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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:36 AM
We all know the media (especially CNN) isn't telling 99% of the real story, only what the government wants them to tell. We all know they spend 99% of their air time discussing whats going on everywhere else in the world, so we are (supposedly) ignorant of what is actually going on in America; But Jesus, are they really saying that we so STUPID that we and the rest of the world can't figure out that the real target is Ghadaffi.

At least 2 dozen times, their news anchors have ask the so called experts, the same question. " Is Ghadaffi the target of this UN Resolution"? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Over and over and over? WTF?

They know the answer. Why keep asking the question? There's not one expert or government official who is going to say it straight out. So CNN, " I'll answer that question for you", " YES CNN " GHADAFFI IS THE TARGET!

What kills me is for every Tomahawk Missile fired it's $500,000. 120 were fired the first day. That's $60,000,000. One F-15 cost $10,000 an hour. Now we can all get a pretty good guess on what the rest of the crap their doing is costing. So I have one question.

With all the expertise of our government, the blackwater experts: so called the secret military force, and probably some other expert with a gun, " Why didn't they just pay a couple million to some expert to go take the bastard out?

Everyday we are faced with the NATIONAL DEBT, everyday in America families face homelessness. Everyday were told, we all have to be financially responsible. So the government spends another Billion dollars on WAR.

How many trillion of NATIONAL DEBT has come from "WAR FOR PEACE".

CNN news flash, " American's have already figured out PEACE has nothing do to with our Governments world wide WAR (HUMANITARIAN EFFORT) and everything to do with NWO, you should raise your level of intell and start reporting that the World is going to H*ll and were all invited to join.

In the mean time why don't you start telling American's, How unsafe our Nuclear Plants are (most built the same time Japan's were and in the same manner), about the Government's request for millions of dehydrated food packs, hydration supplies and underwater body bags, plastic coffin's for whatever disaster they apparently feel is coming along the NEW MADRID FAULT ZONE, Who really own's our NATIONAL RESERVE, and what they really have in mind for America's ECONOMY?

I emailed the link for this post to CNN reporters, anybody care to join?
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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:55 AM
Nice to see a logical and reasonable thinker in our ranks.

I will need to go back a couple of weeks but I believe I remember a very short sentance saying Gadaffi was a target. I will not say for sure until I can document that.

Why do I keep hearing over the years that America needs another war to boost our economy?

We have been spending much on military action since Iraq and still are nose diving in our country and profit margins.

To get back to Gadaffi yes I do agree with you that he was and still is a target.

I can not imagine hearing the truth from our government....ever.

Star and Flag for you.
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