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I opened my third eye and I regret it

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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 09:21 AM

Originally posted by argentus
reply to post by crudos

Just an FYI

I did a little investigating, and there is an ebook for sale by the same author on the OP's linked website. However, the link is for a free download .pdf see here.

Same title, same author -- Samuel Sagan, M.D. I'm guessing that the linked free download is an earlier version of the ebook they are selling.

Took a bit of digging to discover that...... I thought the same thing as you at first.
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Thanks for checking that out. I was on my way out the door to work and didn't have the time to track the legitimacy of the pdf. Blessings.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by pellian

To me personally you could be turning skitzo. are you about 20 years old....thats when it starts to hit most people

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 09:45 AM
I thought this was going to be more of an awareness - I took the red pill and regret it - type of thing. In which case, I somewhat can relate to; I think most can. But since there's no turning back, tell us your technique.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by Greensage

this seems to be the source of the meditation you mention

there seems to be a few more to do

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:03 AM
I can tell you that from dealing with this in the past, you don't have to be in bondage to this stuff. there is freedom... It's in Jesus and His Blood..
Here is a prayer for freedom

Repeat the following prayer loudly to be delivered from the Occult and Evil Spirits:

Thank you Lord Jesus for dying for my sins, thank you for your glorious resurrection and for making me a new person through faith in your precious blood.

Dear Lord, I confess that in the past through ignorance, curiosity, foolishness or willfulness, I have disobeyed your Word. I now ask you to help me as I renounce all those things. Lord cleanse me in body, mind, soul and spirit. Satan, I am closing any door which I may have opened to you and your demons through contacts with the occult.

I renounce all contacts or any involvement with Satan, Satanism, black mass and demon worship.
spiritualism. I do renounce every psychic and occult contact that I have had. I renounce all transcendental meditation, yoga, Zen, all eastern cults and religions, mysticism, idol worship and false religions. I renounce all literature I have ever read and studied in all of these fields and I will destroy such books in my possession.

Lord I now repent and renounce all those sins and ask you to forgive me (1John 1:9). I renounce Satan and all his works. I count them as my enemies. I now close the door to all practices and command all such spirits to leave me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, I submit myself to you and your Holy Spirit.I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that he is the Son of God Who takes away the sin of all those who repent and confess him as Lord. I believe that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all sin. I claim freedom from all which has come through my eyes, my ears, my mind

In the name of Jesus Christ, I want You to control and empower every area of my life, including all my emotions; including my sexual powers; that from now on that I might be used according to your will. I also now give to You my affections, emotions and desires, and request that they might be motivated and controlled by Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus' Holy name - Amen.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by argentus

Yes, I already had this book, and it was through a legitimate site as well, so it seems to be free. Some people offer free things online, and charge money offline, or more for a more complete full version. There are different ways of doing this.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by pellian

When I read the title, I thought; hmmm, his boyfriend must have been to rough. Then I read the thread and considered what your message was. I agree, it is a dangerous and unknown place in that ream you opened up.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:08 AM
i dont know if its just me but thats the dirtiest sounding thread title i have ever seen =|

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by randyvs

The reason for sharing on this thread was to point out that you can get lost in this, whether or not you have more clairvoyance or insight/psi. And to give suggestions to raise Love & Frequency, have Faith and seek Higher Self, even pray, which I do. Though have in more recent years read up on things a bit, and tried some techniques that weren't too long, I didn't have a choice in the matter had awareness since birth. And most techniques don't work as good as just being in the moment . But this is our extra perceptions. We are multidimensional percieving organisms, and they've done many tests on humans, some more para military ones, we have physical wiring and genetics for psi, hundreds of mechanisms. Ingo Swann said to just picture and set intention to throw the toggle switches on,ie see them like light switches in your brain. And its the faster way, setting the intent. That its rusty from disuse generationally, and dna transforms in Real Time, like the Russian Scientists discovered. But In Real Time we can unblock atrophying skills too.

