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Lucid-dream about YinYang and My Ghost

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:52 AM
extremely long thread warning!! I know it its gonna be long because so many supernatural things have been happening to me, and they have been scaring me, and not making sense to me; this last Lucid dream i had was kinda like the final piece to the puzzle making everything just make sense finally.

YinYang is not a new concept to any of us, we all know it because thanks to Buddha who had a lucid dream, This concept was brought to us; so it would only make sense any new information given about YinYang would of-course come to us in a Form of a lucid dream. My original belief about yinyang was that one (not sure which) is good, with a little evil and the other is evil with a little good. because i think of good and evil is as simple as black and white. My Thread is about 2 separate lucid dreams and situations, when put together, finally bring peace and understanding to me, about how my old concepts are completely wrong. YAY!!! So i have to share it with whoever is interested in reading about them.

Lucid Dream Part 1 "my Ghost"

First off, since i have lived here in my new house for the last 5 years, i have believed I have a ghost. Only I believe it, as i hardly have talk to my husband about it, because i think im crazy enough for him, im not gonna try and convince him of what i believe as being real or not. lets say its not a REAL ghost, I only see a flash of a dark shadows zipping past me from the corner of my eyes. So I tell myself like any rational sane adult "My eyes are just playing tricks on me!" but sometimes the Dark flash is so BIG, I have a hard time convincing myself its just an optical illusion. so i think the only other possible answer is "there is my Ghost again!" some have told me, "maybe is a fairy"

Now does it scare me? Yes and no. Most of the times, during the day, NO, because it doesn't stick around to give me a chance to be afraid. There isn't anything i can do about it. because trust me, i have tried. Im usually feeling very very tired these days. But it dosn't actually hurt me, so i feel ok with it most of the times. but i often wonder if it is making me tired at times. At night its another story! When Im in the dark and my eyes play real tricks on me, and this black energy doesnt just flash by me sometimes it lingers and that scares me; but like any rational adult i say to myself what my mother taught me as a scared child "its ok, your eyes are just playing tricks on you." and that will mostly give me a sense of peace and i go back to sleep. If it doenst work or give me peace because I cant convince myself Its just my eyes playing tricks on me, I will do the NEXT thing any sane christian would do. I pray to God and ask for the light and love of God to fill my home, and that any dark energies that are not from God are not welcome in my home. That is a form of exorcism, and i have also even used sage and cleansed my home of these dark energies as the natives have done when they feel this stuff for probably thousands of years.

But it doesn't go away!! its only been getting stronger. One day i was taking a nap as i was just SO drained (probably from my damn Ghost) It was about 3 PM, and i woke up from my nap and felt something on my bed, when i looked at the bottom of the bed I saw this black star shinning in-front of me. it was so weird i didn't take my eyes off of it. It scared me stiff, not because it was doing anything, or making me feel badly, but because like most Christians, anything I dont understand about the world scares me, and must be evil. So being scared stiff, and unable to move i just said "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! LEAVE MY HOME" and it slowly faded on me. and when i couldn't see it, i felt calmer. not because its energy being gone made me feel better, but just because i dont like my rational world being disrupted but supernatural things I cant understand.

Was it someone's soul? Did i just banish it? how does blackness sparkle? If i can see Black energy why cant i see white? maybe it was a miny black hole forming at the bottom of my bed. LOL anyways... i still today have no idea exactly what...but it doesn't matter... things only get weirder.

