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I Tried To Contact Aliens, I Think it Might Have Worked!

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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 04:06 PM
It could be the fact that you were so focused so much on a subject before falling asleep that later it made you have sleep paralysis. It's basically the same thing people do to astral project, they focus a lot before falling asleep and sometimes later wake up in sleep paralysis.

When you have SP you are basically awake but in a way still dreaming so you can hallucinate easily.

I'm not saying what you saw wasn't real, maybe in this state people can see things they can't normal see, who knows.

But basically if you can get into this state again, you can have a lot of fun, because you can enter lucid drems/astral projection from this state.
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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by ALOSTSOUL

See, the problem with this is that your OP described a wild PERFECTLY. I have experienced what you've experienced because I have had a WILD---when I was a kid I had sleep paralysis all the time and my parents just thought I was crazy. I was scared when I was younger because it felt real.
Its SUPPOSED to feel real.
Nothing special happened to you, aliens do not prefer you for some reason, you are normal and nothing different.
You say you "Know" it was something else? Well I know it wasn't. The Nightmare where your GF woke you up was without a doubt sleep paralysis.
This is not new. It's nothing to be concerned about, and it is definitely not something that should give you a sense of importance---which is the attitude it seems you've adopted(correct me if I'm wrong)
You had normal brain activity---get over it. The more you focus on this and think "Its demons" "or aliens" the more nightmares you will have. So go ahead, doom yourself.
((Edit--this post is a lot more "aggro" than I meant for it to be. But please, tack a step back and look at this---your being silly. It's unhealthy to focus so much on this and think it's something evil or mysterious, you really will start having more nightmares. And the moment the first one starts it will only concrete your fears, making it nearly impossible to recover. I've seen it before. Just be careful.))
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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 04:15 PM
I have had similar things happen to me.

I have been visited, dragged out of my front door and seen some entity thing materialise at the end of my bed.

All of these things happened when I was asleep and woke up paralysed.

This is defintely sleep paralysis. It is not anyting paranormal. It can be frightening though.

I get it when I sleep on my back and when I have over indulged. When you go to sleep relax and try to go to sleep with a different mindstate or sleep in a dfferent position.

I think any alien abduction case when the person wakes up from being asleep and is paralysed is most probably sleep paralysis and nothing to do with UFOs


posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by ALOSTSOUL
reply to post by scottlpool2003

Before and/or after getting SP it seems that many people hear a high pitched buzzing sound.

I've heard that noise once that I can recall, there's nothing quite like it on earth I think. It runs through you and is quite fearful.
It seemed to be coming outside of my bedroom thankfully, like it was just trying to rattle me a bit. I feel it's there actual ship or something...

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 05:40 PM
What an experience! I have done something similar, however, did not have the same experience. However, on many occasions, I have had experiences where I felt my head shoved down in my bed (could be a dream though, even though I could have sworn I was awake).

I feel you should be pretty "centered" when you attempt something like this, as others have mentioned, your call may attract something negative, either spiritual or ET. Further, it is like playing with a Ouija board, once you open the door, you will never be left alone - prepare for the succubus. Just joking about that last sentence.

I would say - keep trying. Perhaps they were calibrating their "equipment" to your frequency and as you felt that, you started to wig out and it messed with their protocols. I think it is most important to always remember that you are a sovereign being and can claim that right at any time (should take care of the fuzzie folks).

I often sleep with a Ron Paul stuffed animal and wear Ron Paul pajamas, which I feel is a definite red flag for all the evil spirits and aliens - to leave me alone.

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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 05:49 PM
Sleep paralysis is a real and documented thing. So is hypnagogic dreaming.
Sleep paralysis is often acompanied by feelings of a "presence".
These are very real psychological conditions...

But, like alot of UFO sightings, swamp gas or Venus cannot explain them all...

I cannot prove it to you, but I have seen shadow beings, as well as ghosts. To name a few of the more familiar supernaturals, and it wasnt while I was sleeping.
In fact, in one case I was engaged with my other half in a blissful/fully awake physical activity...
Heres a link to the page with my post Link
(It's a little past halfway down on the page)
I assure you they are very real.
Not all things under Heaven and Earth can be explained by our science...

If they continue to bother you, or start to get physical, call upon the Supernals..Christ, Ala, Krishna...etc.

If that is not enough, then get more people involved....bring cameras and recorders...They cannot break "the silence" that provides our "free will" for long...

Most however, I feel, are benevolent spirits who are nudging you toward the positive side...
After all, what is the end result in many of these situations?
People draw closer to love, life and light...

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by andre18

It's clear we aren't going to agree on this topic. You are missing my point, apparently I'm missing yours. This could go on forever, but there's no more point in trying to convince each other. I'm going to agree to disagree.

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 07:28 AM
I found this and it really scared the sh#t out of me! Doesn´t know if its the right place but indeed, very disturbing
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posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 11:40 AM
Great to here you contacted you possibly contacted your spirit guide and had a good nights sleep. Having read some of the posts on Sleep Paralysis and Wake initiated Lucid Dreaming, It got me to thinking what if these were scientific outcomes of paranormal experiences.

For example sleep paralysis could happen as a result of astral projection, your body remains there because your soul is else where. Lucid dreaming could be you on different astral planes ect. I don't know, but I think the more I look into Buddhism and "new age" practises, the more it seems that science and paranormal are merging.