Why excercise flabby muscles that we already are genetically wired to have? Because its our knowing! Its how we seek within and find our way out of this school. Its also a lot harder to control a more aware population, who finds out truth faster. So the major religons have been distorted to suppress human development of their own abilities, to square the circle of infinity and turn a school into a prison.

But, there is a caveat? What light do we see with? What is our Love Frequency level at? We draw in into our lives, the things that relate to our consciousness. By our actions, thoughts and intentions we give permissions to the ones montioring or watching over and influencing, on both sides of the polarity. When we raise our love, compassion, service to others, and frequency, we are giving permission for the Family to do more to protect us and guide us. We also reach the connection line to Higher Self.

The Government does not wan tthis to develop, telepathy!

and here is the Ingo Swann data base, in which he brings up the real medical knowledge they have gained, our true wiring to be extra sensory, and the Vedas quite a bit.

edit to add: I found the video I wanted.

"Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin

I wasn't surprised to find criticism of Radin either, but what what always does, is when someone brings in real evidence and sites real committee's findings and stats in many studies, the technique to try and attack the presenter, and not touch the material which is legitimate, is done by design. This one is very informative, one of the best videos I've seen giving a real clue a to the amount of studies have been conducted and that any other field would have made the adjustments, adapting to the findings, so its in someone's best interest, a small group of controllers, to suppress the truth.

My paraphrasing.


---Taboos are not good in science, science rests on "informed consensus" and if it is constrained then good conclusions cannot be reached, and also reporting distortions will exist. (ie. journalists will not cover it.

This reinforces the taboo.)

---in reality, this is not first its the fifth, and the previous four which you guys can find out very quickly about due to the nice google scholar engine, four other's published, three of which are in main stream medical journals, of which all four of the previous MRI studies are successful.

Have you ever heard of them? No! But this one that turns out to be not quite as unsuccessful as they claim, this one you do hear about.

---There are scientific tests that have been controlled. One place to look, scientific oversight panels, and their conclusions:
During the Cold War there were 4 open reviews and a number of classified reviews. What happens when you take proponents, skeptics, people in the middle and bring them together for a week or so to review the evidence, what do the conclude?

In four studies done:
1981-Congressional Research Service
1985-Army Research Institute
1987-National Research Council
1989-Office of Technology Assessment

All concluded something interesting was going on.
(including sketpics)

For example, review of the "remote viewing" evidence for the CIA 1995, just as the classified program was becoming unclassified:

Jessica Utts, Prof. of Statistics, UC Davis (she is a world renowned methodologist besides being a statitician, one would think she knows what she is talking about)

Her conclusion was: Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. Ray Hyman, Prof. of Psychology, University o Oregon, very well known skeptic His conclusion was: -free of methodological weaknesses. -effect sizes...are too large and consistent to be dismisses as statistical flukes. Jessica and Ray disagreed about what to call this.

---130 years of increasingly sophisticated methods, effects do not disappear under scrutiny. Back to the original MRI study, you can get results from an MRI study: WHY DIDNT YOU LEARN THIS IN COLLEGE?


---individuals vary, and studies vary in results. But effects are real and even small effects are statistically real in science. He then goes on to talk about two specific examples, a series of studies down about breast implants and connective tissue disease, and aspirin preventing heart attacks. The results were very small but measurable, ie. less than .00% result found in the breast implant and connective tissue disease, but still it was found to be real, therefore these implants were removed from the market. And Aspirin, which prevents heart attacks, but the effect size is really tiny, .03%, but still real enough for Bayer Aspirin to get approval from the FDA to say this and sell aspirin to prevent heart attacks.

But thousands of studies down at all the leading universities in regards to telepathy had some surprising findings.

Random chance is, they will choose the right one 1/4 times.

The chance of getting it right is 1/4. Places ranging from Harvard University, McGill University, Montreal, University of Leningrad, Cambridge University and many others have done this kind of study since 1920's.

The cumulative results of about 3,145 such sessions in in 25 labs is: chance is about 25%, the actual hit rate is about 32%. This is all studies combined, typically of college sophomores, people who are available and interested. But if you look at special populations in particular (creative populations, siblings, high openness, previous experience) the studies that narrow this done have found that their hit rate is not 32%, but its actually 65%.

