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Canadians. SOUND OFF.

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posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 05:40 PM
We have an election coming. What do you see as the area that should be concentrated on. The platforms. I put these in no special order. As they come to me on a Friday night.

Health care reform/help.
Debt reduction.
Use of natural resources.
Foreign aid.
Foreign military action.
Alt. energy programs(that includes the Carbon Tax)

I may have missed one or two, point them out. What do you think this election SHOULD be based on? We all know it's going to be an attack/pissing contest election. I think we can do better. What are your thoughts?

posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:03 PM
Canadian here SOUNDING OFF! lol

The topics that need to be addressed (from your list) are as follows:

  • Health care reform/help - The waiting times in emergency rooms, for hospital beds, wait times for cancer treatment, ect. is deplorable
  • Leadership - We need a TRUE leader (for the people) not a puppet for corporations
  • Military - Is it really necessary to purchase all those F35's?
  • Scandals - I think we need to take a hard look at what happened during the Harper years!
  • Sovereignty - Do we really want to be selling off our fresh water? Down with the SSP! NAU needs discussion.
  • Foreign aid - I know the mainstream public do not know these real numbers. UN Millennium Goals!
  • Foreign military action - I'd like to see Canada in a peacekeeping roll again.

    This is my wish-list


    Peace & Respect,

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  • posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:04 PM
    I want the F-35 Fighter Jets.

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:06 PM
    reply to post by intrepid
    All the things you mention are things that all Canadians would agree with to with differing degrees ..The war is a real big one for me ...You would think that after the Royal Commissions findings on Aboriginal peoples and the Governments apology for the treatment in residential schools we would be killing tribal peoples halfway around the globe but ...I guess for me its cooperation with each other ...If you have watched question period in Parliament you would know ...I mean it was so bad it brought down the Govt ....The simple fact the Cons wouldn't show the details of the budget is quite amazing ... Some how we are supposed to fear our politicians working together in a coalition partnership ....what better way to to be open then all parties involved ...If it was my wish I would say no more political parties ...Make the MPs choose among themselves to select the best person for the job what ever it may be and if nobody is competent enough then hire a professor or a professional .... Yea I guess cooperation is the one for me ....peace

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:12 PM
    Wishful thinking it is, but I'm hoping the platforms focus on the following topics

    Health care reform/help.: that includes more education to the public on how to help themselves
    Education.: that includes making sure that parents are required to be involved in their children's education
    Leadership.: I'd like to see plans that are far reaching and don't end when the next govt comes in.
    Military./ Sovereignty.: We need to protect our resources. And we need to plan NOW, not when the enemy is at the door.
    Debt reduction.: self evident
    Deficit.: see above
    Use of natural resources.: self evident
    Foreign aid.: would like to see less focus on other people's problems for awhile.
    Foreign military action. : would like to see less focus on other people's problems for awhile.
    Alt. energy programs : I want off the oil barge...
    Drug addiction programs: I want to see real change being done. Such as forcing people to get clean, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms be d****d.

    But no. I suspect we're going to see party-bashing only in the future. Just like in the past..

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:29 PM
    reply to post by intrepid

    What should it be based on?

    Separation of Canadian and US Policies, Police, Politics, Military, Laws and anything else that both Countries can clearly handle on their own but because of an Elitist agenda, are being undermined, twisted, re-written and pushed towards a North American Union.

    To be clear, I am NOT being anti-US, but Pro-Canadian. Both Canadian and US citizens want to retain their identities, individualism and sovereignty.

    If the people want to join and shake hands at the border, so be it. But to be secretly pushed towards a union that we do not agree to, let alone understand the reasons for, is clearly a complete power shift from a people's voice to a Globalist Agenda.

    With recent events such as increased border security, involvement in Libya and a sharing of not only military, but domestic police forces, we the people of both nations, must stand up and refuse to be herded towards a final scenario of the NWO.

    This is where it is truly starting. Not the middle East, Not in these conflicts that no one knows anything about but rather here in North America.

    The most powerful nation on earth (for now) is shaking hands with the most peaceful nation on earth...and some think that is a good thing? Give me a break!

    I'm tired, I'm angry and I'm P.O'd even thinking this will eventually happen.

    Forget the small things like Education, Medical, Infrastructure and whatever...Take back our Land and I can guarantee that most Americans desire the same. We don't really hate each other...we just want our identities back!

    And don't get me started on Mexico as part of this North American Union. They don't want it anymore than we do.

    Ok, I've finished my Rant. Bring on the whatever....

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    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:31 PM
    Let's add:

    -Reducing the size of government (eliminate redundant departments, positions, oh hell, get rid of most of 'em)

    -Reduce government salaries & bonuses. Retirement pensions could be shrunk considerably too. And when it comes time for them to give themselves annual raises, how about matching the average Canadian citizen's pay increases.

