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I opened my third eye and I regret it

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by lucid365

Yes I definitely see the swirling colors. Mostly light purple and sometimes white flashes or spots. The vibration and pressure is the most pronounced though and I can manifest it almost any time of the day just by thinking about it. I am not saying that my third eye is open by a longshot, I'm saying that it is definitely awakened and I wish to open it fully. On the topic of celibacy, it's almost impossible for me to be celibate because I have a live in girlfriend. Lately I have been avoiding ejaculation but it's impossible for me to avoid having sex. She wouldn't be too happy about that. In fact having to explain to her why I didn't ejaculate was awkward enough. I practice a vegetarian diet, I try to eat only organic foods and avoid preservatives. I have even started using a non fluoride toothpaste just in case the whole pineal calcification thing is true. I'm doing everything I feel I should be doing to increase my energy levels and it has worked wonders but I just can't seem to get any further. Are there any other meditation techniques you guys would suggest? Thanks gents.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Brujobrett13

If you can sit in full lotus - Chunyi Lin says 20 minutes of full lotus meditation is 4 hours of any other type of meditation.

There are secrets to this -- no point in my going into it as it's complicated -- but essentially this will increase your energy a lot.

The energy is very strong right now as it's almost the first full moon after the Solstice - so the energy is really amazing right now. Three days before the full moon it is strongest and it's close enough to the Solstice to still get that energy also.

So I'm saying the brain magnetic bliss is stronger right now because of this earth-moon-sun energy. Chunyi Lin says that three days before and after the full moon the meditation is ten times stronger.

Also practicing with the sun energy every day doubles your energy -- so when the sun is highest in the day or "lowest" in the day -- it's 11 am to 1 pm or 11 pm to 1 am.

The tantra practice -- since people have partners -- it's difficult to discuss without too many details but essential if the male creates electromagnetic energy it then activates the female's vagus nerve and then the female releases her electrochemical energy which the male then takes in his lower body and then he turns it back into electromagnetic energy -- this process is a mutual climax.

O.K. So once the third eye is open then there is no need for physical contact even -- but as the Bodri article points out this practice will maintain health and create real love but it's limited to the "lower realm of form" in terms of meditation practice. In other words you can create weak electromagnetic fields that can be transmitted by you're not storing up the electromagnetic energy for real astral travel.

So it's etheric astral travel -- but still is the secret to real love -- and the irony is that celibacy from the perspective of yoga meditation means more bliss -- only internal bliss because that keeps the energy in the relaxation parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve.

So That is a great article by a student of Mantak Chia turned qigong teacher.

Anyway I'm just talking from my own experience -- the system has to be totally clean for this to work well -- otherwise the brain is purging or leaking out the toxins from the lower body -- e. coli, etc. -- and then I would have to take antiseptics to counteract the tingling and bad smell, etc.

So then fasting was necessary -- depending on how it was done -- then instead of relying on food there is just life force jing energy taken in -- Gurdjieff discusses this also how the life force energy is much more pure than food energy.

But after about 40 mutual climaxes then the heart opens up for both people and it is an electromagnetic bond at a distance as true love of the heart -- again this does not require physical contact -- but the love is so strong that physical separation causes heart break. I mean the contact of light through the eyes is the strongest type of energy transmission and the male electromagnetic energy is then sucked up by the female hormone centers -- this is discussed in mantak chia's books also.

O.k. so the focus by the male has to be burning off or transformation into electromagnetic energy. Westerners are too materialistic so they think of the practice as just "retention" but if a person has the wrong mental goal as their foundation they they are shooting themselves in the foot so to speak. The mental goal or intention is to go into the Emptiness through the light spirit energy from the electromagnetic chi energy. The more into the Emptiness then the stronger the light energy and the deeper the spacetime vortex.

But this energy is flowing between people all the time and opposites attract so the more a person builds up their energy then the people who need the energy the most will be most attracted to the stored up energy and often the people who need it the most also use up the most energy and waste the most energy -- essentially they are parasites. But this is due to some deep trauma usually from early on that then hard-wired their brain to be this way and so only if they get hit by lightning or encounter a real energy master with the third eye fully open will their spirit body be exorcised so it's no longer stuck in their lower body energy centers.

Whew -- yeah this is an exorcism process that is continual - the energy is always transforming -- so the healer exorcises other people and then the healer has to exorcise themselves -- again using the third eye to transform the emotional blockages back into inner bliss love energy that then shoots out of the pineal gland as electromagnetic energy -- or is stored back in the lower body as electromagnetic energy.

