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Return to Bikini Atoll ...... Part II

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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 03:31 PM
Return to Bikini Atoll .... Part II.

The autochthonous inhabitants were relocated, moved back after years of monitoring and removed again due to ailments consistent with poisoning from radiation. It seems the US military establishment didn't consider fruit from indigenous flora during their testing and missed the source of the problem. Fifty years after irradiation, TPTB deemed the Atoll inhabitable again. I reckon we now await the results of this experiment.

At the time I thought: Oh, great!! these idiots will think that they can get away with nuclear war and 50 some years later everything will be hunky-dorey!

Well, a couple o' weeks ago I listened to Alex Jones interview Lindsay Williams, a former Pastor to Big Oil executives. Reverand Williams stated that those elite expalined to him that they plan in 25 and 50 year blocks of time.. Hmmmm...similar to timelines in the Marshall Islands.

Subsequently it occured to me that the DUMBs and other subterranian projects were to keep the New World Order elite underground to avoid nuclear fallout, not any of the many other scenarios suggested.


"A lie has speed; Truth endures"


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