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Legal "Automatic" Fire From Your AR-15

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posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by centurion1211

S & F, makes want to go out right out and get an AR-15

Seems like a better way to keep control of the weapon than bumping from the hip, and let's face it: it looks fun as hell!

I wouldn't worry about ordering this. If BATF makes it illegal, just make sure you know the time and dates of the nearest large gunshow before it gets banned; that way you can always say you sold it to some guy from out of state at the gunshow.

If you are too paranoid, send the payment via money order with a false name - leave no fingerprints on it or the envelope. Make sure that delivery confirmation is NOT part of the shipping, and that shipping is via UPS.

Find an abandoned property or one that has been on the market a long time, preferably an isolated site, and use that as the delivery address. Track your order online via UPS website, preferably from a public library or employment center.

Get a blank ID tag and a label maker from an office supply store; put that phony name on the tag.

When it says "Out for delivery" stake out the address you used till UPS gets there. Leave the wallet and wear the tag; if the driver wants ID tell him it's locked up in the house along with your house keys, and you are waiting for your wife to get home and let you in.

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