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posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by pellian

hallucinations cannot cause physiological change, but think of it as the matrix, your mind makes it real. this is actually very true. if it is a mental / brain problem many things can be interlaced

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

If I hurt my knee a little getting into half lotus how long should I wait before practicing again,I notice if one stops fulllotus preparation exercises for a week or 2 it seems to put you back at square one again,what about other meditation poses like the burmese pose or other silimiar meditation poses that are close to fulllotus,the muscle on the knee hurts or feels sensitive if I bring my heel to my hip so I leave the heel a little away from
The hip

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

I have the "To Realize Enlightenment" and "Tao & Longevity" books, though I have yet to open many of the channels referenced in that book.

I know you know the meditationexpert website, which to me has some of the highest knowledge out there.

ANother one for me is Anadi(Aziz Kristof) check out his Human Buddha and Book of Enlightenment. Those 2 right there did it for me, they are like my top notch favorites and its real deep spiritual science like realizing the Non-dual state, opening the heart, Awareness, etc. I know this guy is genuine because I experienced many of the things he talks about in the book.

Also A.H. ALmaas has some awesome stuff, but his stuff is very wordy and intellectual head based stuff, as he used to be a professor or something like that so its very deep but written w/ too much complexity. If you can get through it all though, its definitely killer.

Also here's a super deep Qigong website.

I thought realizing Oneness, the heart and the third eye was like the end state, but on that Qigong site, thats like just the beginning to them.

Anyway, thats the few of the most hardcore deepest things I have found. (meditationexpert, Anadi(Aziz Kristoff), AH Almaas, and the Damo Qigong site. I also have a Bigu Fasting book I havent read yet. Please do share if you have other things to add.

And also Im a Christian Mystic Nondualist and found that I havent seen the Holy Spirit experience in any of the other paths which is interesting. Some equate Kundalini w/ Holy Spirit, but to me Kundalini is from the bottom of the spine going up, whereas the Holy Spirit is like a presence that indwells you and then leaves, comes and goes, type stuff.

posted on Jun, 30 2012 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by dominicus

Awesome sites -- yeah on the holy spirit as kundalini - Gabriel Cousens clarifies "mundane" as bottom up -- mundane kundalini and then spiritual kundalini as top down energy.

His spiritual nutrition googlebook review covers it

Gabriel Cousens doesn't seem aware of the Bushmen healing culture -- as he thinks the original humans were vegan but the Bushmen training to be shamans don't eat meat and then fast for their intensive training.

So this is a tantra practice secret -- but then when fasting in a bigu state -- in samadhi -- Milarepa called this being fed by the Dakinis or goddesses -- and this again is the "top down" Holy Spirit kundalini energy -- but since they are goddesses it is also the love bliss energy as experienced from bottom up.

So the bigu state as I said is called converting jing to chi -- jing being the bottom up life force energy or kundalini energy -- but again if Milarepa is being fed by goddesses this indicates top down kundalini energy.

So in the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" it states the practice both starts and ends with jing energy aka "lead" in alchemy.

So actually reality is holographic -- so this is the creation of the rainbow spirit body as the astral yin spirit but then -- as the Dakinis energy -- this is transforming the lower body energy into heavenly holy spirit energy -- and then this creates a new physical "yang spirit" body as bilocation of another physical body.

So yeah this happened for Poonjaji - H.W.L. Poonja as described in the amazing biography of him by David Godmen -- Nothing Ever Happens -- so he had multiple physical bodies at the same time. His teacher Ramana Maharshi appeared to Poonjaji as another physical body also.

I asked Chunyi Lin if he had created a "yang spirit" and he said that once -- others had seen him outside his house while he had been inside meditating -- so he indicated it had happened. So like Poonjaji -- a person can create another physical body but not be conscious of it.

This is the difference between the Emptiness as shakti energy versus egotistical paranormal powers as "siddhis."

So for example as described for levitation - if a person's ego is aware they are levitating then their body promptly stops levitating. But if the person can continue in the right brain dominant visionary state and observe their levitation then they can maintain the samadhi state so as not to lose the levitation.