    -Totally reform the whole system (ie: pass a new legislation where no political leader or prime minister gets to run for a second term). The idea here is to eliminate greed and corruption, or at least make it less easy.

    Oh there's much more that could & should be done, this is just a start.

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:36 PM
    My first two priorities are health care and education. Health care needs to seriously be looked at and either over hauled or...I don't know something needs to be done! Wait times, referrals to specialists, lack of doctors are out of control. I have a horrible family doctor, but not one single other doctor in my city is accepting new patients so I have no choice but to stay with him. The wait times for specialized care are horrendous....I could list about 10 times where a serious medical matter took over 6 months of wait time to be addressed within my family alone..that is unacceptable. A better focus on mental health programs/specialists would be nice too (although I am biased as I am dealing with mental health issues within my immediate family).

    Education is a big deal to me as well. In my city they have closed down tons of schools and then rebuilt brand new fancy schmancy ones....and yet the older schools still get the same yearly budget as the new ones. The new ones should have a type of pro-rated budget considering their building, equipment, supplies and even things like landscaping are all brand new...and yet at the older schools they're still using old torn textbooks (which the kids can't even take home to study from because there are so few to go around), beat up gym equipment, a play yard with cracked heaving concrete and (at my own kids' school) only mud for a front yard as the board "can't afford" sodding or even seeding it! (meanwhile 3 blocks away is a brand new school with beautiful landscaping, trees, bushes etc). The kids have to supply their own school supplies as early as grade one..that's ridiculous!! I do not remember having to bring my own supplies (unless I wanted to) until middle school/high school. The teachers are dipping into their own pockets to buy books and supplies and rewards for the classrooms, and whether or not you think teacher's earn too much money is besides the point...noone should have to dip into their own pockets to enable them to do their job


    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:46 PM
    No more long gun registry!

    I have a feeling the cons will be elected again, and fail to follow up on that promise, again.

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 06:55 PM
    The point of the matter is...there shouldn't be an election at all. I am tired of these politicians doing everything for the parties and little for the people, but since there IS an election coming, I can tell you that I will vote for Harper in the hopes that he gets a majority this time and doesn't have to engage these schoolyard bullies every time he wants to make a move to better this country. Amen.

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:14 PM

    Originally posted by Tasty Canadian
    I can tell you that I will vote for Harper in the hopes that he gets a majority this time and doesn't have to engage these schoolyard bullies every time he wants to make a move to better this country. Amen.

    That didn't really answer any of the questions I posed but that's OK. "Gimme a Hallelujah." You want Harper with a majority? Christ, that would be the end of the country. He's a megalomaniac with a minority. Even the backbenchers in his own party see that. What do you think he would do with a majority? WHY do you think he hasn't got it already? The people see.

    As to the topic though, we'll file that one under "leadership."

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:17 PM
    reply to post by intrepid

    As a true Canadian, I shall agree to disagree until we meet at the polls my friend. Engarde!!

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:20 PM
    reply to post by intrepid

    You will have to forgive me -- I’m not very politically inclined. But I guess my election wish list would be:

    1. I would like a pony. (whoops wrong list

    2. I for one would like to keep our water. And I think most Canadians – if asked would agree that we should utilize our natural resources for Canadians. I’m all for sharing but --- but you can’t help other countries if you can't feed yourself first.
    3. Health Care reform (for sure --- less wait times for important surgeries – by the time some people are eligible for surgery they’re past the point of needing it.
    4. Foreign policy --- love the American people --- but that doesn’t mean I want to hop into bed with their military complex. I’m happy to send aid to improvised countries, but going to war should be the last resort.
    5. I’d like to see lower tuition fees. I think University and College level learning should be much less expensive and elitist. Down with student loans!

    6. We need greater focus on all things Green --- I’m not just talking about green energy. Think of the revenue we could bring into Canada and the money we’d save on legal expenses by just legalizing it!
    7. I definitely demand much more transparency --- and I would like to see us trim the fat in our political offices.
    8. I would like to see more community gardens – where the produce can go to support low-income families. It makes so much sense – we have a beautiful country, we’re lucky that we can grow so much great food. It’s beyond my comprehension why this isn’t encourageed.
    9. I’d like to see a lowering of our standard work week from 40 hours (or 44?) to say 15 hours lol. (With of course our pay being increased to match what we would make in a 40 hour work week.) Now before any workaholics out there get angry with me --- I assure you that you can work all the hours you want. But under Owen law you will begin making time and a half after 15 hours. Wait – am I on the wrong list again?

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    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:20 PM
    Whats the point of voting?

    Politicians never do what they tell you they will anyways...

