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Republicans Blast Bush On Enviroment In NH & How He Misleads The Public

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 05:08 PM
ONCORD, New Hampshire (AP) -- The head of the Environmental Protection Agency for two Republican presidents criticized President Bush's record on Monday, calling it a "polluter protection" policy.


Environment2004 organized the event and released a report titled "Damaging the Granite State." It criticizes presidential policies on energy, global warming, toxic waste and air and water pollution.

"It is the worst record in modern history, unfortunately," said Aimee Christensen, the group's executive director. "They are systematically weakening our keystone public health protections and undermining decades of bipartisan leadership on the environment."
Former state Sen. Rick Russman, a Kingston Republican, said pollution from Midwest plants causes 56 premature deaths, 1,382 asthma attacks and 8,178 lost works days annually in New Hampshire. The Northeast is known as "America’s Tailpipe," Russman said, because of the pollution that’s allowed to flow into the region.

"I am angry at the Bush administration," Russman said.

While Train endorsed Kerry, both Russman and Pilliod did not.

"This is a message to both candidates," Russman said. "We are here to educate the electorate and to let the candidates know this will be an issue."

---------------------And it should be an issue, are these guys in bed with the corporations? Are they donating money to em or something??
I guess money is more important then the our lives, when we're all dead at least they'll still have their coin... ------------------------

By Environmental Topic

PUTTING POLLUTER'S FIRST (very well put together)

Here's some cozy info:

By calling his air pollution plan “Clear Skies,”
President Bush is deliberately misleading the
American public and hiding his real agenda—
protecting coal, oil and power companies.
President Bush claimed his plan would cut air
pollution by 70 percent, when White House and
Environmental Protection Agency analysis showed
that the plan would result in more pollution than
simply enforcing the existing Clean Air Act.36
The administration refused to release EPA
analysis showing that an alternative proposal
in Congress would reduce emissions further
and more quickly (addressing carbon dioxide
emissions as well), at a marginally higher cost,


Sewage treatment. From its inception, the Clean
Water Act has required municipalities to treat raw
sewage, removing dangerous viruses and parasites
before discharging it into the nation’s waters.
However, since his first day in office, President
Bush has blocked policies and laws that protect America’s waters from sewage contamination,
endangering all life that uses the resulting spoiled

 The Bush administration is allowing global
warming emission to continue to grow, while
mounting a campaign to convince the American
public that by targeting reductions in the rate
of emissions released per dollar of national
economic product, emissions will decrease
instead of actually increase 12 to 14 percent in
the next 10 years.29
 The U.S. electricity sector is responsible for
approximately 33 percent of U.S. greenhouse
gas emissions,30 and approximately 10 percent
of the world’s carbon dioxide pollution.31 The
administration claims to have obtained concrete
commitments from this sector to voluntarily
reduce carbon pollution to meet the target of an
18 percent reduction in emissions “intensity” by
2012 .32 In fact, that “commitment” by the major
electricity producers is to reduce emissions
“intensity” by a mere 3 to 5 percent by 2012. In
plain language, not a reduction in emissions, but
a reduction in the rate at which emissions would
otherwise increase.33 And the “commitments”
by other industry sectors are a far cry from
binding obligations to reduce emissions
intensity by 18 percent by 2012.34
 In an attempt to strengthen support for
the administration’s proposed power plant
pollution bill that would not address carbon
pollution, the Bush administration refused to
provide Congress with an analysis of the costs
and benefits of competing bills that would
reduce carbon pollution.35 (See “The Bush
Record on Air Pollution.”)
 Relying on an exaggerated DOE study,36 the
White House claimed the carbon pollution bill
introduced by Senators John McCain (R-AZ)
and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) would increase
household energy bills by $444 per year and
increase the federal deficit by $100 billion in

MORE COZY INFO HERE: Misleading the public

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 05:15 PM
There is also a story relating to environmental Alarmism, and how much of
it is based on "save the world Eco-dramas" HERE

People get over emotional, and radical, then NOTHING gets accomplished!!

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 05:20 PM
Is that people say now if they present statistical and factual information?
They whitewash it with negative connotations to it?

I'm might be mistaken here, but my interpretation of your post is telling me that i'm hysterical and over emotional? I hope thats not what your doing...

These are situations that can affect my life and your life in the name of profit.