This is described in the amazing biography of the most famous Buddhist monk meditation master of Thailand -- Here's a download site of that biography

Yeah so I am stuck in the material world -- like the Madonna song -- so my diet is a lot of meat/eggs/dairy so my brain leaches crap smell all the time. Ironically again this is because my body-mind purges the impurities naturally -- the e. coli free radicals -- and so I take antiseptics. Today I was doing prickley ash berries but a person has to be very careful as it can shut down the vagus nerve -- or over-ride it -- from the terpenes. This also happens with tea tree oil - and then it's difficult to breathe for a while. haha.

So obviously my diet and tantra lifestyle are not optimum whereas the right-hand path of a pure diet, the physical presence of a teacher transmitting energy, and at least 6 hours of meditation a day -- this is the ideal. I had this for about six months in 2000 -- and it was amazing.

So I did see dead spirits that Chunyi Lin heals all the time -- they were floating into the room from outside -- yellow forms shaped like humans. It was amazing. I also saw Chunyi Lin create "yin spirits" out of the top of his head while he was in full lotus -- they would form shape like humans, yellow light, and then break off and drift off to go out to heal people. Both of these things were explained by Chunyi Lin but already after I had seen them and I didn't say anything to anybody before he explained them. He only said that someone had seen them so he was going to explain them.

Now Acharn Mun of Thailand describes all these things - having telepathy about his students while he is teaching them so he can be aware of who is paying attention, etc. - and also having dead spirits come to him for healing. So I had read the biography of him through University interlibrary loan -- I did that before attending the Level 3 retreat for the where I saw the dead spirits getting healed by Chunyi Lin. So when Chunyi Lin explained I had already heard of this same thing from the very rare book I had read -- but I have not seen this info since then.

So when we die we find all this out but the real meditation goes beyond death.

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Gabriel Cousens doesn't seem aware of the Bushmen healing culture -- as he thinks the original humans were vegan but the Bushmen training to be shamans don't eat meat and then fast for their intensive training.

Early in my spiritual path and within months of my first HUGE awakenings, I just felt that it was necessary to be a vegetarian. I still eat some fish and seafood here and there for protein purposes, and saw that Christ ate fish. However, I would be down to just get by off various roots, berries, and foliage. I really want to get into the whole Bigu/Pugu fasting thing, just living of Qi and oxygen would be Awesome. Im actually looking into acquiring some land and having some like minded folks come and live on 20-40 acres and practicing Spirituality all hard core about it. I really dig your style and what your into. Feels like your a long lost brother or something.

ALl the Qi Gong Tai Chi practices have really helped me with life long health issues. I feel like a million bucks just so full of energy randomly running 4-6 miles here and there. But regardless the goal is full enlightenment and merging with the source so to speak.

I posted vids within the last 3-4 pages of this thread of the meditation that the OP used to open his third eye. I wonder if it can be used to open all the chakras the same way. I know for myself that when investigating and having opened and close the third eye, I found various eyes within the brain. One seems to be the center of awareness or subjectivity, the other see's the astral/spiritual realms, and then sometimes I end up at the top of the spine where the spine meets the skull. So I'm still myself on some inner introspection investigation type stuff.

Also I saw that the mind is located in the heart. Scientists recently in the last few years acknowledged that there are Brain neurons located in the heart and when the fetus is forming, the heart is the first to form and the rest of the body forms around the heart to envelope and protect it. A few times in meditations or after waking up after naps, I was in this unknowingness and saw the mind, like a swarm of bee's, slowly come from somewhere deep within the chest and take its place in the head where "knowing" can take place. By prior to that I was aware, but without knowing. I didnt even know who I was, where I was, what I was..... but was aware. So this immediately proved to me that Ramana was right about holding on to the 'I' Thought because in doing so, you will follow it into the source of thought, or "thought's home". Its basically in the heart and in the source of thought is the Unborn Oneness, which I glimpse here and there for seconds at a time. But meditationexpert basically says thats like a Blind cat bumping into a dead rat.

I've posted about the source of thought and Oneness here several times on ATS, and some people associate that with fear or dread because there is no more you there. But to me its true nature

So for example as described for levitation - if a person's ego is aware they are levitating then their body promptly stops levitating. But if the person can continue in the right brain dominant visionary state and observe their levitation then they can maintain the samadhi state so as not to lose the levitation.

I have a smadhi book that breaks down Patanjali's sutras and says that to levitate and walk across the sky, you just have to contemplate being softer and weighing less than cotton and feathers. Eventually the body takes on this light nature and is able to walk the clouds. WHen I got the holy Spirit experience, it was like I was a feather, each step was sooo light and I understood how Christ was able to walk on water. When I drove in a car and help my arm outside the driver's side window, it was like the air was going through my hand and the inside of it was soaking up the moisture.

