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FBI asks public for help breaking encrypted notes tied to 1999 murder

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 12:58 PM
This is my first post. It's a very interesting case. The only thing I want to add to this is that, despite the man apparently not finishing high-school, or supposedly not having an array of knowledge in math, some of the statements seem very "proof" like -- like some sort of logical statements. (these are all the statements that are in parenthetical, and indented just as you would do in logic)

Also, I do not believe that every case of the letter "N" is actually an "N"...I'm pretty sure it's also being used as a "~", as some sort of separator, or connector. I have seen a lot of posts referring to "NCBE", but I think it may actually be "~ CBE". I take note that on the 12th line is the phrase, "WLD N WLDN CBE". I think that is, perhaps, better read, "WLD ~ WLD ~ CBE".

On the "NOTES" page, a buddy of mine pointed out that the very long series of letters, separated by dashes, looked strikingly similiar to the Windows 98 key codes.

Finally, several have noted the numbers "99.84.52". My buddy and I took note of the space between the 5 and 2. It looks more like "99.84.5 2UNEPLSE..." Which, on a blind guess, appears more like a radio frequency and "2UNEPLSE" comes out something like "tune please".

Anyway, I'm way behind the power curve on this. Probably all these things have been mentioned already...I did try to read the other posts, but after page 14, it was getting pretty daunting.

Oh, one last thing: "D-W-M-Y" looks like it says "MIL" directly after it, but that's not how the military breaks down its time. The military breaks it down as day, time, month, so: 12 1800 APR 11...or more commonly seen: 121800APR11: 12 April 2011, at 6pm.
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by MonosLukos

dwm 4 mil could be a luger dwm 4"
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 04:24 PM
I read this guy had a sexual relationship that started with a girl who was 11 years old.

That's straight pedo range, I imagine he has a taste for younger fair, so I wouldn't be surprised if this letter was a list of potential victims or something equally devious--a deviant he is.

If he was offed by a parent of victimized girl, I hope they don't find the killer.

Also, his family claims he's been using code since he was very young. If it started out as cipher or code from a childrens mystery book (hardy boys, encyclopedia brown--my personal fave) then there is no way to crack it w/out the cipher.
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by Tharsis

I posted earlier his crimnal record. He was charged with rape 3 times. Convicted once and served 11 months of a 3 year sentence. But I don't think it was a child.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by JBA2848
reply to post by Tharsis

I posted earlier his crimnal record. He was charged with rape 3 times. Convicted once and served 11 months of a 3 year sentence. But I don't think it was a child.

A member at another forum posted up a Highbeam search (I think it's pay-to-play newspaper archives, ie, unlinkable).

Claims this story headline was directed at a column that explained where 2 of RM's children came from...

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri), November 19, 1992, THURSDAY, MAN, 34, ACCUSED OF RAPE; SEXUAL AFFAIR STARTED AT 11, GIRL TELLS POLICE SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 3A

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 05:27 PM
I'd also like to say that most people who are following this case are NOT subscribers to pay newspaper archive sites.

Myself included. I merely have to wait for the people who have these services to post their findings.

So far, we have two methods of death: throat slashing and head injury.

We have two potential outcomes of the event: homicide or undetermined.

And, to me, the most interesting--there are 3 versions of how the body was found: by a farmer who owned or worked near the lot, a woman passerby, and a pair of fishermen.

Still not sure which it is.

This whole thing is odd to me.
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 12:44 PM
hi all

i have spent many hours just on breaking into patterns use paint and circleing them with colors not even close to dechipher phase

however i came across an interesting pattern and result that i immedately sent on fbi website for them to look into

more on that in a second

first its definately not a bet slip because wouldnt be written all at one time

the hosiptal thing seems plausible to me in that section possibly someone he met there or a doctor he showed his code to

he had to be an FBI informant while else would they spend so much resouces just to crack it

i believe he made it in all so it can be cracked thats why things in ( ) and note page has each section outlined

i believe he was scared for his life when he wrote this knowen he would possibly die and hope the FBI would be able to figure it out

i believe its an easy on the fly shorthand or phonetic code.

ok so now what i sent the fbi

i notice the one pattern about 6 times in total that i strongly believed was a person or location

rcbrnse so i google it

asked if i met r c barns building in missori so i told fbi i dint know if was close to where he was found for them to look into it

then i decided why not see for myself

r c barns is in troy MO

he was found in west alton MO

wich is the county directly south of troy MO

this rcbrnse appears 2 times in first line of third outlined section on notes page. where i believe it countinues to talk about directions and or things he seen or heard about.

havent looked at anythign about it since i read this forums and throw it out there for people to look at

thank you for your time

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:11 PM
I'm new here and don't mean to minimize all of the effort that is going into decrypting this coded letter but I have a different take on it. What if there is no homicide victim and the letter was designed as an amusing distraction by some irreverent member of the F.B.I or other "serious" organization? I tend to think those organizations have motives for everything they do however I could see them feeling contempt for conspiracy theorists. I could also see them amusing themselves by creating just this kind of letter just to see how many CTers jump through hoops and spend hours of their valuable time trying to solve something that is obviously unsolvable all while they ( F.B.I) get on with the focus of their real jobs. Who knows maybe they even have a distraction division. Oh and it would also enable them to keep an eye on people who come to sites like this one.

posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 02:17 PM
here is driving route from this r c barn
graaa i give up on link

get directions from rc barns address

1573 Sugar Grove Road Troy, MO 63379


Machens Club Dr
West Alton, MO 63386

webslueths said this is the address they say the body was found at

wish i had webslueth account

its about a 30-35 mile ride pretty straight shot down some main roads away from that area
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posted on Apr, 15 2011 @ 03:37 PM
also i noticed from my translation

alot of people think is XDRLX

i thought the same at first but then i noticed in the letter XORL pretty clearly so i change my XDRLX to XORLX

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 07:14 AM
First page pretty much solved...

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by jawndoe

the fb page says This content is currently unavailable

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 09:40 PM
Sorry to bump up such an old thread, but is there any information on this guy? Like medical records, an autopsy report, anything? Because, I believe that the key to solving this cipher is to learn as much about the man's past as we can. How long was he unemployed? When did he start developing his health problems? Did he have any friends or acquaintances who were familiar with his circumstances?

So far, the best solution to these notes I have found so far is that they are really small little journals detailing his health problems and when to take his meds. They are the most convincing, too, since the authorities tell us that he had health problems and had visited a hospital several days before he died.

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