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Italy to Purchase 5 Predators

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 11:09 AM
Italy will buy 5 Predator drones for its Air Force this report says.
The unmanned surveillance drone is capable of near real time
imagery night and day without placing pilots in harm's way.
ROME, July 22 (Reuters) - Italy will add five state-of-the-art, pilotless Predator aircraft to its arsenal to support expanded military activities, the Air Force said on Thursday.

The U.S.-made drone planes, which can be used for surveillance or armed for strike capability, will be form part of its 32nd squadron at Amendola Air Force Base in southeasterly Foggia province, looking out over the Adriatic sea.

An Air Force spokesman said it was not certain whether the planes would be used at home or overseas, but added that both options were possible.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 01:48 PM
Well so long as there not shot down fives all that Italy really needs. They'll be useful if Italy gets into any conflicts.

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