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Gun registrations..not just for confiscation anymore

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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 07:06 AM
One of the big fears of a gun registry is the threat of confiscation. The likelihood of this ever happening is admittedly slim. Perhaps not as slim as some would like but slim nevertheless.

A more realistic threat of a registry, either overt and blatant or a more passive registry in the form of 20 year old 4473's, is that police are using such information to justify kicking in your door with a full assault force.

First the end of the story since everybody is guilty until proven innocent these days. The accusation was one of child pornography. An accusation I am steadily losing faith in. Seems claiming one to be a child pornographer or molester these days is the new "racism".

Sam Bellotte was actually on a hunting trip at the time. When he learned of the raid on his family, the same man police thought was so dangerous that they had to send a SWAT team to his home late at night walked into the police station, explained the situation, and provided documentation that the person depicted in the photo was a 35-year-old Filipino woman.

What happened:

The three squads took positions around the house, wearing tactical vests and helmets and armed with flashlight-equipped.45 caliber Sig Sauer pistols and "hooligan" pry bars for a possible forced entry. Then, the Bellottes claim, the SORT squads opened the unlocked front and rear doors without knocking or announcing their presence. They immediately executed a dynamic entry—a technique that the SORT Team had recently been trained in—by which all squads simultaneously rushed into the home from multiple entry points. After the SORT squads were inside the house, they repeatedly identified themselves as law enforcement officers executing a search warrant.

The first member of the family to encounter the SORT Team was E.B., the Bellottes' teenage son. When the officers found him upstairs walking out of his bedroom and talking on a cell phone, they subdued and handcuffed him. E.B. asserts that the officers also poked a gun at the back of his head. In another bedroom, the team found C.B., the Bellottes' young daughter, and led her downstairs unhandcuffed.

When the SORT Team came to the parents' bedroom, Tametta Bellotte raced out of bed and ran screaming toward the closet. When she reached for a gun bag, the officers forced her to the ground and handcuffed her. Later, when the house was secured, the SORT Team allowed Mrs. Bellotte to get fully dressed under the supervision of a female officer. The search of the Bellotte residence concluded shortly before midnight.

Did three SWAT teams assault their home like it was a drug lords bunker because of a violent crime or because of a violent history or because of insane threatening ramblings? No.

They busted in with three SWAT teams because:

The SORT Team leaders decided that their involvement was justified due to the possibility of a violent reaction from Mr. Bellotte and the concealed carry permits held by both Mr. and Mrs. Bellotte.

Because they had permits they were considered threats worthy of a WACO raid. No knock, no announcement, apparently no real investigation either if nobody ever saw fit to confirm the accusation.

If you have a permit attached to your name or a 4473 sitting in some FFL's file cabinet with your name on it this could happen to you for unpaid speeding tickets, a wrong address, a planned raid on your address stemming from an investigation dating years back where an alleged drug dealer lived in your apartment before you, or a picture of a nude 35 year old Filipino woman some clerk at Walmart though was kiddie porn.


Confiscation might be a paranoid NWO pipe-dream but having your family shot in the head by law enforcement apparently isnt.

To add, dog licensing no doubt has the same affect in the cops minds. Your family pet is a weapon to them. Doesnt matter if it's a chihuahua, shelty, doberman or rottweiler. Cops see it as a weapon in the house and you have it registered calling for nothing less than full on SWAT with guns drawn to perform even a 'welfare check'.
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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 07:32 AM
assumed dangerous for following the law? that is some scary stuff right there. the laws are getting more blurred all the time, especially when following them warrents this kind of reaction.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by rcanem
assumed dangerous for following the law?

Nuts, right?

Seems to cops anyone with a firearm for any reason is automatically a murdering psychopath and they see permits and registries as a way to trick the psychopaths into admitting to their desires.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 08:09 AM
What really frosts my behind is that the cops and the idiots (supervisors) who don't use due diligence before the raids and cause harm and sometimes death aren't held responsible for the aftermath. Insurance companies aren't paying off for damages done by out of control cops using destructive tactics during searches that destroy homes. They literally tear apart homes even if they suspect that they are in the wong home hoping they find something to justify the ill-gotten warrant!

Our police forces are no longer members of the towns and cities they work for. They are a society apart from those that pay their salaries and they care not, for the most part, for the citizens nor their rights under the law! This egregious lawlessness by our police forces is tantamount to complete tyranny for no other reason than to terrorize and control the populace. These tactics may be useful in a very small number of cases but to use them for most arrests is foolish and down right stupid!


posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by ZindoDoone

if someone declares war against you, what can you do?

the police have beasically declared war against theie communities.

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