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I Tried To Contact Aliens, I Think it Might Have Worked!

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posted on Nov, 20 2017 @ 07:15 AM

originally posted by: Ashleycostanater
a reply to: ALOSTSOUL

I have also been contacted but they are showing up in my back yard and peek through a tree,,, I instictually bowed my head the first time and that one bowed back.... I asked the individual to move to make sure I wasn't seeing things and they did,,,, I had a conversation with him/ her ( I could hear them in my head), and some information they won't reveal.... I have no history of seeing things not would I ever lie about this.... the first moment I realized they were there,I felt this feeling of peace and love ..... I haven't told anyone about this as I feel this is my unique experience with them.... before all this,,, I had very vivid and complex dreams of meeting presences preparing me for something.... there is more to my experiences if want to know....i found this site randomly and you are the first person I have told.... I feel better not knowing you for now.... since the first being... I have seen and conversed with many individuals and species.... I have studied the tree during the day to debunk if it was my imagination and they are there and I have even seen them move as I asked them to.... I had a giggle with one because my dog new something was there but they have ability to not let my dog see them...a few have a good sense of humor and I will go out and laugh and I say " there they are,in their tree,friggin fandoms" .... I can feel their laughter....I caught my sleeve on my door and I felt 2 different beings almost chuckle with me..... I feel safe in their presences and they love to watch me smoke and drink coffee and literally small talk.... I tilt my head and slowly but surely they do it is still happening on nights I have trouble sleeping and they are becoming almost friends.... I told them that they can show themselves more or come in my house and the one presence said they are preparing me.... I don't know for what or when but I have had 2 experiences in my house when my family was gone... anyway,,,, needed to share with someone,, sincerely, Ashley..

Thanks for sharing, Ashley. I enjoyed reading that. I had a strange experience when I was around 18. I was staying the night at someone's house and I was staring up at the sky and I saw a star (which felt alien) that appeared to grow larger (at least from what I can recall) and then I woke up, but I was already awake! It was as though I woke up out of a dream, but the dream wasn't a dream; I mean, I wasn't asleep. I recall this now, because I had a similar experience a few days ago, though this time I was dreaming and then I woke up, but when I woke up - I was already awake! Sounds mental, I know. The first time this happened I felt an alien presence. I feel as though something inter-dimensional wants to consume me. Not my physical body, but my spirit.

posted on Nov, 26 2017 @ 06:45 AM
a reply to: craterman

Your will can over power the creators, concerning your soul.

never said it could.

you imply that a demons will can overpower the creators will by taking a soul.

posted on Nov, 28 2017 @ 06:34 AM
God gave free will to you and the demon. The demon got cast out and you got a tour of the asylum so you can make a better choice. Demons cannot do anything to you against your free will, but once you open the door to them, you're in real danger.

a reply to: InhaleExhale

posted on Dec, 29 2017 @ 06:08 PM
a reply to: ALOSTSOUL

I started to have out of body experiences as a result of Transcendental Meditation. For my first conscious out of body experience, I had passed out on the floor due to extreme fatigue from work. I awoke with my etheric body partly disassociated from the physical, and it seemed that three beings were trying to drag me out of my body. I got scared and frantically tried to push myself back into my body by brushing against the rug and floor. Unfortunately, my hand just went through them. Fortunately, after a bit, probably due to the emotional anxiety, I succeeded in waking up all back together again. I looked beyond my head and noticed three table legs in the approximate position of what I thought were the beings trying to pull me out.

I have had an hallucination a very long time before, and knew that this was no hallucination. I had already read a few works by and about yogis mentioning out of body travel, and now I knew that they were true. Since that time, I have had many more conscious out of body experiences and knew not to be afraid. I also verified that I was not hallucinating by seeing things I could not have otherwise seen, but verified later. I read all of Robert Monroe's books about adventures out of the body, much of a large book by Robert Bruce, and several other books, and now understand the whole subject much better.

I am not denying that there exist other beings who take advantage of the fact that our physical bodies can be separated from our next higher level bodies. What I am suggesting is that you were meditating in the act of calling on aliens, and largely caused the experience yourself, whether or not there were actual aliens involved. I would recommend that people not call on "aliens", because there are many types from many different planets, densities, and universes. Some are good, some bad, some more physical and some more spiritual. You need to research them a lot before you go calling on them.

I know of one group from one of the two inhabited planets orbiting Zeta Reticuli 2 (planet 5, called P'ntl) that have said they don't like to be called "aliens", but rather such names as "space cousins", "cosmic brothers" or even "extraterrestrials". They have a twitter account @SandiaWisdom through a telepath couple. There is another group from Zeta Reticuli 2 (planet 4, called Serpo) about whom a book was written, based on the records of 12 military men who went there on an exchange program from 1965 to 1978. The book is "Secret Journey to Planet Serpo" by Len Kasten and has an associated website . There are other extraterrestrials, including the Greys, Reptilians, Archons, and Mantis beings from other places. I am still trying to get a good fix on them.

posted on Dec, 29 2017 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: Nobama

Spirits and Aliens? I thought it could only be one or the other?

