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FBI asks public for help breaking encrypted notes tied to 1999 murder

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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 05:30 PM
Just wanted to say much respect for you guys crypto curiosity.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 06:05 PM
FYI If anyone is on the nissan parts/ cars theory ..... 90's models nissan trucks were called Hardbodys, dont know if thats in the notes .... let me go look lol, hope someone may find this helpful.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by ChaoticPeace

My thought on there being no money listed on P1 is this is one persons betting slip. If I gave you a fifty and a list of lottery numbers. You would not need to write the word fifty on the paper. Just the list of numbers. So if you follow it though the paper. It says something like if so and so horse wins put the purse (PRSE) on so and so horse next and so on. Until at the end of the day you either have no money left or winnings. I think the 71, 74 and 75 at the end may be what are called opposite odds. 7-1 so and so horse wins. Right down the list.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 09:16 PM
What do you guys think? The guy on WS is itelligent, so was the yahoo guy that had came up with the mental instution address and phone number, hell yahoo deleted his post....hmmmm.... Last but not least what the guy on the German site came up with appeared to make perfect sense. If the guy on WS is correct then i cant belive RM would log details at work because he didnt work. I think if the note is a log of someones day to day operations in the automotive industry then it belongs to someone other than RM possibly a serial killer? I have worked in automotive parts for 7 years, i'm familiar with the day to day operations of a technichan. Looking at the pictures of RM i get the feeling he's not all there. Given his proven criminal record, jail stays and how he moved around a lot I just cant see how he could hold a job. I doubt RM could even hold a job as a porter ( entry level service position at a dealership, mops floors, cleans, runs errands etc..... ). Although when i started as a porter one of my duties was writing down the vin number when a customer would drive in for service and give it to the service advisor to access the customers information. It seems to me if RM wrote these notes and the guy on WS is correct then it has to point toward illegal activity. Everyone on the web should work together to gather information for anyone with a theory that makes sense. This is one post from the guy Kris i think from WS....................

I really don't care for credit, the acronyms were

MTSE- Maintenance

CTSE- Computer Technician

VLSE- Nissan Proprietary memo system- Maintenance

WSE- Provider of parts for Nissan

FRSTE- Nissan Price checking domain change 1998.

TRSE- Technical Regulations and Standards Engineer

A couple of these would require a Nissan Staff member, so he worked there or had log ins.

The Acronyms would most likely be revealed in training as well as a guide to get around the company and service dept. So it was safe to assume the guy was working.

The slang comes in where he appears to be working on cars a jumbled PDI? or Pre-Delivery Inspection.

Codes as simple as AL CD/ Alarm- CD Player with code suffix for car trim and tracking labor or a build.

A possible rental car return for a client to be rinsed and returned to the Aisle.

Reference to No power front seat , no left side rear entry (door) a recall for a sensor, motor oil, and even a price for a CD Player install, and possibly a fixed flat.

A vin Number that is scrambled, references to prep work. It just gos on and on.

Now he seems pretty confident, but if he is going down the right road there is still a lot to be answered so lets help!!!!
If anyone is on this site and gives 2 #s lol, Dont tell me I joined the wrong site lol!!!!

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 09:16 PM
I think they (FBI) just wants to see if how many of the rest of us can speak that goblygook.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 09:46 PM
Now if anyone is interested I cut keys for people everyday and I just thought about this. The procedure is a customer should have a picture ID and proof of ownership to get a key cut. Not always is this procedure followed,making it easy for someone to get a vin and have a key cut. Making it very easy to steal a car. Some keys have to be programmed at the dealer but mostly on later models. Having an inside person at a Nissan Parts Dept could also be a thought. To make a key you type the vin in the computer and it gives you a key code. Then you put that code i the key machine and it makes a key for that car. About 6 months ago i had to call a GM dealer to get a key for a used car ( a salesman lost the keys ) . It was a nightmare, I am another dealer and had actually dealt with the guy before. He made me provide a lot of information and documents that i felt was B/S and charged me $50. He told me then that GM had strict rules and they are required to submit all the Documents to GM when they cut a key by code. He said they get autited every year and he'd perfer not to ever cut keys by code. I asked him why and he said years ago ( don't remember exactly when ) that there was a crime ring in the mid west stealing GM made cars by getting keys cut. Every since then GM changed their policy for dealerships making keys. I don't know aything about this im just telling you guys what he told me. I think this information could support a theory about stealing cars.......Just throwing it out there , I will continue to read all the forums and do my part lol.........thanks for listeing