    Pointless (imho)

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:21 PM
    Harper the proven builder berger aipac shill will run against unelectebles
    you will get a majority "Harper" ( not Canadian ) government
    just in time to swiftly usher in the NAU and WW3

    they need to do this or face an election after the financial down turn which is just beginning
    not to mention what else they KNOW is in the pipe
    like the price of oil

    so this is all cynical play
    the peeps for the most part, will vote the way the TV tells em
    ( the liberals are gonna take my guns! )
    and that will be that.
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    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:24 PM

    Originally posted by Tasty Canadian
    As a true Canadian, I shall agree to disagree until we meet at the polls my friend. Engarde!!

    I'll stand on guard for THEE. THAT'S what Canada used to be about. I hope I see it again. I seriously don't see this country giving total power to the "unite the right" crowd. You know, the disgraced Conservative/Alliance/Reform party. Regional politics should stay just that........regional. Then we have the Bloc.

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:27 PM
    As we have seen
    when Canada has trouble
    we tend to forget the politicians and get down to it as people
    I have faith in that.

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:35 PM

    Originally posted by Danbones
    As we have seen
    when Canada has trouble
    we tend to forget the politicians and get down to it as people
    I have faith in that.

    We are in the process of getting rid of a leader that has failed to lead us in our chosen direction.

    I still have confidence that the US can do the same.

    I hope.

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:35 PM
    I'm not Canadian (American), but having been to Canada (loved it) and being interested in Continental politics, I have a few things.

    I've seen that many don't wish to hop in bed with American policy, and I don't blame you. What makes Canada is that you are NOT the United States. Personally I'd like to see some balance come from a respectful opposition to our unfortunate global policy rather than a Canadian government bowing to the US.

    I am, and have been, interested in the problems with the Health Care system you folks have. Seeing something like that coming down the pike here in the US, I'm concerned since it seems a tough road in Canada even with only dealing with just over 10% of our population.

    No real need to reply to me and I really don't want to derail the thread, but just wanted to pop my head in and say hey and I'll be reading this thread.

    Thanks Intrepid and all my Canadian brothers/sisters

    Ol' American KJ

    posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 08:28 PM

    Originally posted by intrepid
    We have an election coming. What do you see as the area that should be concentrated on. The platforms. I put these in no special order. As they come to me on a Friday night.

    The following can only be accomplished if we dissolve the Bank of Canada and formally make Canada into a country, rather than a colony/appendage of Great Britain. Until that happens, we can have no self-determination and our common identity is polluted by a lie propagated by every "government" since the BNA.

    Health care reform/help - We need to divert funds to our health care system to decrease waiting times and provide more advanced diagnostic tools in a greater number of locations. In rural areas doctors should be attracted by providing free or inexpensive housing subsidies under contract for multiple years with local communities.

    Education - Must be geared towards teaching critical thinking, teaching students how to learn rather than some template of indoctrination that will make them more productive in do-nothing positions while acting like an automaton. We also need reform in university tuitions, universities and colleges are hoarding huge amounts of capital in investment and savings accounts (I know of one that is well over a billion dollars). These monies should be used to reduce tuitions and provide better equipment and higher standards of professional training.

    Leadership - At present there is none, our apparent leaders are nothing but meat puppets and lap dogs taking their instructions from "people" who have no interest in the well being of Canada or its citizens. Before we can move forward, we need all the wrong doing exposed, treason charges applied and if politicians are found guilty, televised hangings to make sure it doesn't happen again. I'm sorry, but I do believe in capital punishment, especially when it involves defrauding all the people in an entire country.

    Scandals - See Leadership, charge them with treason and if found guilty, hang them.

    Military - Peace Keeping roles only and only if absolutely necessary. I don't want our good people in the military dying over oil or corporate speculation. We don't need the jets as they are offensive tools, we need some good defensive AI SAMS. I would much rather see a good defensive technology in place.

    Sovereignty - Divorce the queen, become a country, produce a bill of rights and constitution that benefits the people rather than corporations and government.

    Debt reduction - Dissolve the Bank of Canada.

    Deficit - Dissolve the Bank of Canada, tax corporations properly, institute a flat tax, remove federal taxation.

    Use of natural resources - Sales controlled by government only, commodity pricing, profits go to Canada and Canadian citizens as dividends. I would suggest careful scrutiny of what we sell however, we have to think of future generations, at least 5 generations following us.

    Foreign aid - No

    Foreign military action - Only as Peace Keeping.

    Alt. energy programs(that includes the Carbon Tax) - NO carbon taxes, it's just stupid and possibly the next biggest scam to the banking industry. Alternate energy sources, renewable technology, I would throw money at, simply because knowing your energy costs allows you to maintain control over prices.

    The rest about copyright laws, golden handshakes, police, etc. is on my web site at Activism

    Cheers - Dave
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