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State Budget

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posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 10:08 PM
I will attempt to keep this simple. Our so called State budget is said to be about 20 Billion Dollars. Now let’s see if we can match the budget with the current taxes being put on NC; We will using a family of 4, population (9 million +), times let’s say 33% which should give us a good average number of Households. Let look at retail tax for example from my State which is 7.5 % on every dollar we spend when we buy something. Everybody buys groceries, so let’s start with that. Family of 4 will be spending up to $1100.00 per month, tax on that is $ 82.50 per month X 3,135,000 households = $ 258,637,500 per month x 1 year = $ 3,103,650,000; is that over 3 billion? WOW… OK, let’s look at Fuel for the automobile: 2 cars per family would be about $1044.00 per month x .3055 State Tax = $318.94 a month in taxes x 3,135,000 = $ 999,883,170 per month x 1 year = $ 11,998,598,040, that a total of, let’s see $ 15,102,248,040 almost there. Hum, oh they tax my wages every week, which is 7% + $765 dollars over 12,500 but under 60,000. Average mean income for a household is $ 45,000 a year. X 7% = $ 3,150.00 x 3,135,000 = $ 9,875,250,000, that totals to: $ 24,977,498,040 which is more than the budget… something smells rotten!!!

Ok, people…we still have about 15+ other things we are taxed with by the State, and we have already have the budget under control, so what is going on!!!

Using Census #’s and being conservative with figures:

QuickFact Census

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 10:16 PM
I'm not certain but I think the budget is whats
needed after all the taxes you mentioned. Maybe
someone could elaborate on how state bugets
work. Any way you slice it, we are taxed to the point
of collapse. Time for a tea party??

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 10:26 PM
Don't forget things like licenses and registration of cars and trucks fees for filing various types of legal papers like building permits etc.,actually there are tons of stuff that most folks don't think of that states make big bucks off of.

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