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New Video up (+Scott Pilgrim fans - look) Links Work Now

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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 08:29 PM
Hey guys!

Since I got such a positive response to my intro thread where I made a skit based on a thread I read here, I thought you guys would enjoy my next video, although it's not really ATS related this time. Hope I don't get in trouble for posting them here!

Hope you guys enjoy 'em, I'm here to make you laugh

New One:

Scott Pilgrim Vid:

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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 09:02 PM
Youve done the links wrong, in the first video the link is:

When you put in the video number in the ATS pop up just put the full code after the v= which for the first video is:


posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 09:15 PM
Ah, thanks for explaining that to me.

Links are fixed

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