Imagine the difference in approving use of aspirins on less than a percentage of difference to prevent heart attacks, on tiny stats like that.

But the thousands of studies done by leading unviversities showed a scale of telepathy in humans, to range from 32% accuracy - 65% with the line being 25% random. This translates: depending on the genetic factor of being left brained to right brained (ie the creative group in the high end), the average population ranges from 8% above expected norm for the left brain ones, to 40% above the expected norm, for the right brain.

These are impressive findings! Why isn't our science models adjusted yet? Who is suppressing this? Have major religions played a role?

Is it harmful to be using insight? To us, or to them?
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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:50 AM
There is so much Fear in this thread. Fear of the unknown it would seem.

May I say Chakras are Never closed. If they were you would be dead already. They can be squashed, twisted, reversed and a variety of other patterns energy may take.. but never closed.. even when no energy seems to be flowing.

Protection; it's something the beginner uses until they have the full realisation that Love really is the answer. Like all tools, we put them down when we don't need them anymore.

3rd eye chakra:- Seeing. Information can come into this energy centre, and, we can project outwardly from it. Every time a person imagines things.. thinks about anything in a mentally visual way.. it is sending that information out of the energy centre. In active focused meditation this is the Beckoner, the Key to opening a direct and very real experience in "the realms"... it's like dialling a phone number.

Focus. Every minute of every day your focus wanders around. If you let it wander around you will find it creating stories that seem real because it causes an emotional reaction within you... and every second of that time is You not being Here and Now. To train the mind to shut up, don't waste 5 years learning to quiet the mind.. just Focus on what you are doing or what you Intend... now.. and now.... and now... ..

If you are really beginning to see other things around you.. it is because we are surrounded by Things and most of the time we don't see 99% of it.. until something changes that for us. It's not us bringing them to us.. they were there before you saw them. Most people only ever physically See in their peripheral vision.. due to the cones allowing light into the eye.. which is why you can't see what it was when you decide to Look.

Night all

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:55 AM
OP, are you basically telling us you have something that can make us... LIMITLESS?!

(in cinemas soon)

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 10:59 AM
I have another point to make on the fear as well. If you've always been aware, your toggle spots were more toggled on than off, and you are aware of negative monitoring, which coincidentally often relates to, negative thoughts entering your mind, sickness, nightmares, depression, things errupting in your home, others who are not striving to be more consciously aware suddenly behaving poorly. Would you rather be unaware of why, as the average person has been taught to be?

Negativity flourishes when people are not aware of its source or the influences around us.

People who are more sensitive tend to find ways to root it out of their lives.
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posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:00 AM
Ok guys, i am back

I found out that I could cure abscessed teeth with the third eye. Not that the eye itself does but proper imagination of energy flows within my body. I had a severe root infection where there was a rotten sweet taste in my mouth from a lower bicuspid. the doctor told me that I needed it removed pronto. I got home reopened the third eye and waited 5 minutes. This technique requires that you imagine yellow or black energy stuck in that area of the tooth. You imagine blue energy pushing the yellow out. your mouth has to be open to allow the gunk to fall out. two days later the rotten taste was gone and about four weeks the pain completely dissipated.

So many things I have done i forgotten about them. The third eye can be compared to a breaker box full of fuses and wires. it is an energy switch One fallacy I believe that people think is that the third eye is homogeneous and consists of only one part. If you read that book the author shows that the third eye is actually a energy pipe with different parts that need to be developed. Each of these parts are connected to physical structures in the brain. As you practice more and more you begin to develop deeper and deeper parts. some parts when developed will allow you to see interdimensional life on the lower planes such as the flying rings or the spaghetti balls other parts will allow you to remote view, other parts will help you see where a recently dead person who is not buried has arrived at in the afterworld. Some parts will allow you to see peoples thoughts etc. i have not developed these to any degree, Every human being has the capability to develop these parts. I feel that the main reason why our eye has not been opened is because of the degree of impurity in the world. through these actions I did come to the realization that disease has a link to the spiritual worlds.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by pellian

Congrats !! Welcome to the family

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by pellian

I have a theory. I experience beings sometimes. Beings light up my inner vision for brief moments and send surges of electric like energy throughout my body. Sometimes the energy feels really good and sometimes it is painful and associated with fear. My theory is that maybe all the beings are good, but you are just not at a high enough spiritual state to experience their benevolence.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:16 AM
Boy, you're all really divided and sort of greedy and power-hungry about a technique that is really simple to understand in logic, eh? If you ask, you will not receive.