another time I had a lucid dream.. I was awake but i wasn't.. it could be just a dream sometimes they are not 100% clear if im lucid or not.. but in my dream, i was taking a shower, and suddenly my ghost wrote the world OME on my Mirror. and i woke up thinking "ok my ghost is now called OME." now im SURE its evil playing tricks on me. >.> Last month i was shopping with my sister, and we went to a hippy store to buy some fair trade clothes for her. and I saw this symbol So i asked the girl what it means and she said "oh that means Om" and my mouth dropped open, (OMG) because i dont care how you spell it in English, that symbol is the same sound as "ome.." my ghost. and its the sound not the spelling that is what my ghost was telling me. so she gave me a piece of paper with the meaning written on it "Om/Aum is Dravidian in origin, having the meaning of "Yes." It has the literal meaning of "It is" or "Will be". It is the aorist future form of Agu "to become" The mantra "AUM" is the name of God."
then there was a bunch of other stuff about peace.
and at the time.. i wasn't sure if i should believe that or not.. but things are only getting more interesting.

so that would explain why this dark energy wont go away on me. It reminds me of an OBE i had experienced when i was 18 years old. a very scary OBE. I was a ball of energy, in space... in darkness... i think it was my soul in space, it was a mixture of grey and black in colour and i could hear a voice calling me, so i asked into the darkness "who is that?" and the voice said it was God and wanted me to come to it. and i knew if i went to it, that would be the end of my life here and i said "you are not God! you are Satan lying to me." and I RAN FROM IT. Well there is no where to go in space... so i was lost.. and I felt like I was in Hell... nothing.. to be one with God is Heaven.. to be separated was hell. but because i did not recognize that voice as God, because i knew nothing about God even when i thought i had all the answers. i ran, and suddenly I was back in my body, but i dont know how i got back, it just kinda SNAPED back as all OBE do. When i was a teen, i was a Total know it all christian that would argue with people about stupid things. i don't remember what exactly, i just remember always thinking i was right! now i look back thinking.. wow.. God had to rip me out of my body and give me a good shake.. not even the best of us here really KNOW God... but i do know that Satan is with us in the physical realm not the spiritual, its being attached to this life, and this body. so.. today i do think that was god calling me, showing me how little i really knew. but why did it feel like so scary to me like blackness? I think im just so used to not facing that which i dont know and fearing that which i dont understand.

so that was my lucid dream about "Ome," and an Old OBE i experienced. i want to write about the Yin-Yang lucid dream I just had today.. but im super tired from writing so much.. and i think that is alot to read anyways.. i dont even know if anyone is gonna read this and not lose interest
so.. yuh... let me know.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by Vlena

I believe you are right, things are not what we have been told they are.
The black "ghost" light, my first thought was that it is your other half so to speak. Not that the black light is bad, but it is proven that our eyes can only see the colors of the rainbow.
The things I have looked into tell me there is more to this place than meets the eye, and that we are not who they would have us believe.
My life changed drastically last week, everywhere I look I see signs, and they all point to the same thing.
I would post it here, but most people probably wouldn't want to hear it. Plus, I don't have 20 posts yet.

I hope that this helps you.

Peace & Love to you!

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 12:39 PM
thats what i was thinking too.. not my other half.. but like a part of me. OMG it could be Anything O.o but then why do I feel scared of it? It just seems silly to be afraid when you logically think about it right? this sucks if i am rejecting myself here. But then rejecting God would suck too eh?

I guess that is what makes everything sooooo messed up! our irrational fears that seem to be streaming threw us, a part of us.. >.>

as for the signs, i would love for you to tell me about this because this thread is mostly for me so dont worry too much about what other people think and please share with me!!
and if others wanna read it also they will!
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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:52 PM
It was recently discovered that there is more going on in the back of the eye than rods and cones.

However, recent work suggests that ipRGCs have been underestimated. They may also have a role in vision — distinguishing patterns or tracking overall brightness levels — and they seem to enable ambient light to influence cognitive processes such as learning and memory.

Vision Science: Seeing without seeing

Russel Foster claims to have discovered a third type of photoreceptor.

I offer the link above as an extra tool to assist in determining what is going on. Never underestimate your own conclusions. But additional science doesn't hurt. Besides the scientific community hasn't accepted his findings yet. He said people walked out at one talk he gave, citing skepticism.

David Grouchy
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