Ignorance based folks would think we were crazy all the things we discuss. But I know 100% its real. where I saw the dead spirits getting healed by Chunyi Lin. So when Chunyi Lin explained I had already heard of this same thing from the very rare book I had read -- but I have not seen this info since then.

I just ordered Sifu Jenny Lamb's spontaneous stillness Qi Gong dvd so Im gonna give that a go and see how deep it goes. I know in the taobums site they talk about max Christiansens Red Phoenix Qi Gung and all the various levels, but to learn it you have to go on retreat with him as he does not have any dvd;s.

I even read about a guy (can't find the link right now) but he learned some advanced Qi Gong techniques and was practicing in the woods in a cabin, and the Wood started cracking and splintering from all the energy and he posted some pics of it and said the owner of the cabin saw it and was asking whats up

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by dominicus

I too lost the desire to eat meat when I had my "awakening". Within weeks my body felt more alive and healthy then it has ever been in my life. I just recently gave up smoking cigarettes and I'm kicking myself in the ass for not doing it sooner because I realize how much it affected my energy level. 1 week after I quit smoking I became aware of my third eye and it has completely changed my life. I have been reading about world religions, spirituality, and the esoteric/occult for years, but up until now I have never really made a true effort to walk the path. It's amazing how much you can transform just by getting the bad stuff out of your life.

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by Brujobrett13

congratulations -- yes if we focus on the good stuff then our body learns to heal itself -- as David Wolfe says just keep adding more and more little good stuff and then the bad stuff falls away on its own.

Thetaobums site is limited by the moderators and the Western male mindset -- so like I mentioned here about my "etheric" travel healing experiences -- feeling the sadness of someone who smoked and then feeling my liver burning hot from someone who is super angry from their clogged liver. On thetaobums I also shared the "O at a D" experiences I had but since this was too much of an affront to the modern male mindset then the moderators and "dominant" males thought I was self-delusional. haha.

So no -- as Chunyi Lin told me it's great that I can give females bliss - or even males - but the energy will be weak until I can store it up in the lower tan tien again. So I asked him if I can eat meat since he said I have weak jing energy. When I got the phone healing I had fasted for three days to clean out my channels but I accidentally took the wrong form of charcoal so then I was in severe pain as it was stuck in my colon. haha.

So anyway I can take in jing energy while I fast but I am not storing it up as I also transmit the chi energy to appease people -- as Chunyi Lin says in SFQ healing you always transmit healing chi energy first before clearing out other people's blockages which are "extra energy" to be transformed back into the Emptiness.

As Chunyi Lin says the more we heal others the more we heal ourselves - so this was my mentality for five years -- I flexed my pineal gland and I transmitted energy all day long while I took in jing energy from others -- and transformed it into chi energy. So once I fasted for three days and I was never hungry but it required a constant source of young female jing energy -- and of course I was then transmitting that back as chi energy. Another time I did this for ten days -- last summer -- and I was never hungry and I had enough energy on the tenth day for a long hike and long talk and then climbing up a ladder to the roof, etc.

O.K. so this is just from "weak" chi energy of opening the third eye -- and the healing I can do of others is of low level blockages like viruses and bacteria, etc. and this is also the secret to real love. But and this is a big but -- at the same time my brain and body is leaching and expelling all the lower body toxins -- the free radicals that i experience as internal tingling from the electrons of the chi neutralizing the free radicals.

So eating food for me is a big pain but since I am now doing a lot of physical labor and not sitting in full lotus that much then I have to eat a lot of food to keep my jing energy up. This is what I asked Chunyi Lin about and I said -- yeah but it makes me smell bad when I get internal tingling -- it off gasses bad smell from my head - he said to not worry about it. haha.

So this is what to regret about opening the third eye -- for me not to smell I have to meditate in full lotus all the time but this is not possible as it's considered being lazy. haha. I mean if I transmit energy then I can appease people but then I am also not storing up energy -- so the transmission will be weak albeit still effective for many things.

So to get to an advanced level is tricky -- Master Nan, Huai-chin said it requires "merit."

Even still the level I am at -- the permanent magnetic brain bliss -- I can read if people have their electromagnetic spirit stuck in their lower chakra. But I am still a "barrel full of tar" as the mediation masters would joke about people without their third eye fully open -- the person should be able to see inside their body and to see inside the body of others, as Chunyi Lin can do.

