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TA-THREATS: Philly Media Ricin Scare

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 03:56 AM
Two Philadelphia TV stations, CBS 3 and WB17, received letters stating they were laced with Ricin. Philadelphia police have issued warnings to major media outlets in the area after the event. I work at the desk where this occurred.

"Just afternoon Wednesday, CBS 3 managers alerted the authorities to the discovery of a letter. The typed letter reportedly contained indications that it may have been contaminated with the biological agent Ricin.

The six employees who came in contact with the letter were isolated and the second floor of the 5th and Market Street Streets studios where the letter was opened was restricted.

Police responded along with firefighters, hazardous material workers, health officials, emergency management workers, and the FBI. A series of three tests were conducted and all proved negative for the poison."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

As I work in this place, about 5 feet from where this envelope was opened, I have had my concerns about terrorism confirmed.

My co-workers only paid a passing acceptance that we in the media, working across the street from the Liberty Bell, had a target on us. The mood is a little less cavalier now after most of them (on this floor) were stuck for about 2 hrs in quarantine in the building.

Philly also has subways evacuated early in the am for a called in threat.

Could these be "probing" incidents to test reaction/response?

hmm, perhaps more citizens should spend 2 hrs sitting in the middle of the terror bullseye, it can be quite informative.

Just a month or so prior, the station issued a casual memo about heightened awareness and put up more surveillance.
looks like there was at least some reason to need this eh?

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