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Recent Email - This attached material is not intended for Internet productions.

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 05:14 AM
I have just, this minute, recieved this information in an email from a good friend in whom I generally hold a good deal of faith.

Unfortunately I am just off out, but will correspond futher with him regarding this when I return, untill then I will post the information enclosed here for those members of ATS who may be interested to investigate.

Message Below:

[just] found this post.

"top secret": do not disseminate
by picard Guest on 22.07.2004 [23:51 ]
This attached material is not intended for Internet productions. It is taken
from notes I made of a coversation with an individual who knows very well
whereof he speaks. You might find this of some interest. It is more valid
for me to express this now rather than to wait until it happens.

This is disjointed because I have not had the time today to put it in order.

Bush has determined on military action against both North Korea and Iran.

Both countries have atomic programs and both have weapons. Gross
imcompetence on the part of American intelligence agencies has not revealed
the number of weapons involved nor their current locations.

Both Iran and North Korea have the capacity to deliver atomic warheads to
distant targets.

It is believed that the North Korean's missiles have a limited operational
range but can reach Japan and Okinawa with no problem.

Iranian missiles have the capabality of reaching American military and naval
targets in the Gulf and in Iraq.

Turkey does not want US troops in their country for this reason.

The US has stripped troops from the South Korean area and, most important,
has also shipped out their heavy equipment. If this movement were only
temporary, most of the heavy eqiupment would be left behind. The troops are
not slated to return.

The Second Infantry Division will be part of the Iranian campaign as will be
the other land units now being moved down into the Med from Germany.

Bush initially hoped to use Italy as a staging area for this attack but
someone leaked his plans to the Vatican who in turn have informed various
groups in Italy and elsewhere. The PM there will be thrown out very soon and
any "deals" with the US for troop concentrations will be negated. Italy does
not want places like Rome or Florence attacked by the Iraniians.

Nuclear plant has been identified in North Korea and has been targeted for a
surprise attack but the US has no idea where any retalitory missiles might
be stored.

The North Koreans are aware of the paths of surveillance satellites and do
their work on the ground when there are dead spaces.

Sending the US Naval task force into the Gulf is viewed with great alarm by
a number of senior American Naval commanders.

The Iranians can bottle this fleet up in the Gulf and destroy any ship by
means of surface to surface missiles that will penetrate the hulls at the
waterlines and go through the reinforcing concrete on the sides.

The most serious choke point is the Sraits of Hormuz and weaponry is now in
place and has been for some time. Several dummy positions are currently
available for spy satellites to detect.

The Iranians want to add Iraq to their territory for political, military,
economic and religious motives. This is one of the reasons why Bush wants to
attack and neutralize Iran.

Removing troops from South Korea may frighten their government but as the
attack plans against North Korea call for atomic tactical devices to be
used, there would be nothing but radioactive rubble for the troops to
clamber over.

The Japanese government is well aware of these plans and is horrified.

First, the North Koreans might launch missiles against their country, aimed
at US troops stationed there and second, the nuclear fallout will drift
straight over Japan.

The US feels that a lightening "Shock and Awe" attack on North Korea will
deter any expansionist plans of the PRC. Beijing has other plans and rolilng
over on their backs, begging for mercy is not part of these plans.

All of these projects, if even brought to the point of implementation, might
very well cause preemptive strikes by two countries who have the terrible
example of Iraq before them.

The Bush people are determined to occupy Iran to get at the oil, remove them
from the scene insofar as further agitation in Iraq is concerned and to pay
them back for the old Hostage crisis of the Carter era.

The militant Jewish right wing now in power in Isreal and very
well-represented on Bush's staff, completely applauds the Iranian venture
because their units are being prepared for a rapid advance into southern
Lebanon to gain valuable watershed and terrority. These people do not care
about the North Korean venture.

It is to be noted here that the date or dates of such attacks has not been

The changing political scene, the outcome of the US elections and the vital
necessity of building up ground troop strength for the US is of paramount

The Pentagon brass is now on a crash course to achieve this goal but there
will be no action until they feel, and so advise the White House, that then
can maintain control on the ground. As they cannot do this now in
Afghanistan and in Iraq, additional missions are at this moment an

A universal draft is planned down to the last detail and is in place. It
awaits only the President's signature and approval of Congress, neither of
which will be difficult to obtain.