So these abilities are very very rare -- people on thetaobums think I'm obsessed with Chunyi Lin -- but just consider the testimonials of the people he has healed. I mean these are not "his" own words as others rely on -- the healer submitting his own report about healing others? No thanks. haha. These healing testimonials are by people giving very detailed accounts that were corroborated by their doctor and the local media covered it as well, etc.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Hi fulllotus,how open is your third eye,mine seems like its closing up again,I can't see the energy rings that much anymore,told the wife not to put tap water in the kettle for my tea ,she's secretly poisoning me because she thinks I'm talking # lol,anytime I make it myself I'll pour the tap water out and fill it up with bottled water,omg I just kinda gathered there that my knees are over rotating as my hips are super tight ,I'm not going to try pushing the knees down anymore in preparation for full lotus,I'm just going to do hip stretches from now on untill hips are fully open,hope I didn't do permanent damage to my knees,yup I'm adding some healthy things to my diet and decreasing unhealthy habits,I feel my eye closing up,could be a mixture of some unhealthy food and fluoridated water hmmmm

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by lucid365

Yeah you don't want to force the full lotus. Half lotus first and then slowly work into full lotus -- it depends on what position the feet are on the thighs, etc. I mean ideally the ankles are on the thighs but the position can be "less steep" and you can readjust, etc. But at first some people just sit in it for less than a minute and then slowly stretch the back of the -- the "small" of the back.

I mean it feels great to stretch the "small" of the back and that is the real purpose of the full lotus along with sublimation of the life force energy. So tantra wise full lotus is the best. haha. Still it takes time for others to adjust to these things -- and so secrecy is tantamount as people are getting exorcised of their lower emotional blockages from your meditation. So words are often -- well it's tricky to redirect negative emotions.

Still negative emotions are "exta energy" that are as Freud said just repressed life force energy that he called libido -- I mean he suffered from his own diseases -- he had the symptoms -- so again the yoga practice is really the key as words just are left brain dominant so they reinforce the problem.

For me the third eye -- I wanted to ask Chunyi Lin what percentage mine was open -- but it's probably less than half. Still whatever it is the third eye is permanently open -- he said I had an "enlightenment experience." But the energy was so strong that I stopped practicing because I had the spacetime vortex for real astral travel -- and then I had an experience in meditation - when I was done I had this very strong sensation that who I was is not the same as my mind or body. So I felt so strongly about this that I got rid of one of my qigong meditation tapes - the Yan Xin tape -- because it didn't seem necessary anymore as I knew physical reality was not the foundation of reality. Also I recycled my old journal of 500 plus pages as the past is "dead" so to speak. After I asked, Chunyi Lin said I was confused by doing this -- and then I later realized that the issue is that the Emptiness as formless awareness aka nirvikalpa samadhi -- it is not a static realm but an eternal process of spacetime transformation.

O.K. that realization took me several years to figure out because in the Level 3 retreat Chunyi Lin teaches just use your consciousness to go into the Emptiness but in nondual philosophy the formless awareness is the Emptiness as consciousness -- so why should there be a need to do anything as the two are the same? But really they are not the same because of the Tai-Chi symbol as complementary opposites and this is the secret also of the Pythagorean Tetrad as non-commutative music intervals - the Tai Chi is the perfect 5th and perfect 4th music intervals. So it's an eternal process that we already exist in.

So we all are already liberated -- the truth of reality is that we already are formless awareness but it is impersonal while our personal consciousness is the spirit light energy. So the light energy goes into the spacetime vortex or vice versa the spacetime vortex as Emptiness creates the light energy as consciousness.

Anyway I had stopped practicing for a number of reasons -- because the electromagnetic energy was so strong that I freaked people out -- I accidentally pulled this old lady's spirit out of the top of her head and she immediately was bawling non-stop for at least 15 minutes. Also I healed my mom of a severe case of "smoker's legs" so she no longer needed surgical stocking but I also did an exorcism of her clogged liver energy and so she was screaming bloody murder at me -- at the time I did the healing I had been fasting and only had a half glass of water over 8 days. So I ate a bunch of food to appease her but I was still shocked from all her anger since I didn't understand that I had actually exorcised her clogged liver energy -- I remember now clearing out her liver as the strong electromagnetic energy poured out of my hands into her and as I used the sword fingers to break up her blockage and pull out the bad liver energy.

