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Broken Pipe stopped BOP from operating according to a report

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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 08:28 PM
Federal and industry investigators have long theorized that the force of the blowout deep in BP’s Macondo well mangled a piece of pipe within the blowout preventer, stopping its rams and blades from cutting the pipe and shutting off the flow of oil. But the failure of the blowout preventer was only one in what investigators have said was a series of causes of the disaster, including shortcomings in the well design, a faulty cement job and errors of judgment by drilling managers and crew members.
Transocean said the findings confirmed that the blowout preventer “was in proper operating condition” and were consistent with tests conducted on the equipment in the days before the blowout. The company said that “high-pressure flow from the well created conditions that exceeded the scope” of the blowout preventer’s design parameters.

Is it possible that the blowout damaged the well casing as well?


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