It's not something you just brush off because people get over emotional, there's a pretty damn good reason to get overemotional, read the printout there's stats and facts there for you and maybe you'll stop being an ostrich because the bush admin wants you to be.

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 05:28 PM

Absolutely not...I am not saying that about you...

SO don't get...over.......Just kidding, really!

It was more a coincidence, as I saw your post, not 3 minutes after I read the article that I had linked in my post..

I DO however, think that there is support for both side.
For example, people (radical ecologist) in my area were HIGHLY PISSED, that
our County has been proposing the cutting down of deadwood and
dense undergrowth, in my area, saying it was unnatural...Well, Last
week, 16 homes were lost in a blaze that burned 8,000 acres. Some homes
were spared , these were also in the middle of this blaze, but controlled burning, and clearing saved those homes, and a lot of animal habitats!

I have an unrelated question, where did the pic in your Avatar come from..?
There is a guy, in these parts, that pulls his car off the road, hops out, and makes Balanced Rock sculptures all over the place..They look a lot like your pic..

[edit on 23-7-2004 by spacedoubt]

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 06:00 PM
I got it from webshots they have alot of cool pics there of nature and what not... Maybe you took the pic lol who knows do you post at webshots??

back on topic: I know there are radical ecologists just like there are radical corps who want to make an extra mill... both sides can be extremed and when it comes to our health I think everbody should be more concerned, its what sustains life. If all is nasty and # how can one expect to survive in a climate like that?? Especially water...NOBODY can live without water....

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 06:01 PM
spacedoubt, I get excited when i can't breathe. I also get excited when I don't have clean, fresh water to drink. Without air you can live for about 10 minutes. For a few days without water.

In Stockton CA the Thames-OMI corporation took over the water treatment plant, seducing public officials with bogus tales of efficiencies and cost savings. This is a corporation that has a notorious record of poor service, equipment failures and cost overruns. Bechtel in Boliva made promises about water prices of increases of 10% and instead raised them by 60%, for already desperately poor people.

Coke a Cola in India pumped ground water our of wells surrounding a plant, when people complained that wells were dry they pumped toxic waste back into the wells. It wanted to 'encourage' people there to buy it's bottled water.
I wonder if they would try polluting the air so bad to force people to buy bottled air?

The fish stocks of the Ocean are being fished not to just depletion, but to extinction. The fish that ARE caught have high levels of mercury in them.

The US automotive industry sat on patents for battery technology for years when SAAB was trying to build an electric car.

These corporations are full of SICK people who will do ANYTHING for a profit.

If you waste gas on a non-fuel efficient vehicle don't forget the blood and lives of 900 soldiers spent to fill it.

Maybe you want to be apathetic about the world you live in. I ask you how will your children, grandchildren and subsequent generations look back at you? Will they be spitting on and desecrating your grave? Defiling images of you?

This administration makes NO effort to find workable solutions. They only help those who would r*pe this planet for profit.

GW BUSH 'VALUES' = $ $ $ $ $

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 06:10 PM
Oh my gosh, that made me SICK .....

pumping toxic chemicals back into water wells to make people buy their product!!!??

That is absolutely discusting... And I take it the gov't didn't do anything about it?

that is horrendous.. I never used to really care and now I feel like i'm caring for everybody, I go and pick up garbage along the streets while people look at me like i'm crazy, I pick up cigarette packages, butts, caps, bottles, paper, fast good cups, it's absolutely discusting, but that water well scenario is just sick..

It's all sick... And i totally agree that bush values = $$$

The more I read reports and statistics the more i'm appalled and driven to make sure he gets the hell out of there, corporations need to take a back seat to the gov't greedy pockets, they are killing us... slowly but surely...

Not only are animals becoming extinct and homeless, but one day we will too, all because these SICK men in corporations wanted to make a few extra mill.

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 07:39 PM

I'm not being apathetic. I care about the environment. I'm pretty observant
in the way I use resources...My Yard is Xeriscaped, instead of a lawn, I recycle,
I drive a small Truck, and not a giant 10 cylinder Ford.

My point was really that Things CAN get done..Somewhere in the middle, there is agreement..And that Going radical in either direction, is self defeating..

Maybe that link I posted was not quite with the direction this thread was meant to go..But instead of yelling at each other, an attempt at accomplishing something, would be the better way to go....


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