O.K. so when the spacetime vortex hit I was really freaked out but then years later I discovered in the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality book that the spinning sensation with the room spinning around you is from your spirit leaving your body too early before enough spirit energy is built up from the chi energy -- in the lower tan tien.

Also philosophically when I was starting to leave my body my question was -- o.k. so I just travel around the universe now? I mean sure that's cool but is it all just a game? What for -- what if I don't really want to do so? I mean -- so then when I read Master Nan, Huai-chin he says at this level of the meditation it's best to focus on the source of the I-thought with the Zen question -- who am I? as the practice and goal of the meditation.

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

I just booked a phone healing with chunyi lin for the 16th of July I'm excited,I'm wondering how different it will be from the time i got a hands on healing from a clairvyant doing Reiki on me,the moment he started to put his hands close to my body my third eye came to life and I could see his energy in my third eye

posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Anyway I had stopped practicing for a number of reasons -- because the electromagnetic energy was so strong that I freaked people out -- I accidentally pulled this old lady's spirit out of the top of her head and she immediately was bawling non-stop for at least 15 minutes.

So there is an inherent block at the top of the head which prevents the spirit from projecting out of the body right? Is there a technique to remove this block from yourself, or is it required somebody well versed in energy that needs to do it?

Also philosophically when I was starting to leave my body my question was -- o.k. so I just travel around the universe now? I mean sure that's cool but is it all just a game? What for -- what if I don't really want to do so? I mean -- so then when I read Master Nan, Huai-chin he says at this level of the meditation it's best to focus on the source of the I-thought with the Zen question -- who am I? as the practice and goal of the meditation.

I had located the source of the I-Thought a few times, very loosely and not really under my own control. Just through emptiness and letting go/surrender meditation. Actaully I read a Koan, and shifted into the Observer state. Then a few weeks later, I woke up from a deep nap and there was Unknowingness, yet I was aware, but did not know who I was, where I was, what I was, just absolute pure unknowingness. And then my Awareness watched as the ego/Mind/I Thought function started moving up from somewhere deep vertically within sort of moved up to take its place in the head so knowing/discernment/distinguishing can take place. Then I remember how Ramana had to be spoon fed cause he sat in that unknowingness for years (couldnt wash himself, feed himself) his family had to help him.

So Another time I was intensely holding on to the I thought, and any other thought I would smash away with a thought based baseball bat, and kept doing neti neti ......until all thoughts stopped and it was like I entered into some channel that went deep down vertically into myself and into the Source of thought, where there was no Longer any me there. Everything was One. There wasn't even my individual Awareness there at all. So I found that Awareness is prior to thought, and Oneness is prior to Awareness and has some sort of vertical drop.

As far as the source of thought being in the heart or in the lower dan tian, I still have yet to figure it out, but almost all the traditions say its the heart and science even says that the heart has brain neurons in it and is the first organ to form when the fetus develops so it would make sense that the source of thought is in the heart.

As far as the lower Dan Tian. Right now I'm on a 100 day Gong Golden flower meditation, with lots of fasting and all sexual energy and release witheld. Well a few days ago I hit day 19 and there was like a switch that flipped on in the lower dan tian and it was very hot and stilled the mind. SO since then when I sit with this daily, I kind of switch the lower dan tian off/on and feel all this heat and electricity that envelops my body and it all starts from that location.

That Anadi teacher basically says that you wake up your Subjective center of awareness (third eye) which is prior to thought, and then that is basically like a lantern that allows you to drop vertically and awaken the Lower Dan Tian which corresponds to the Absolute Beingness, and then after that the Heart Dan Tian which corresponds to the Diamond faceted Soul. Of course this is all paraphrased, but in my 7 years hard core meditations, I was discovering and seeing these things for myself, so I know he's legit.

By the way Awesome Posts guys. We should start a whole new thread with all this stuff in it. Were gettin very deep here about alot of this stuff. Im sure Noreaster would eventually chime in and say that this is all woo woo and according to his book and this and that ....little do folks know.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by lucid365

That's awesome! "tingles" -- I am very excited for the love energy you get to experience.

I remember one class I was in with Chunyi Lin teaching long distance healing and the previous week he had practiced it for the class -- so a women in the class said her friend was in the hospital at the time and could Chunyi Lin heal her. So Chunyi Lin got her first name, age, location and then he "went into the Emptiness" in front of the class. He gets a kind of empty look in his eyes as he goes silent and focuses his mind -- just for a couple minutes -- to send the energy.