I mean instead of the other way around, usually when someone says something paranormal happens people use science as a way to explain why they felt that way, but I am wondering if the other could not be used. To say the reason you felt sleep paralysis was because you were astral projecting. I know it defies logic to use something that is remains unproven to explain something other wise scientifically proven but I think it shouldn't be a closed case because a scientific answer fits the mold.
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posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by eyesdown

I agree completely! Science and spirit are going to appear to emerge to us now I think.

posted on Mar, 31 2011 @ 05:16 AM
Sorry, I have not read all the replies, but your experience reminds me of experiences I have been having since I was 14. Out of body experiences. You can learn to control these happenings, but I do understand if you think it´s to scary. It IS scary. But once you learn how to control it it can be a really cool thing to do. And it is not a dream. You are right about that. I need to go now, just wanted to send you a quick reply first. I´ll read through the rest of the thread when I get back. Take care. :-)

posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by Ear-Responsible

Hey I tried to message you but this pesky 20 post loyalty scheme prevented me. I'm very interested in what information you have found about jesus/fallen angels etc. since it has been a primordial feeling in the back of my mind for some time. If you could take even a moment to message me it would be greatly appreciated.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 12:37 PM

If you could get someone to act as a watcher for you, you could try it again without the feeling of vulnerability.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 08:25 PM

Originally posted by ALOSTSOUL
Hello ATSer's.

Over the weekend I had read a few threads and websites about how to contact aliens, so last night I decied to give it ago. It was about 00:00 and my girlfriend had fallen asleep I turned of the telly laid on my back closed my eyes and thought something along these lines "Hello aliens, if there is any of you out there are listening I invite you to contact me.", I felt a bit silly to be honest.

I continued this for about 20mins without any luck, so I decied to go to sleep. It took me ages to get to sleep but as I was trying I keeped repeating,"Hello aliens, if there is any of you out there listening I invite you to contact me.". I must have fallen asleep because a few hours later I woke up unable to move. Now, I have had sleep paralysis before but this was on a different level.

As I keep trying to make myself move, I heard a noise either by my door or outside it, at that point I felt someting grab what I can only say was my soul (and I not even sure I believe in that sort of thing), I don't know what it was but I instantly became scared. I felt like my legs were being pulled out of me body, they (my legs) were being violently swung from side to side. I tried making some noise to wake my GF up but I couldn't get out any sound. I felt like I was being pulled but I was resisting, it wasn't painful.

I don't know how long this went on for but after a while my girlfriend shook me and I instantly was able to move. I grabbed her and said "thank you" she said "what for?", I just told her I was having a nightmare (I don't want her thinking i'm mad!). I asked her why she woke me up, she told me I was shaking and making weird noises.

It was about 02:00 when she shook me, I didn't try going back to sleep till about 07:00 I was far to scared. But when I did try I keep getting this weird feeling like my mind was falling (if that makes sense) and then I would get like a "thud!" and my eyes would open suddenly without warning.

I have also been getting a lot of Deja Vu this morning.

What happened to me has left me terrorfied about going back to sleep! I wish I had never tried anything and I urge any of you to think twice before you try it.

I'm not trying to scare anyone, I have heard a lot of positive about people trying to contact aliens. Unfortunately it wasn't the case for me.


What happened to you wasn't Aliens pal.
You have a very imaginative imagination which enables you to imagine the unimaginable.

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 10:33 PM
I did the same thing last night- only I meditated and mentally called for my spirit guide. I found myself in and out of body at least 3-4 times. I went through the astral plane to other realities by following the light in the astral plane. I did meet my spirit guide. He helping me to leave my body several times and accompanied me on several occasions through the astral plane to the other realities. I will keep experimenting- my astral travels have taken me to amazing worlds before. I want to learn to leave my body at will, which has been challenging. With my spirit guide last night we also visited beautiful places in our world. We went to some place in Africa- I can't remember the name, but I was amazed by the beauty of the nature.

So, my advise to you folks- the world we live in is not as it seems. our world is an illusion of some sort, and not the reality. Keep experimenting and you too may be visited by entities or spirit guides. As a word of caution, for protection I always envision the light of God/ Jesus consciousness surrounding me, even in my meditations. Same was advised by the greatest psychic Edgar Cayce.

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posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 07:38 PM
"Aliens" are demons. You had a session of demonic harassment. It's little different from doing that "Candyman" thing, or using a Ouija board. Ask for trouble, and trouble listens...

posted on Apr, 17 2011 @ 09:12 PM
it works, folks. read Edgar Cayce if you have any doubts. even your dreams have meanings as it relates to your life.
The state of your being right before you fall asleep matters as it relates to your transition to the astral plane. be mindful of this state- meditate, calm your mind and send signals to whomever you want to contact.

Our thoughts are material on the different plane and our thoughts can be read by other entities, aliens, etc. So, yes, you can contact your relatives on the other side or any other entity, given they hear you and have a desire to respond.

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 08:33 AM
I think you were sleeping because your girlfriend is evidence enough that you were.

posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by Lazarus Short
"Aliens" are demons. You had a session of demonic harassment. It's little different from doing that "Candyman" thing, or using a Ouija board. Ask for trouble, and trouble listens...

I agree to a certain extent. I don't think meditating or asking for spirit guide help would be asking for trouble, but with an intention of contacting some vague idea of a being, you do open yourself up to any kind of energy that wants to manifest, which can be a negative energy (they seem to me to have more desire to manifest, light energies generally seem to be influencers and showers, not possessors).

But that is not to discourage from starting to walk and see beyond our 3-D world and society. It means one must be careful and positively confident in what/whom they seek, as well as being strong in ones beliefs.

Well that's my personal opinion anyways, everyone has their own path.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 04:04 AM
i used to have very intense alien nightmares when i was a kid to this day part of me still thinks it could of been real but i was on ritalin at the time and i believe that is what helped fuel my very vivid dreams of alien abduction you arent taking any meds are you

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