It is my understanding that we live in a dynamic multi-dimensional realm, a universe which has loops of other realities connected to it, planes of existence which are bonded with our universe, and that certain types of entity, biological, or even semi-artificial, can utilise advanced technology to move & interact on & through the various veils of occlusion between worlds. The old saying goes, "Beware the walker between worlds.." And this refers to 'natural' veil crossing; from my own experience & further researches prompted by that experience, I am convinced that a pseudo-technological means to traverse different planes of existence is possible, and that quite often, there is a synthesis between what was of technological origin, gone astray or repurposed, for nefarious reasons, by non-corporeal entities. I posted about this in another thread & so repost in full here, as it indeed has great relevance & due to the timing of the posts in my 'recent posts' feed, it may be considered synchronistic, and therefore relevant for someone who has need of the prompt:

why, no camera or video footage of an alien, if we are visited so often

Because they have absolute, incredible knowledge of the human brain/ nervous system. psychology, and various highly advanced & very specific technologies which apportion control over the brain/mind/body of human beings who are contacted/abducted/experimented on.

Technologies related to harmonic resonance, binaural/ hemi-synch & other subliminal conditioning/ post-hypnotic triggering methods. Not only this, but they have apparently proven capacity to interfere with the relative 'solidity' of tangible objects in the physical environment, and they have means of cover/ camouflage/ 'escape & evade' techniques for their craft which are so wildly advanced by our own standards, that to observe them disappearing in a shower of sparks, or splitting into five luminous balls of flame which gradually disappear from view, or to simply fade away as if they were an image made from soap bubbles - to our minds, it appears as high magic, the stuff of dreams, fantasies & hallucinations.

They are able to exert phenomenal control over our perception of time also, and have been shown to muddy the waters by appearing in a number of guises, so many forms & styles of appearance for their craft - it's all smoke & mirrors, light & shadow.

Their ability to control us, and to camouflage their presence in such fantastical ways, shows that they deem themselves to be 100% in control. They do not view us as a threat, because 99% of witnesses/ victims are spellbound, staring at the light show or the strange little men who just emerged from the side of a mountain - we are absolutely the victims of an incredibly sophisticated psy-op, which has been going on for thousands of years, and it is my guess that our military knows this now, and perhaps has adopted a certain strategy of mitigation, damage limitation, and intelligence gathering.

The principles of the deception are likely to be remarkably simple, and all the fascinating detail of the light, sound & appearances is almost entirely likely to be totally randomised, controlled by AI, unless elements of a 'narrative' are being programmed into the mind & memory of the victim.

One person sees a little man wearing a blue coat & red cap, who paralyses a group of schoolchildren for thirty minutes - another sees a giant insect which appears to be emanating compassion, telepathically sending out messages of love & care, totally at odds with the utterly alien visage before the eyes. It is designed this way, to confuse & confound, to provide reservoirs of speculation covering ovver every aspect of their actual work, likely to be rooted in hypnosis & waveform weapons/ tools for the control of the human nervous system. Who knows what their machinations may be? Dark elves, that is certain.

Hedgecrossing, travelling, flying, astral travel, out of body experience, trance, altered states of consciousness… It doesn’t matter what you call it as all the words refer to the same practice. Hedgecrossing is a modern term taken from the German tongue less than a decade ago to refer to crossing between worlds in European Witchcraft. Even though the word is modern, magical practitioners have been “hedgecrossing” for millennia. There is no one way to walk between worlds – there are many. The ability to walk between worlds is found in both witchcraft and shamanism as well as ancient Pagan religions (especially those with ecstatic cults). It is experiential and cannot be taught to someone without the innate ability. It is something either you can do or cannot do. This is not folk magic – not everyone can walk between worlds. Certain factors predispose ability such as being caul-born, being born with the second-sight, a traumatic experience or near-death experience, being chosen by the spirits and granted the ability, and such-like. Some travel between worlds without realizing they have done so: “was that a dream, was it a vision? Am I seeing things?” You’d better find out!

I hope this is useful food for thought. Not everything is either/or - sometimes it can be 'both or neither'. Technology can be repurposed for spiritual pursuits - think of binaural beats & brainwave stimulation with frequency generators. Very simple evidence of the capacity for technology to impact the soul of a human. Then scale it up, and we have the Dark Elves, running their long-overcooked experiments.. The servitors of the beasts from the pit, perhaps..?

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