The next week I was sitting next to the same women and she raised her hand and she began to describe how her friend was healed in the hospital exactly at the same time Chunyi Lin had sent the energy the previous week -- how her friend had made this dramatic recovery. The woman was so amazed because her mind could not accept this reality yet she knew in her heart it was true and she was getting really over-worked.

Chunyi Lin is listening to her and ostensibly raises his hands above his head to stretch his arms very nonchalantly. As he lowers his hands his palm suddenly faces the woman and I see this energy ball shoot out of his palm because I then felt is explode on the woman as I was sitting right behind her. I thought it was next to her -- but no one else was near us and I remember some of the energy hit me as well like residual from the ball exploding. So the woman immediately calmed down after she got the energy transmission.

What amazed me is no one else in the class seemed to notice what had just happened! haha. I'm sitting there going -- wow -- didn't anyone else notice? haha. I'm sure somebody did but this sort of thing was fairly normal. Like sometimes when the class started and Chunyi Lin walked it - the whole room filled with this amazing electromagnetic love energy and it was very transformative. But he can control his energy so that sometimes you don't feel a thing -- I would look into his eyes to see if I felt anything. Like one of his teachers -- Yan Xin -- has to wear glasses even though he doesn't need them -- because his eyes are so intense from the laser energy that the glasses help diffuse the energy.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by dominicus

Yeah that's great that you activated the tummo heat or jing energy of the lower tan tien. So when I did my intensive training gong -- that's when I then went on the bigu fast and I meditated at least 6 hours a day. Chunyi Lin teaches the standing active exercises like simple tai chi -- you can find some on youtube -- and then the foundation is the "small universe" aka microcosmic orbit practice and the C.D. from SFQ is amazing for practice -- Chunyi Lin guides you through the 12 nodes along the outer body and this really is the foundation practice. Then the Emptiness or Self Concentration meditation -- I moved from half to full lotus so then I was sitting in full lotus for 2 hours non stop with no pain with strong electromagnetic fields filling the body.

So at first the kidneys get real hot - and you feel the individual kidneys and then the thymus gets real hot and then the electromagnetic energy increases and then the middle of the brain gets real hot and then the electromagnetic energy increases more - then you have a "full body" orgasm which is the electrochemical energy raining down from the top of the center of the head. When this happened to me -- I had not heard of it before but then on thetaobums others described it and I think Bodri describes it also.

O.K. so then as the electromagnetic fields increase then the centers of the hands, feet and top of the head pulsate with electromagnetic fields. This is where "immortal breathing" starts for nirvikalpa samadhi -- technically this is only now the beginning of real third eye meditation! When I got to this level I had not studied the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" well enough. there's a lot of technical information but you first have to cross correlate all the esoteric terms, etc.

So "immortal breathing" is when the chi energy then pushes the spirit shen energy - so that as the chi energy circulates up then the shen energy goes down -- and this process is then building up the spirit body for astral travel.

So I didn't even understand this process when I was doing my intensive training. I didn't understand that when I had the spacetime vortex happen with the room spinning round me when I sat in full lotus that this meant my spirit was leaving my body but my spirit wasn't strong enough yet.

The answer was in the very book I was reading but I had not been able to truly study it deep enough so I didn't think it was in there. So that's when I discovered Master Nan, Huai-chin's books. So Bodri and Nan state that the tantric visualization practice of the book Taoist Yoga is the fastest means of increasing the energy but it's also the most dangerous -- and unstable -- requiring the personal supervision of an energy master.

On the other hand the practice of focusing on the source of the I-thought and listening to the source of the right side of the heart as the source of the I-thought -- this means that the Self is not really located in the body nor anyway else since the Self is formless. The right side of the heart is a secret gateway or black hole into the white hole of the Self -- and so this is the holographic samadhi state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Ramana Maharshi states that what happens is energy masters get attached to the astral realms which is basically eternal energy transformation while Ramana Maharshi stayed in Nirvikalpa Samadhi until his mind was finally emptied out -- so that his spirit would stop reincarnating. But Buddhism is based on the "neti, neti" philosophy that states this static state of Self is still not the complete goal since the body also has to be emptied out and the Universe is actually one of eternal transformation and it's precisely this eternal process of transformation as interdependence that is the Self.

