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Omega Agency Reasearch Project Chit-Chat thread

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 10:18 PM
Here it is.

If you have a question for the team leader, u2u Tassadar.
If you have an issue with the team leader, u2u ADVISOR.
If you have a question for a certain team member, u2u him or her.
If you have a project related question and are not a member, post it here.

Here is a link to the project: Omege Agency Research Project
Only scholars who have express permission from team leader, Tassadar, may post on the project thread.

At any rate, I aim at having 12 team members including myself for the reboot next Saturday.
4 of these team members will have the express ability (should they so desire) to create sub teams of up to 4 more members.
Everyone should receive a u2u by Wednesday.

- Tass

[Edited on 23-7-2004 by Tassadar]


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