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 10:17 PM
An interesting problem, I am by no means skilled in cryptology but consider the following discovery(I will have to no doubt look up the exact date, but I recall seeing what was reported from another journal in an article in"" ) It had to do with ability to deconstruct symbols, and what the determined was certain "pauses, changes in cadence and tempo" in other words changes in the patterns the traditional cryptologists so prize, were ways to differentiate a symbolic language, from what would have before to you just seemed like noise. The gaps in your prized signals ARE signals themselves. Why do you not see that? Do you like your parents or children's music? Both speak, but only if you are primed to listen. Start looking at the Bats and The Dolphin's, both with tens of millions of years experience in what I call super-cryptology. The signals they send in what we call primitive "sonar", oh no, They, this so called signal we think only involves target location as in prey, or avoiding things like rocks, are remarkable in that in they are very much like the signals sent with in our own brains, they learn and adapt en-route. I am working on a way explain it. This is very cool stuff...

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 10:53 PM


Software I find interesting im not sure what the program is though?

The software company from the video.
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by arbiture

If ayone is a member of webslueths could you paste my last 2 post....for some reason i cant join there site my email is banned or some b/s. I would like to have be a member on both. this topic is obv hotter over there and they are trying which is more than i can say about here. i think my last 2 post could have some meaning lol and would like to share them w/ people who onne is on this thread but me lol... thanks

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

so did you do this, do you have to pay for the program? i followed the link but couldnt dl it

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by shannongoogle

I tryed looking for a similar program but could not find one.

Heres a online version.
Type in the text.Hit spell check. Color of words change.Click on the colored words for sample corrections.
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

cool thanks.... here is a news story i came across from 1999.. dosent mention any notes or codes

BY SHANE ANTHONY • > 636-255-7209 | Posted: Friday, July 2, 1999 5:09 pm | No Comments Posted

Font Size
efault font sizeLarger font sizeShare ST. CHARLES COUNTY • Authorities know the identity of a man found dead near West Alton on Wednesday afternoon, but they have a lot of unanswered questions.

The body of Ricky McCormick, 41, who had addresses in St. Louis, Belleville and Fairview Heights, was found near a cornfield by a woman driving along a field road near Highway 367. But how McCormick died and ended up where he did is still a mystery.

Maj. Tom O'Connor of the Major Case Squad said authorities were treating the suspicious death as if it were a homicide. A medical examiner has not been able to determine an exact cause of death yet. An initial medical examination found no obvious gunshot or knife wounds, he said.

McCormick, who was identified by his fingerprints, suffered from chronic heart and lung problems, O'Connor said, and authorities have not ruled out the possibility that his health may have contributed to his death.

His body was found in an open area by the southeast corner of the cornfield between the field road and a densely foliated levee, which is an old railroad grade along the southbound side of Highway 367.

Lt. Craig McGuire, of the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department, said the levee is an unfinished section of the Katy Trail.

Authorities reported Wednesday that McCormick appeared to have suffered an injury to his head. But O'Connor said Thursday that McCormick's body had decomposed enough that it was difficult to determine what injuries he might have had.

McCormick had a St. Louis address, 1400 Chouteau Avenue, and several addresses in Illinois, O'Connor said. McCormick was not married, he said, but he was the father of at least four children. Police are working with McCormick's friends and family members to establish his whereabouts during the past few days.

He was last seen alive late in the afternoon of June 25 at Forest Park Hospital in St. Louis, the former Deaconess Hospital, where he was receiving medication from his doctor, O'Connor said. No one had reported him missing, he said.

McCormick had a criminal record, but O'Connor and St. Charles County Sheriff's Sgt. Kevin Wilson said they do not believe it contributed to his death.

Authorities said he had a criminal record and was convicted on a charge of statutory rape. He was sentenced to three years but served 11 months, they said.

Wilson said McCormick was unemployed and on disability welfare; he was not homeless.

O'Connor said authorities found no evidence of fights or disagreements McCormick might have had.

"We cannot find any motive for his death, " he said. "We're not absolutely sure that this is a homicide."

Authorities were concentrating on a thorough search of the Alton area Thursday afternoon, he said.

Anyone with information about McCormick's whereabouts between the afternoons of June 25-30 should call the Major Case Squad at 949-7900, Ext. 7501 or Ext. 7502.

And this one too.......wierd
Posted: Tuesday, July 6, 1999 5:13 pm | No Comments Posted

Font Size
efault font sizeLarger font sizeShare ST. CHARLES COUNTY • Major Case Squad investigators say they can find no evidence of a crime in the death of Ricky McCormick, 41, whose body was found near a cornfield near West Alton last week.

