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Help reading Mayan dates.

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 03:26 PM
Hey all,

I'm doing a school project, and the assignment is to figure out the mayan dating system using our date of birth. I understand the long count system, and have successfully got the long count date of my birthday. However, when I double checked it against a couple "Gregorian-Mayan calculators" the long count was correct, but They also show the Haab and Tzolkin dates. Mine are:

Haab: 12 Chen

Tzolkin: 7 Ix

I understand that Chen is a month from 10 September to 29 September. But what does the 12 mean? My birthday is on September 27th, 1989. Also, I don't understand the Tzolkin at all.

Finally, when I calculated my birthdate in long count, I finally ended with a date of 1989.516. What does the decimal represent? I did some head math and realized it isn't halfway through 1989, as September is towards the end of the year. Is it something to do with the August 11th (13th?) creation date of the Maya?

If you're able to answer even just one of these many questions it would be a huge help. Thanks for the help!


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