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US, South Korea reach agreement on redeploying US troops

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 06:54 PM
The US and South Korea have reached an agreement for the US to redeploy about 8.000 troops from the 2nd division from Seoul to a city 50 miles south. this move is due to economical factors and the tensions of South Koreans seeing American troops walking around Seoul.

In a statement, the US Defense Department said the agreement to redeploy the appoximately 8,000 US troops in the Seoul metropolitan area to Pyongtaek was finalized during a 10th round of talks here this week between US and South Korean officials.

"The relocation of US forces out of Seoul will be completed by December 2008," the Pentagon said.

It said US and South Korean officials also reached agreement on relocating the 2nd Infantry Division from camps north of Seoul to facilities in the Pyongtaek area.

US to redeploy troops in S. Korea

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