knife. Sounds to me like many of these women need to deal with self-esteem issues internally, not externally. Heidi Montag is a perfect example of a beautiful, natural girl who ruined herself. She's one of those who no longer believes the scars were worth it. She's still very pretty, but she was just as beautiful before all those procedures.

You can be fit, well-groomed, intelligent, confident and capable without a face lift, botox injection, or a nose job. In fact it's usually the women and men without good self esteem who elect to have plastic surgery.

I'm going to go try and climb under my "almost 60" it's all over now DEATH-ROCK and BTW: I can probably climb it faster than you and look DAMN HOT doing it!

Regards but I couldn't let your post slide

You read my post, you start imagining things I didn't say, and then you go on a defensive rampage. That's fine,... maybe it brought out some insecurities in you, so I suppose I can understand why you reacted the way you did. I'm sorry that my defending the natural aging process and speaking against useless elective surgery that won't ever make you reach 21 year old super-model status, is offensive to you. I thought most women would appreciate it. Your insult is petty and unwarranted. How would you know how fast I can climb or how hot I look doing it?

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