A number of foreign governments now view President Bush as a "loose cannon"
("a dangerously unbalanced man") and a very dangerous man to world peace
because, it is believed that he might well claim that God had told him to
launch a war.

Bush has been nicknamed 'Caligula' by the French General Staff, a nickname
that can be found in certain other analysis, and not only in France.

well!!! if true we have problems!!! parts are provable, like the warships in
the pacific, near china & excercises from usa, china & tiawan!!!

Jack - That is the email I just recieved, what validity it has I do not know, all that I can do is repeat that the person who sent it is a very good friend, and one in whom I generally hold a good deal of faith. I would like to stress the fact that ordinarily I would look into it further before posting, but as I mentioned I don't have the time at present.

Looking forward to hearing what ATS members may have found out about it when I return. Also I have asked him for the source of this information so it can be gauged with more clarity - I will post any information further I recieve.


posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 05:46 AM
I mean, yes it's frightening, but it's heresay, right? I mean, you didn't take the notes, your friend got them from a friend who's friend took notes. No offense, but that isn't highly credible.


posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 11:13 AM

As I have said, when I initially received the above email, I was not in the position to take time and verify the information contained. All that I had to go on was the fact that it came from a good friend of mine, whom has contact with journalists outside the UK.

I have already apologised for the haste taken in making the original post, but use as justification the fact that I thought it may be of interest to others, to have the opportunity of reading the information enclosed and endeavouring to establish whether the claims made had any validity.

As stated in my initial posting of the message, I would usually not post any such material without firstly attempting to establish its credibility.

Having now had the time to look into these claims, and continue correspondence with my friend, I have unfortunately discovered that the source is not as reliable as I may have hoped. At all.

Although allow me state here and now that the exited tone in which the email was presented to me combined with the of position my friend as stated above led to the decision to post, and never did I consider it to be a case of

your friend got them from a friend who's friend took notes.

If I had believed the source was such as this I would never have posted the material.

I have established however, the message was not directed to him, but initially posted on a website viewable here

As previously mentioned, the amount of time I had from receiving this message and deciding whether it may be of interest to the members of ATS and offering the opportunity to investigate it, was short indeed. But I was of the opinion, despite not having looked into it myself that it did warrant posting, after all the members of ATS have been an invaluable resource in establishing the fact or fiction of many a rumour.

So the above, combined with the faith in my friend and his position, were the factors which determined me to make the post in such haste.

It would appear now that this action was perhaps unwarranted. For that and for any concern that may have been caused by my actions I apologise, for although the message itself may turn out to be reliable, as it stands the source is not that I might have initially assumed.

So once again I offer my apologies to ATS and its members for the haste in which my post was made.


posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 11:39 AM
The problem, for me, is I find this far too likely to happen. 7 battle groups in the area, China do their own war games in the area. More and more in the news about bad, bad Iran and how they have or want to get nuclear weapons, want to invade Iraq.....terriost ties (true, but...)
North Korea, like always, they tried saber rattling to get food, fuel oil, money...only with the weasel in office, they have badly over played their hand and realized it too late that rather than being pacified, we will just blow them up with convention and non convention weapons- remember about reading about all those bunker busting nuclear tipped bombs....
Remember all the news about their three stage rocket that could reach the US, the anti-missile missiles being rushed into service-today’s news (la times) anti-IBM missiles just placed in Alaska....
End of the world, anti-Christ, nuclear explosions.....
Boy I hope I am just paranoid!

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 12:01 PM
A few issues with this.

1) As someone mentioned this is recycled information, which i'd like an original source from to believe.

2) Suprise attacks are not going to sit easily with neighbouring countries (i.e Russia and China). They might jump in and start firing nukes that can actually travel to the US

3) The US, like usual will grossly underestimate the situation and things would likely go the opposite of how they planned.

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 12:10 PM
the USS Ronald Reagan is scheduled to dock today, I believe. It was on the local news. wasn't it part of that massive fleet that was roaming the seas by china?
I think at least on group has come home....

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