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A call to all for patriotism

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 09:13 AM
A time has come to demonstrate and defend the principles of which our country was founded (Our Pledge of Allegiance). We are as a country being misled by supericial appearances. With the 9/11 report release yesterday and congress going on vacation today at a time we are being told we are at war...What is wrong with this image? I see an image of a flag turned into an eagle (figuratively) symbolizing vision, aspiration, and growing awarness of values worth fighting for. As united (people) individuals we need to see beyond our representatives superficial appearances to see a the higher purpose and possibility of things. It is a time to show valor and transformation with determination...that is, if we want to protect what we believe in. To this end........ a call for peaceful mass demonstrations thru active participation on everyones part using this method of "getting the word out" calling for our representatives to come back to work in ""special session in this time of need, or else! Regardless of your political affilliation......if you are an are out! .....Lets start fresh.................... breaking this quagmire in OUR goverment.....Lets us begin by flooding the information channels demanding this change from the ground up....By using this power of VOTE.....The message should be simple......The emphasis is on change....Get back to work! Once individual's recognize the influence they can have on a whole.....the second part of starting with fresh representatives will be easy...The pessimism and frustration displayed from many replies is well understood. The conspiratorial effect has certainly achieved it's goal. The fact is that every individual is ultimately dependent on ones own inner resources. One must put forth an effort if one expects to take a place in society. I believe that most here feel a need to be useful....You see, no job or function is superior to another when it comes down to filling a need. This opportunity of instantaneous mass communication is (A la Matrix) for those enthusiasts ... is providing the catalyst for change and exercising choice. Fact finding, idea gathering and looking at options. My point here is that no goal can be reached unless the individual makes a decision and acts on it. Stretch the imagination, exercise ingenuity and spot potential. "Only those that go to far know how far one can go" TS ELLIOTT

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 09:16 AM
You have seen an eagle and that is very patriotic, but last night for the first time I have a dream of black skies and tornadoes, but at the end it was not destruction but only rain.

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 11:07 AM
Thank you your reply Marge
I am certainly not refering to a gloom and doom scenario..but simply that passive observation in a world in which freedom is to be defended not by war, but with individuals unity of goodwill toward others. The operative word being unity

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 11:20 AM
It's a good vision, but it's just a shame this is not a Star Trek movie. Goodwill and Unity tend to make you a target for pipe-bombs and anthrax.
Peaceful demonstrations bring violence. Good brings evil. That is the way of things.

Brings to mind one of my old blogs:

The world is not sanctuary where everything is love and flowers. No Shangri-La with fluffy bunnies and white clouds like pillows. This is the world, the real world - violent and uncertain. You cannot murder vermin which is what those who prey on others are.

People seek to to visit death and destruction on others, so is it wrong to rid the world of them? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life? When a mad dog kills a child, you kill the dog. But when a man commits the blackest sin, why must we rationalize and sermonize? And when someone does something about it, what is heard?

"Did you have to kill them?"
"Was there a need for such violence?"

It is a question of balance. If a man throws food on the fire, who will have pity on him when he runs around shouting "I'm starving"? So it is with the killers who deals in violence and death, theft and pillage. They deserve no pity.

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 03:23 PM
Whoa that is very deep and an eye opener, I guess we are getting feed up with everything that is happening in world, it is always blue skies after the storm.

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 09:31 PM
America is scared and the world too. Terrorists are verry strong, stronger than the CIA, the NSA, the web and phone spies, they have stoolen Nick Berg in Abu Ghrai, stolen the heathrow defence plains, stolen wrong rifles in the English army of the UK to make false abuse pictures... And Ben Ladden is under blood dialyse with big medical machines twice a week, but in the desert montain of Afganistan and in good health with no dialyse... Terrorists are too strong not to be scared and show patriotism with wars only.
Who is stupid, the terrorists or us who believe in it like sheeps. If there was demonstrations in America (I'm French) tell about the Skull and Bones secret society and learn about that horrible group of christian white racists that make the geopolitic of the world. They are all WASP and Roman (nothing to do with John Paul II who broke the tradition with them) richest persons in the world, and all American presidents but Kennedy (?) and few others. You will learn they financed the nazi and there war with Prescott Bush and W has unherit of the head of the Skull and Bones, the satanist and apocalyptic "chapter", the real origine of the Skull and Bones and also undreds of billon dollars to control undreds of thousand billon dollars. That money was made for a part in Auswitz, before they tried to kill Hitler and take his power to impose a democracy of the money. They used Hitler but had to stop when Prescott Bush was told to stop deals with nazis, what he didn't do and the white house knew that very well. What they want is money, power, and a world that look like them. This is there patriotism. The one of Madona too. Sex is the opium of the skull and bones.

Heinz, Reagan, Bush, the Windsors or Rockefeller are of course of that society that have for prophecy that the world will become Christian with whites to control the new pure world after 2027.

Patriotism or Humanism is to know that and get the bads out of that secret society because they have the power in US and UK and other countries, all the money and bad traditions of racism and domination to change the world with the calendar of the vatican propheties they hijack for them.

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 09:58 PM
How can we protest when we are dispersed with the use of tear gas and rubber bullets?How can we protest when buses are lined up along the street blocking the protesters from view?How can we protest when anything you say against the Bush Administration leads you to be called an enemy combatant?How can we protest when we're not allowed to get close enough to protest?Simple get every state together to protest together..If millions of Americans storm up to the White House demanding change will it work?I'm guessing no. The powers that be have their own agenda and I don't see them letting anything stand in their way..They are openly and slowly taking away our rights as Americans.Why??Because they are not afraid of us because after all they think what they do is in our own best interest.We have had to fight to be free in the past at the cost of thousands of lives,and unfortunatly we will have to do it again...Our government will not just bowed down because we made up some signs and yelled we want change..They didn't do it over the Vietnam protest and they damn well wont do it now

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