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FEMA, DMA2K, Okanogan county & election day

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 11:40 AM

"FEMA Approves Enhanced Plan for Washington State
Wednesday, July 7, 2004, FEMA Regional Director John Pennington joined Washington Governor Gary Locke to announce the approval of Washington State's enhanced hazard mitigation plan in front of the Capitol steps in Olympia, WA. "The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA2K) requires state and tribal governments to plan for potential hazards, with the specific intent of defining actions that will save lives and protect property," said Pennington. "Washington State was not only able to complete this task before the November 1, 2004 deadline, but completed it at an enhanced level, four months early."

Why require this to be in place November 1st, the day before the elections?

I stumbled on this article about a "dish farm" I've driven by for years. A remote mission control center for rocket launches with "more connectivity in the Okanogan Valley than in the major cities."

"All communications during a launch run through a control-room at USEI. The room resembles a miniature Houston control center with computer consoles, large display screens and banks of equipment. Many VIPs were on site for the test launch. Through the communication system run voice, FAX, telemetry, network data, video and Internet connections. Information is relayed to Boeing in Tukwila, the home port in Long Beach, the Goddard Space-Flight Center in Houston, the North American Air Defense Command and via satellite to Norway and on to Russia and the Ukraine. Altogether the project is spread over 13 time zones."

And then there's the bit about Okanogan being one of the locations for civilian internment.

"Okanogan County - Borders Canada and is a site for a massive concentration camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people for slave labor."

The Okanogan county commissioner is asking about it, to no avail - "Okanogan County Commissioner Dave Schulz says he's convinced his county is a designated home for a "concentration camp'' in case of civil unrest."

Anyone have any ideas about the Nov. 1st FEMA deadline for hazard mitigation plans? Any thoughts on what that US Electrodynamics Inc. facilility near Okanogan is all about?

I googled FEMA & Okanogan after reading the article on the camps , since that area is close to me. The info I found above, popped up on the first page. Coincidence?


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