So I think this is the big point that Bodri and Nan are making because Ramana Maharshi and Poonjaji could make other "yang spirits" or bilocation of other physical bodies -- but Bodri and Nan state that Ramana Maharshi and Poonjaji had not made it all the way. then Bodri and Nan state that even if a person can make multiple other physical bodies there can still be the mind attached or the ego attached to those other physical bodies. So also the point of Buddhism is that the "concept" of the Self is a false concept of the static soul as eternal liberation -- and so this would indicate also that there is still an ego attachment to these other physical bodies. Finally Bodri and Nan state that if only the mind is emptied out then when the body gets sick right before death the mind is no longer able to empty itself out and the mind still goes into ignorance at death and so the training is false.

The big secret of the book "Taoist Yoga" is that it is the chi electromagnetic energy stored in the lower tan tien that then powers or enables astral travel as immortality.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 02:37 AM
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The secret of the third eye of Chinese ancient meditation is not quite their meditation but the burnt incense. Got some in the oriental store, burn and breath it, you will very satisfy. Maybe you see some old ladies or ugly girls look like miss USA or vice versa depending on their prayings or their wills.

Same as incenses of American indians and many tribes around the world. You can enjoy many weird stuffs, astral travel, out of body experience, prerecognition, gods, evils, spirits, angels and alike. It doesnt matter you do Yoga, quiet sitting, lotus sitting, chi Gong, martial arts or marathon running.

Same affect of many drugs like weeds, hash, opium; etc.

After a while, you can manage third eye without need of their stimulation. There is no such thing like imortality, but if you see many miss Universe around then it's very pleasant.

Enjoy mystic incense.

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posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 03:01 AM
I think it's fascinating that some people claim to have the ability to see aura's or something else that everyday humans cannot. I don't think I was ever able to open said "third eye" but I can sense in place of it. For example being able to sense people all around me or what someone is doing in the other room etc... How does the "third eye" change your perception, rather how is it even possible? (I seem to ask that question for everything that is possible in the field of psionics) As an Engineer, I'm intrigued and want to learn more because science have yet to discover special energies that radiate outside the human body. Perhaps this is all quantum mechanics and something we haven't gotten to yet?

Sorry for all of these questions, curious minds wants to know

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 04:16 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Interesting healing story,I mentioned to the secretary about my third eye not being as active as before,I wonder if the energy will unclog or purify my third eye or even open it up a little,I'm 6 hours ahead so the appointment is at 1550 so I'll ring them up at 2150 ,so after it I'll meditate 30 minutes then go to sleep

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 01:27 PM
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Yeah in the Level 3 class Chunyi Lin puts his finger to the center of your forehead to open the third eye and so the last time he did that I had just finished the bigu training but I had stopped meditating. My qi channels had closed up but not all the way so then he took advantage of that intensive training I did and so there was this strong laser energy to the center of my brain. After that I had permanent magnetic bliss and so I even completely stopped practicing for a couple months just to see if the magnetic bliss in the brain would go away -- nope. That was 10 years ago. haha.

So when Chunyi Lin or Jim Nance do the long distance healing to open up the third eye it feels like the middle of the brain is on fire - the energy is so intense that at first I wondered what was going on. Then as the fire heat got so strong I just couldn't handle it. haha. Chunyi Lin said my mind was not quite ready yet so then he worked on further opening up my heart.

So in the biography of Poonjaji -- H.W.L. Poonja -- the book is called "Nothing Ever Happens" -- amazing biography -- and one time Poonjaji did the laser transmission into a student but Poonjaji accidentally used too much power of the shakti energy and so the student was literally running around for a free days claiming to be Jesus and completely out of touch with reality from all the energy.

So it's kind of like building up the wiring so it can handle the energy without too much resistance -- so if you purify the channels then you switch the body over to an electromagnetic free energy system so that the perceptions are extremely powerful.

So like I said this person was at the Level 3 class -- he was way in the front in a room of over 100 people -- a big conference room -- and I was way in the back and I could barely stay in the same room with him because he smelled like death. No one else seemed to notice. He said he had come for special healing and Chunyi Lin said qigong masters can smell cancer like rotting flesh and then Chunyi Lin sent energy to him and the smell went away but then the guy had sex in his room -- it was next to mine -- and I couldn't believe his girlfriend could be in the same room with him as the smell of death came back while they were having sex. The guy had used the energy Chunyi Lin had transmitted for healing instead for sex on his girlfriend. haha.

posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 06:03 AM
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are you telling me I should refrain from sex for a period of time after the transmission? I don't want to waste it on my wife lol

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