Maj. Tom O'Connor of the Major Case Squad said the investigation would revert to the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department. Medical examiners had not been able to determine a cause of death, he said.

"We've worked every lead, and not only can we not prove it is a homicide, we can't even come up with a motive for this guy to be dead," O'Connor said.

A woman found McCormick's body early Wednesday near Highway 367, west of West Alton. Authorities have said McCormick suffered from chronic heart and lung illnesses, which could have contributed to his death.

O'Connor said 18 people have been working the case since the Major Case Squad took over Wednesday.

Sheriff's Department Lt. Craig McGuire said several sheriff's deputies will continue working on the case. Anyone with information should call the Detective Bureau at 949-3020.

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posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by JBA2848

OK, this a long shot to say the least. Why is the entire message in print not script? (well thats what it looks like to me) how do I know? Because my eyes have been failing me for a long time, but when I was 13 years old and tested by the Navy, I was told, and my Dad was their at the time, I had "unusually good hearing" Beyond the normal spectrum. And at that point the dude doing the testing, couldn't tell me more. Oh yes I asked. The only wisdom I gained from that moment was things are not always what others tell you, at least not alone, because they can only see with their own eyes, so to speak. I can tell you this it's not easy sometimes to communicate in a language thats not your "first nature" First, who ever you are dealing with, along with what you already know or believe (correctly I may add) he is intelligent, but very frustrated. My own sense is he wants to be clear in how he (yes I do think it's a "he") expresses himself. If I wrote in script? Honestly, even I could not read it, pathetic huh?

But more to the point here. Why such a gap, if this is not some crude way of throwing off the nut cases, is there such a huge gap in space between the always three letter blocks on the left and on the right? The point here is this is writing. Not the most effiaciant way of conveying one persons thoughts to another. Try this experiment. Have someone read to you a passage from something if not "famous" not "alien" to you. Now these are the rules: First have them read to you (or you can listen to classical or contemporary music, both works here) and with your eyes closed, PRINT Don't Write In Script, what you hear them say or the words or the "mood" (thats works just fine too) of the music you hear. Give yourself a big sheet of paper and try the following: First. What did you HEAR? No poetic licensee just the facts (no I was not being cute) Now step back and divorce yourself from that moment. Now use what we all are very good and is underestimated for the moment. I want to be as non-objective as possible. I KNOW it goes against what you and I was taught but its important. Trust me on this, it will unfold before you. This will be contrary to our survival instincts, but I want listen to yourself first, thats not easy, I want you take in the words or the music, and do what is now still based on a so called science,that does not connect the brain with the mind, an incorrect premise, but will now serve you.

I believe the term is free associate. What is really happening is you'r "filling in the blanks between the lines" I will check again. There is a huge amount of information here. I don't know if I can be helpful, but as I was once told by a professor after a very eloquent speech, "Thats a great speach ***, but I can only grade on results" I will get back to you tonight. Or by the the latest the am.

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 12:33 AM
I would love to give this a try but if a society of cryptographers are scratching their heads still...

i have no chance.

i dont think drugs have anything to do with this. i mean, if someone is going to take the time to write a note, they want someone to read it. even if the person is mentally ill - there is a method behind this, and it does mean something.

maybe the murderer will write in to the FBI haha.

i bet they are fishing for someone who has seen something like it before to send in a letter not necessarily the code to be broken. shrug

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by arbiture

I looked again, notice the greater density of words in the right hand column, then the left? But the words on the left side are larger block letters, and the you see the word crossed out. That would say he WANTS to believe whats on the right side, of what is on the page, (which as you know would correspond to the part of the language center, abstract thinking and memory on THE LEFT side of the brain) This might be useful in itself, but may a red hearing as you see the brain is intensely plastic, and will sometimes to use the frustrated words so common among my engineering friends, re-write itself. The truth? You no doubt are aware of the saying by Einstein that we use only 19% of our brain? Wrong Albert. Why can some of us have "a good portion of our brains" blown out, and recover so quickly? Because nature knows us children are clumsy are often rude to each other. It has many reservers, and uses them all the time. Considering the s*** we throw at ourselves and each other, if not for such beautiful toughness, we wouldn't be here. The next time I bother to post I will give a conversion table "I stole" from the animal world, and if any animal files a charge, I would be delighted, call my lawyer.

