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Seeing Bigfoot was a Life Changing Experience

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 09:23 AM
The reason I offer my server space is that I have a deep and abiding interest in these "people." They can't be merely animals because they have >SUCCESSFULLY< evaded men, cameras, dogs and curious onlookers for decades.

They must be telepathic, or at least empathic. Animals are neither. So, Bigfoot as a sentient branchoff from homo sapiens is an extremely interesting--timid and meek especially for their large size--"culture."

About five years ago, I read the entire BF report database from all 50 states--the whole thing. And reports from nearly all the 50 states indicate the smallest example [probably a juvenile] was only 5foot 6 but the largest was close to nine feet tall. Hundreds and hundreds of first-person reports, written in plain uneducated English with all the mis-spellings and grammar intact. Wonderful stuff: honest.

The fact that men track these hairy, smelly, vocally-challenged "folks" like animals, label them as animals and seek to make trophies of them means our culture still deserves to be avoided as far as physically possible--by the BF themselves. I hope they keep eluding us.

But if they don't, I'll put up the photos.


posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 02:23 AM
bigfoot is very elusive, you are correct..... MOSt sighting occur only when the creature is ready to leave our dimension ... it is at these times that they do not care if you see them or not because in mere moments they will be gone.... Thereby being credited as a figment of the imagination ....

I saw one jump off a bridge 25 feet above the water once ..... I am sure he left this dimension before he hit the water ...

My father is a Mohawk who often cites a tracking experience he had with one in Thurmond, WV ...

He and some of his kin were hanging out in a yard one evening just before dark. The creature approached them on the run but upon seeing them took a detour through a dense thicket. He was carrying something in his hands... Something shiney.
They tracked the creature in a complete circle which led them directly back to the yard where they first encountered him and get this....

Right back almost into the same tracks he made on his approach ... The new set did not detour but went right through the spot they were standing and then miraculously disappeared.... no trace whatsoever beyind that .....

These young men had to conclude that the creature left this dimension at that time ...

The story is a bit more complex and maybe I will share it at a later time .....

After doing some research of my own it seems they enter our dimension to take samples of the environment and/or soil ...

Probably to be used at a later date, when the elohim come to 'rescue' man from his own self destructive ways ....
What better way to gain knowledge that through a seemingly 'earthly primate' ?

It also strikes me non-coincidental that many sightings are seen in mountainous regions and or places such as Jersey where the environment 'safety' is questionable ...

U2U me if you reply to me please ....

posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 12:58 PM
Well, Shawnee, I'm Tsalagi; and so you and I understand how much intelligence it truly >takes< to be transparent in a forest.

They ain't NO animals. No way. They're just too smart for even us human beings with educations and high tech tools to deal with.

: ) Chaiyah, Deer Clan

posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 09:47 PM
hey porsche, you said previously that if you live in an area with lots of forest and a good ppopulation of deer, you can almost guarentee theres a bigfoot in my area.

well, thats kind of ironic. I live in kentucky in the "deer trace estates". On "deer run road". There is an overpopulation of deer here. I mean, go outside and wait for 2 mins and you'll see deer come out of the woods, or walk across the road.lately ive been finding deer bodies, dead, with a large wound right above their leg. I'll come back the next day, and there is no trace that the body was ever even there.

bottom line, do you think theres a "bigfoot" in my area?
Here are some pics of my forest. A little closer to the road, though. Deeper in the woods there is clearer water and two good sized ponds.

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