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Yes you CAN work without a S.S.N

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 12:08 PM

Major inconvenience is a pain - and in this case it's an outrage against freedom. But it's not the same thing as facing jail time or having a criminal record.

If inconvenience is unacceptable, then get a number and use it when you believe it's required. This article isn't for you.

This article is for Freedom Outlaws who want to avoid the SSN because they value their independence and privacy. It's for religious objectors who believe the SSN is the Mark of the Beast. It's about practical ways that anybody with enough chutzpah can earn a Numberless living.

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 12:41 PM

1042= they can't issue one for you if you haven't issued one for yourself

Apparantly they've misapplied the law" ex irs administrative officer"


Irs DOESN'T apply thier own rules they've set up for themselves, neither did they do that to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

Irs trains their agents to make people fear them, just like NCO credit collection agency...

issues enforcement agents a non enforcement pocket commision = their credentialsl.

The irs know they don't truly poseses enforcement authority...
funny, they are in violation of the 4th ammendant, they create substitue info forms to move formward to collect the tax, they have authority to this, any they know this... click on JOHN TURNER at and bring it to 4:40 mins of the tape this is where it get GOOD...
That is a guy who is the EX IRS AGENT...

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