That is the signal processing structure, first of Bats that take what we call acoustic signals and then translate into a form of "tactile" what I like to call the itch that inspires, into other types of signals. Because of there mammalian brains they are closer to us in only one way at first, but most important they live in the world of air as we do. No, though I would love to say otherwise, they are not what I call "deep thinkers" (believe me when I say having peeked into what the dogs process signal wise from what they smell? You want to over power the senses? Be grateful I don't have to explain) But the Dolphins? My God, a culture, art, more then we know as music, on , and , on, they have signal processing down to coding the echo-pulse so that it will "flux" in route and it can hide and change, but the beauty of it is a signal they sent to cripple a fish they have every intention of eating, they sent suddenly encounters a complete unknown? Life wastes nothing, the damn signal adapts, enroute, and turns from a weapon into a most gentle sensor. That is the clue that filled in the blanks as to what happens in our brain from neuron cluster to communication to another part of the brain. Some how it morphs enroute. That tells me something in the space around it changes and it senses it and takes on some part of its nature. I just hope something I come with is useful for your efforts.

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by esqONE

Not sure, but please look up...

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 02:19 AM
Within 12 hours of the release of these, my husband printed them for me on a pretty hi-tech printer at his work - (I had nice big 3 foot "notes" hanging on my wall - all CSI-like - lol). I also retyped each letter in an excell spreadsheet to reprint what we believed to be the original letters/numbers in their exact (or close to it) order (and compared those to what others have given online). I've since tossed it all out - bad energy that I don't want in my house. I am still reading forums off and on though to see everyone else's thoughts.

Of course we all know what two cents is worth, so here is mine (sorry, mine focus on current "theories" not on new ideas - so feel free to skip):

As for the Nissan Car/Employment theory (posted on WS, reiterated here by another user) - From what I understand, Mr. McCormick was on disability (while he could have a job and income, there are limitations to what you can earn while on disability - also on what type of work, depending on your disability - someone with back problems better not be dropping engines in a car, just saying). So it's unlikely that the notes are from *legitimate* employment - the few amount of hours he would be able to work - lets just say, if I were the employer, someone who only came in part-time, who had a criminal record, wouldn't have full access to my purchases - working with or consulting with Nissan - let alone the anograms for the parts - I won't even get into the fact that I wouldn't hire someone on disability to begin with, not for that line of work - and please don't get all "OMG You're prejudiced" on me - not at all, I have disabilities myself - I am simply saying, the odds of it being a reality for that occupation are so slim, I wouldn't bet on it - nor would I hire anyone "under the table," puting my dealership on the line). In addition, I highly doubt anyone with heart/lung problems would be working as a mechanic (while he may be a drive-way-mechanic - I just don't see it as employment - the exhaust fumes alone would be extremely difficult - heart problems - I highly doubt he could change out a transmission - in short, it would be too big of a liability - again, why I say it is unlikely he would be *hired* for such a job). Parts department - perhaps, but still, I'd revert back to the fact that someone with a criminal background would not be my "go to" guy with Nissan. Rental cars (i.e. moving a rental car) are also thrown in this theory, if he didn't have a driver's license, there is no way they would allow him to move a car to the aisle (if he did have a license, again, his heart and lung problems would be a deterent to allowing him to "move" rental vehicles - one accident and their insurance carrier would drop them like a hot potato for allowing a disabled individual move the vehicle). As for "illegally" doing mechanic, chop-shop type (underground rice rocket), work - I have to fall back on the notion that the man would have had a car if that were the case (driver's license is irrelevent - a lot of people drive without them, even more so if the one they're driving has a stripped out VIN - ditch and run, and no, I do not endorse that). He didn't own a car (notation made by law enforcement in a couple news clips - usually when noting they had no idea how he got to the remote area he was found in as he did not own a car, nor was there public transportation in that area).

As for Vietnam or military of any sort - From what I've read, he's had the heart/lungs problems all of his life. He never would have passed the pyhsical for addmission - and if he had, PT would have been his downfall (yes, you can hide a lot, he wouldn't be able to hide not being able to run a mile in under *insert time for his age here*). I won't even get into the fact that he wasn't even born when Vietnam started and would have only turned 18 the year that it ended - it wasn't WWI or WWII (youngsters didn't have that "I'll enlist and lie about my age to fight for my country" mentality when Vietnam came about - one word - "draft").

Horse/Dog betting? Most betters that I know, write their "notes" directly on the sheets given at the track.

Medical/Medications for Bipolar disease - Nowhere in anything I could access (news archives or current releases) is there any mention of bipolar disease. He was known to have heart/lung problems though. Any relation to any medical condition not listed, or mental facilities, is purely speculation.

