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Cyber Attacks Target European Commission

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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:09 PM
Howdy all, was reading this article earlier today and found a line that stood out.

The spokesman for the EU played down the attack as not serious :


An EC spokesperson told IT PRO it had detected attacks targeting the EC as well as the External Action Service, which effectively acts as the EU's foreign ministry. Despite reports indicating the attacks were serious, the spokesman claimed they had not caused any serious impact on operations. The spokesman said the threat was not "necessarily related" to the summit, which takes place this week and will focus on a number of critical situations, including the Libyan crisis.

However the next statement really stood out to me as an indication of who might be behind this attack :

Employees had been asked to change their login passwords to the EC network, whilst email was temporarily shut down as officials investigated the attacks. The spokesman would not give any further details on the nature of the threats.

Now is it just me or does this sound exactly like the HBGary Anonymouse incident a couple of weeks back??


Barr was the prime mover in plans to out senior members of Anonymous at the B-Sides security conference last month. But hunter became hunted after the more skilled members of Anonymous hacked into HBGary Federal's computer network before publishing its email database. The emails included the revelation that Morgan Stanley, a HBGary client, was hit by the Operation Aurora attacks of late 2009, as well as messages that purported to show HBGary was planning a dirty tricks campaign against WikiLeaks.

My question, do you think this is Anon? and if so what do they know that we don't (yet)?

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