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Moore and Ronstadt to Perform at Aladdin in Las Vegas

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 09:22 PM
Michael Moore to Sing with Ronstadt in Vegas?

LAS VEGAS After being booed and kicked off the property, will Linda Ronstadt return to the Aladdin Hotel here and sing on stage with "Fahrenheit 9/11" director Michael Moore?

It might be a good bet, as the resort casino on the Las Vegas Strip is likely to get a new owner soon an owner who didn't object to Ronstadt publicly announcing her support for the controversial filmmaker.

"Upon the assumption of ownership, and with a new management team in place, we would like to offer the use of the Theatre of Performing Arts to Linda Ronstadt for a second concert and further to take Michael Moore up on his offer to join her on stage to introduce her and sing a song," said Planet Hollywood CEO Robert Earl, who is awaiting approval by the Nevada Gaming Commission to become Aladdin's new owner.

"We respect artists' creativity and support their rights to express themselves," said Earl. "We were very sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstances of this past Saturday night and want to make it clear that Planet Hollywood has never, in our 13-year history, restricted any artists' right to free speech and we will continue with that policy once we take ownership."

I just saw this story on local Las Vegas TV news, then found the story on the internet. This is too funny. After being barred from the Aladdin property, Linda Ronstadt will very likely return to the same theater at the Aladdin to make a joint appearance on stage with Michael Moore.

The Aladdin has been in bankruptcy for some time, and is in the process of being acquired by Planet Hollywood. The deal will be finalized with the approval of Nevada gaming authorities. Approval is virtually certain, since Planet Hollywood is a respected company which already has a business presence in Las Vegas.

If you read the article, you will see that, after the concert, Michael Moore will offer a free screening of Fahrenheit 9/11, open to the public. I wonder if Bill Timmins, who kicked Ronstadt off the property, will be invited.

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 10:30 PM
Great! Now I can cross the Aladdin off of my possible places to stay in Vegas this fall. Thanks for the info!

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 10:38 PM
that's classic. great find!

-koji K.

posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 10:44 PM
While Linda had a first ammendment right to say what she felt, I do not shell out 100+ bucks to go to a concert and get a political sermon from anybody. The people in the audience payed to see her perform not to voice her opinion on the state of the world. If her concert was billed upfront as a political one that one thing.

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