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Hello! :)

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 03:48 AM
I have lurked these message boards for freaking forever and sometimes feel like contributing to discussions but was too lazy to register. Now I had something I really wanted to share so I made an account. I read alot more than write tho so don't expect too much

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by CkGordon

keeping are heads down are we?
but we need more ducks in the free lunch line...
the counter is just past the window...

We have ways of making you write

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 04:10 AM
Just like me then, i just registered today well like 30 mins ago, i've been flicking through this site for the past week or two, i find this very interesting im so much more open minded now.

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 06:13 AM
Welcome to the mad house

I lurke't for years before I posted.
it is great to read most of it.
you can learn a lot about every thing.
I can not wait to read what you are going to share with us.
have fun. and Dont take the post and life seriously.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 06:14 AM

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 06:20 AM
Hello and welcome.


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