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"Blob" of grey shadow hanging in the air, what could it be?

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:19 AM
Well... mostly asking on behalf of my girlfriend, since I haven't seen it myself.
First of all I have to say that I have tried to explain it away with her just having given birth and therefore could be tired or exhausted. I've tried to pass it off as a trick of the mind or a visual hallucination of some sort. Generally, I'm a skeptic but believe that some metaphysical things exists and therefore can account for a lot of what is being seen around the world. I have never myself seen anything, except the eerie feeling, where it feels like your being watched or something is in the room with you.

Here we go:

My girlfriend told me recently that she has seen some things in our apartment. I happend on 3 seperate occasions and the experience was brief.
She describes it as sort of a greyish fog hanging in the air. No specific shape but approaching the shape of a diamond (suit of cards). It is see-through and disappears a second or so after she is aware of its being there.
The funny thing is... the thing is confined to two spots. The one spot is over the center of our living room couch, the other spot is in our entrance hallway, where two walkways meet up. Both places she says it seems to hover over the ground approximately the height of a mans torso although not the same size.

Her telling me, freaked me out a bit, since we've had a few other things like cupboards being open the next day and none of us having been in them during the night or evening.
She says however that what she have seen doesn't alarm her. She doesn't feel like it's a bad presence.

What could this be? Do you think she's worn down by late nights with the baby? Or is there something that we should be aware of? Would it be possible to "flush" this thing out so I myself could see it?
Would it be worth the trouble of trying to film the two spots for a duration? I have a canon 5d, but can only record 12 min at a time

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:23 AM
Does this "thing" show up at certain times? If so, you might give recording it a shot. Sounds interesting.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:33 AM

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:36 AM
I think it might be best to try and get some video evidence, or possibly a photo.. Then present your thread..

A lot of members.. (me included) are going to want proof that this exists before posting.. It is not necessary but it would be appreciated..

Then we can come to a conclusion as to what it may, or may not be..

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:42 AM
Your girlfriend may have given birth to the Anti-Christ!


If you can, it would be most helpful if you could set up a camerecorder to record while you guys are away. I've never heard of a diamond shaped gray fog. That would most interesting if you could catch that phenomenon on camera and bring it here!

Not trying to be nosy, but what religious denomination are you guys? Don't answer if you don't want to. It MIGHT help us better understand what is going on.

Does she feel that it is evil or good?

What times did she them?

Sorry, I have lots of questions!

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 11:38 AM
Religious questions are fine, we are both atheists.The closest we come Is buddhism, which I consider a philosophy rather than a religion.

Like mentioned she atleast doesn't feel like it's a bad thing.

Hm I'll try to see what is possible with the canon being tethered. I also have a dictaphone, but I guess that would be considered inconclusive.

About the time where it appeared, I'll ask her tonight. Sry for not providing solids... I know exactly what you mean cause I'd be asking the same. Will be back with something or nothing.

Additional info. The building we live in is not old (70s) or as far as we know a place where something bad happend. It's in lack of a better word just a normal housing.
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posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 03:56 PM
Hey back again...
First of all, i had a hassle persuading my girlfriend to even let me do any sort of recording :S She was all "don't play with this sort of thing" and so on. Anyways, I tried two nights to see if anything could be caught.

I set my canon on the tripod in the living room filming out in wide angle.The as I woke during the nigth I went into the living room and turned it on. All I got was 12 min of... well, room
(the 5d can't record continiously for more than 12 min....)
I also set my dictaphone to record from the time I went to sleep till I woke up. I listened roughly through a couple of hours, but I couldn't detect anything that would justify calling it speech or something similar.

But... here's where the "fun" begins again.

Two nights ago, our daughter had am experience. Now we've been careful not to talk about my girlfriends "sightings" around her as to not scare her etc.
The other morning she comes in (5 years old by the way) my room and says good morning. After a few brief sentences between us she just started... (recreated from memory... not accurate)

"I thought I heard you and mom last night, but it wasn't you at all. I heard someone saying uuuhuh. So I went to the window and looked out behind the curtain and outside there was something white ( she actually called it that.. something white... not a ghost, not a blob or a vampire or anything like that... "somthing white"). The white thing came towards the window and then through it and as I walked back to my bed it pulled me on the shoulder and I grabbed a teddy bear and started swinging it around till the white thing went away. It said it wanted me to go home with it..."

I guess I dont have to tell you how I looked in the face while she was telling me this.
The first thing that popped into my mind was to ask her if it wasnt just a bad dream she had had, that sometimes dreams can feel very real. She said that she was sure it wasnt... that she had been up and out.
Another way we can usually catch her in a lie, is asking her to show us what she had been explaining. During a lie, she would spend a lot of time creating as she goes along, but this time, she acknowledged straight away, headed for her room, and showed me exactly would she had just told me with words. I didnt ask into it a single time.
Now, I know our kid well enough to judge when she's recalling something rather than creating something. She's a cute kid, not the brightest star in the sky and this was clearly not made up in her mind. So either she had an extremely vivid dream, which is possible since I have some occasionally myself, or she actually had an experience.

I'd like to clearly state that we dont allow her to watch scary movies or "grown-up" tv in general for that matter. She does watch a lot of cartoons, but the way she described this certainly doesn't remind me of any cartoon I ever saw hehe.

If this was a true experience it would give merit to another experience she had a year ago, but that's besides the point at the moment.
Just thought it was interesting to note.

Im contemplating putting the dictaphone in her room for a night just for the fun of it. But then again, it doesnt seem like what ever that could be here is connected to any specific room.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by flice

Additional info. The building we live in is not old (70s) or as far as we know a place where something bad happend. It's in lack of a better word just a normal housing.
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You may already know this, but an old building doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't anything there before it. Same thing with any "bad events" happening. The spirit of a person who resided on or near that ground could simply have an attachment to it.

From what you described the fog, I would classify it as a residual entity, but now that it's actually made an attempt to contact someone, and that you pointed out it open cupboards (which could be wind, angles, etc.), I would start leaning towards the possibility of an intelligent being.

The fact that you accredit two people to seeing paranormal activity gives it a bit more credibility too. Children are also a bit more perceptive to the paranormal than adults, as well.

If you're extremely curious, have you considered looking for a local paranormal investigation crew? Most would probably be willing to help you for no cost.

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