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9/11 Commission Report has been Released

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 05:10 PM
The US government couldn't comprehend the idea that someone was out to kill them. The "9/11 commission report" is available in the states, reported as a bestseller on many websites. It is also available for purchase in Canada at certain bookstores. The important point to note is that the Bush admin was not the only admin at fault for 9/11, but several admins, didn't take any considerable action. The hijackers that boarded the planes tipped off the metal detectors several times, but airline personnel let them through. The US gov't also considers Canada as a loophole for terrorists entering into the US. The Us is now looking into thumb prints instead of just the passport and drivers licence.

Its selling for $15 Canadian/ $8 american
WASHINGTON - A 'failure of imagination' was the greatest problem that allowed the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 to happen, the bipartisan commission looking into the attacks concluded.

After 20 months of investigation, the commission released its final report on Thursday, with a number of recommendations aimed at preventing another such attack.

"We were not prepared," said Thomas Kean, the Republican who chaired the independent bipartisan committee.

The nearly 600-page report details a list of intelligence and law-enforcement failures leading up to the attacks, but concludes neither the Bush nor the Clinton administrations could have prevented the attacks.

The panel said the most important failure leading to the attacks was a failure of imagination. "We do not believe leaders understood the gravity of the threat," said the panel.

Kean said the panel found numerous mistakes and failures leading up to the hijackings of Sept. 11, but he said there was no way to determine if steps taken at any point could have stopped the attacks.

"The failures took place over many years and many administrations," Kean said.

Kean did say that much had been done in the wake of the attacks, but the threat remains.


Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

IMO this report has been long overdue

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