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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 04:51 PM
heres another one for you,very lustfull indeed!

Ive had the taste of every shire
of ulysses unto Uriah
held the nirvana of Moriah
and the dryads of Kyntire

Girls of prudence and of hire
Of the palace, slum and mire
the mutes,the bevels and towncrier
treasures of the old empire

And of all bliss afore or prior
do I most crave desire
for the servant,for his sire
the bride before the chapel spire

Too the bestman and the friar
the spanish maid astrum her lyre
upon an evetine of feria
till the chorus of the morning choir

Find me please about the briar
with the paupers and pariah
the bedlams bout the balefire
as the evening doth retire

Beneath the starfolks worlds entire
before the privet and papaya
where young lovers do conspire
ile take my love ile take you higher

Beyond the skies of molt sapphire
with the orbs and planes in gyre
to grant you all one could require
its made for you my one my squire

And there my bliss it shall inspire
every breath you could respire
all your notions can enquire
and your wisdom would admire

Oh taste maleficium and grace afire
the conjury of Mahamaya
my chronomancy and my Maya
the mesmery of my ilia

ile take you neath the loins of maia
as the succubi and vampyre
beneath the palms,pyrus of tyre
your world is mine to enspire

How I hold you last child of Gaia
born of scarlet and of fire
sibling which the dawn did sire
I yearn you as the wild satyr

Of all kindred in myth or quire
Its of one touch I can not tire
one mortal tether I do aspire
To you’re flanks,your flame your chire

And whatever should or shalt transpire
Glory greatness ,love or ire
are you as a crowned messiah
of scarlet blush,as your attire

Oh how the augrim of i the scryer
divine the depths of my esquire
your vim and vastness its spryer
lest my soul does play the lier

ive brought you all of an empire
Rhodes unto the walls of tyre
the danube to the eaves of styr
thats why do i crave desire


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