Sorry, that's kinda how it works. His inability to share the technique is a personal choice and I agree completely. He shouldn't share the technique because he's sharing with us the experience. That's the key thing... don't be pressuring someone that may legitimately function their third eye.

You can regret opening it, and if you people are asking about the technique, you are asking for power, and you CLEARLY should not be in control of such a thing.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:23 AM

Originally posted by pellian

The very first night I tried this i had a very different type of dream which i had not had before. the content doesn't mean anything but i digress. The day After i notice that sometimes my awareness would shift and my vision seems different for a moment. i thought that this is really cool. i do the exercises again soon after. same thing at night. I see colors and shapes that follow my vision. These were there if I closed my eye in complete darkness or opened them in the very dim light of my room. These seemed to be objects of some sort that gave off a dim glow and had a woven pattern.

As I practiced it sounds really crazy But I think that these exercises created some sort of energy that attract astral forms. One night I woke up and saw this thick rope strung from my window sill to the door. at the moment i knew what it was. I made the mistake of touching this animal or thing and felt a jolt like electricity. I was definitely awake I immediately felt very sick and had chills all over my body.
I continued the exercises two weeks later i was really close to sleep and a blue ring of light that fluttered like a butterfly came into my room. I turned on the light and the ring persisted of about a second after and I again felt a sting i my side and the same chills. I assure that I am not dreaming and fully awake.

If this is not some crazy hallucination then whatever I have been doing is either lighting me up like a porch light to attract moths or these entities are coming through to this world via my consciousness. A hallucination cannot affect you physiologically to make a shock effect. I also have noticed that when did the exercises something seems to materialize in my room. The way this thing or object would materialize is that it would appear like it was a different refractive index like the air. I would also see entities that looked like this right after I wake up. I have even noticed small feathers falling down in my room.

Becoming more spiritual and expanding your spirituality rises your frequency. Higher frequency=love vibration. With higher frequencies or love vibrations you are able to see and feel what low frequencied people can't. It's also got to do with the DNA. Perhaps you have heard about the DNA activation. With high frequencies, the waves are closed to eachother and touch the DNA strand in much more places.

Also i do not understand what you do not like about it? Becoming as spiritual as you are is many peoples desire.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:25 AM

Originally posted by notimportant
reply to post by pellian

Congrats !! Welcome to the family

What do you mean by that?

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by Agarta

I just read the Necromonicon
What is your take on the book?
It does seem rather odd or coincidental to me that the very first entities according to the book originated in or near Iraq and that just so happens to be where the USA went in to take over with no intention of ever looking for WMD.
Also i have read that there was a stargate found in Iraq and makes sense if Crowley discovered this and that was his doorway to the Ancients.
Don't really know just seeing what you think seems i have not found anyone else that read the book.

posted on Mar, 24 2011 @ 11:36 AM
I find it interesting that so many people see this exercise the OP shares as some hocus-pocus, titillating, demon-encouraging process.

The third eye is as natural to your reality as your ear is.

And I don't see any harm in trying to understand it----and making an effort to get to know what it is and how it works. We've been getting to know our bodies since the day we were born.

If you believe--beforehand--that the exercise invites evil, or will bring pernicious spirits into your life----well, then that's what will happen. You are setting up that condition for yourself.

If, however, you believe, that the exercise can garner you a newly found perception, a new level or awareness and wisdom and be a positive experience.... then hopefully that is what you will experience.

Never, ever forget that you create your own reality. A tired cliche, yes, but true nonetheless.

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