Computer/Computer age/ISP's - While computers were common in 1999 and most "blue collar" families had them, the less wealthy, not so much. Most people were still on "dial up" in 1999 - not only would he need to be able to afford a computer (or have been given or stolen one), he'd also have to have electricity to power it, and if internet was desired, a phone line and a dial-up provider. Given his status in life, It's not probable (it's also not probable that he'd go to the library to use one as that really didn't become popular until internet access became mainstream - about the same time as "gaming" exploded and wifi shops started popping up - the first quarter of 1999, only a couple of months before he died, so it's unlikely he'd have any vast knowledge of ISP's and such in that short of a period). Java Code? It was developed in 1995 - at 37 years old, it's unlikely he would have changed his childhood created cryptograms to a new Java-type code (again, it's unlikely he would have even had computer access at that time).

The "there has to be more to this if the FBI is releasing it" theory - Absolutely not. "Kryptos," a sculpture (created by artist Jim Sanborn) containing four sections of cryptic message, sits outisde of the CIA office in Langley, Va. It still has not been completley decoded (only three of the four sections have been decoded). A "hint" for the last section was released in November of last year. There are a few messages that were never decoded left by the "Zodiac" killer as well. Difficulty in solving ta cryptic message isn't "new." It took 150 years to decode a cipher created by Edgar Allen Poe.

I don't mean to sound like I am "dissing" people's theories - (for all I know, they may be right) - I simply wanted to say it is very easy to see a tree in the forrest, but you also have to ask if the ground can support the type of tree you think you see.


posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by MiMi64

Well at least you didn't tear my betting theory to shreds. lol. What if I wanted to give my husband my picks for the lottery. I might not have tickets just sitting around the house. I would have to write them on a piece of paper. Then he would go to the store and then submit them.

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by MiMi64

Its great when someone tears into a problem like you did. We all get a natural high from many experiences. Some skiing down a mountain at a 100mph and in no control what so ever. Yet they are the first idiots who rush back to the chair lift. Damn near almost killed myself. I rarely teach much anymore but when I do I dream of having students like you. There has been something of a breakthrough in the area of breaking unknown languages recently by I think a team in Israel, but it was a paper summarized in "" I'll dig it up later so I can offer it as a reference. As you alluded to there have been "codes" really just another way of saying, "language": that were very ancient and still unknown to us. A point I tried to make was they discovered that the patterns in which the letters or signal in communication's parlance were arranged geo-spacialy, were in some cases critical to the message. This applies even to "raised" letters, which are almost always still interpreted as a two dimensional, brail being an obvious exception, but only because it's not seen visually. If that makes no sense a crossword puzzle has the "grid location" on a pattern thats the whole point to fingering out the right answer.

There is a greater point here. The "backdrop" among which the information caring modifiers (letters) are engulfed may themselves carry critical information. If you have a signal that fluctuates in a 50% higher frequency or decibel level and down again by the same roughly 50% to us thats what a "wave " pattern on an oscilloscope looks like. But if the input strength to that signal begins to loose power, enough for other elements of the signal to overcome it by there inherent momentum, or if you "bump" the signal and throw it off (this is not the best example) IF you had a synchronous pattern before and want it back? This makes no sense but hit it with a blast of "noise" or non-repetitious energy. Somehow this falling out of sink is not brought back by another energy injection of the same pattern. Here you bring order back by injecting chaos. That makes sense to me because there is no easy way to know when to time the introduction of a synchronized signal. There must be some "latent signal" still there that takes and converts the noise to re-enforce itself.

I not being a computer person (my computers will, if I design them right complain and whine, THEY WON'T crash, but thats biology) wanted a really effective but simple password, in this case a number. I chose a 7 digit number because our phone numbers are 7 digit (in the US) which works because that is what we call a natural cadence, informatics pattern. The pass word works and so far no one (and some of these dudes are very good) has broken it because the key is the "PATTERN" or CADENCE" i.e. the rhythm of how you enter it. It doesn't matter what the numbers actually are. Enter any numbers to (not in my case) the tune "Mary had a little lamb," and you get to read all the spam that calls itself e-mail. Sorry for the ramble, I will get some more info on the areas I am involved in and see if anything helps.

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 08:58 AM
reply to post by shannongoogle

If ayone is a member of webslueths could you paste my last 2 post....for some reason i cant join there site my email is banned

Yea , I had that same problem when I attempted to sign up on WS a few days ago .

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