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Meaningless Lives Led By The 7 Sins

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posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 01:15 PM
Have you ever noticed how painfully routine our everday lives are? You work hard all day for a corperation in hopes to progress to success. The truth is there really isn't much at the end of the rainbow. Maybe a Bentley, Rolex, and Versace suite. All high priced mass produced low quality goods endorsed by your favorite entertainer. At the end of it all you're still the same person you were before. That's it? That's all our lives consist of? Mindles consuming? You work endless hours under microscope in exchange for currancy, in turn you give it back for things you need. In a lot of cases you don't need.

"He who has the gold makes the rules." The rich, and powerful designate money as a form of control for the powerless work a day consumers. Why would the power class need money when they get comped every where? They own astronomical shares in everything. So how do they convince us to frenzy, and extract an absolute value for these hyped up materials? It's through fast paced, often catchy, and corny advertisement; Instigating gluttony, and envy as a patriotic sense of perspective. In these syurpy grandiose gas guzzling machines they transport enormous amounts of needless commoditites from large cororate store fronts to oversized over priced homes, fitting all this "stuff" into your over mechanized lives. This gives you a false sense of security, preparedness, and an overall measure of success. The truth is you're left with more attachement which is the prime reason for suffering. You might ask how all these wounderful gifts could cause suffering when you derive such satisfaction from obtaining these things. Such pride that you haved earned the privilege.

Let's say your home containing all your materialistic possessions goes up in flames, BOOM! KAPOW! Holy Buckets Batman, you're back to square one. All those years of labor instantly turns into a complete and total loss of time, and energy. Then what? You contact your insurance agency who only covers the estimated loss excluding your non-replaceables,amoung other possessions. Somehow you still feel you're at square one.

Have you ever noticed how many sexually chared images there are at every turn? Those psychology majors really built a career for themselves in advertising and terntainment. They know the things that arouse the senses to gain your full undivided attention. They even set the expectations and moral standards for you. Their message is simple; Obtain this vehicle, commodities, and you too can have a beautiful woman just like this one here! The sad part is that a lot of women adopt these standards from years of economic influence, this atrociousty waters down the the perspective of real relationships and mutual respect. Overall changing the national perspective to lust and greed instead of natural love. This creates a frenzy enforcing hardships on outsiders who are held back from potential opportunity in the name of the great pecing order of competition. This kind of envy results into wrath,outsiders building up years of resentment from non-equality, as well as the lack of capital, targeting the insiders to obtain their fare share of the so called American Dream. In result, society chastises them even more, all the while giving them colorful pet names such as undesirables, or unsavory people. Where is the truth and justice in all the deceptive lies about vast amounts of opportunity along with prosperity we have been told since the day we borke skin in the unreasonably high priced hospital? How did basic human rights turn into privileges?

In the richest most powerful nation you would expect no homelessness with jobs that pay the substantial salaries to meet the demands of ever escalating cost of living. Cost of living means that we as a people are also expendable commoditites with a money face value. The reason we have an abundance of poverty in America, and the whole world for that matter, is so the big wigs can maintain absolute power; the right to call themsleves wealthy. After all, you can't have without day. This creates the doctrine of social class. The many innovations that are introduced to accommodate convenience has a crippling byproduct contributing to the vast epidemic of sloth. This creats a gross candy coated dependance on non necessitites vastly awarded through popular culture. The more you depend on such products the more you worry, the more that can go wrong, the more powerlessness, and the more non self reliance. It seems as if we live in an unimaginably lare shopping mall. A constant bombardment by distractions which in tale are actually diversions. Sidetracking you from a genuine life experience grounded towards enlightmenment. Their trick is to keep you dependant, and in fear so that you don't feel confident to commit to anything else and venture outside the box. Most people wear a a predisposed prepackaged mask to make themselves feel acceptable in society without getting to know who, or what they really are. They firest discovered the full extent of human gullibilty and easy influence when Orson Wells broadcasted a staged epdemic that enthralled listeners into believing that we were under attack by aliens from outter space. From then on they proceeded to stunt our mental development as if a mind was a bonsai tree. Keeping us greedafter alternative..y, sluttonous, lustful, prideful, lazy, vain, and ever increasingly violent. Trapped inside a tiny mental container slowing growth. Then they industtialize to capitalize on our disposition. The end result is gerations of meaningless lives led only to generate the power of the great machine that's destroying our planet.

Many many civilians are becoming wise to this fact and are shouting reform. The government devised a plan and instilled a exaggerated sense of competition through the media in hopes of getting the people to turn on one another pointing fingers every which way but the obvious. The same way they did to the panthers, bloods, and crips. Now families are falling a part and friendships are a dying concept due to the poisoning affect of the media. If money is to be made here, why do they limit your options? Why is it illegal for a drug dealer to peddle their product independently such as cannabis, yet it's ok to sell and consume as much alcohol as the body can handle resulting into auto accidents, murder, and mayhem. Doctors also prescibe methamphetamine to children and opium in pill form. The reason is that it would conflict wit the their profits so they locked the competition. Cannabis a lone would replace a multitude of pharmaceuticals as a cheaper saver alternative. Why is it illeagal for a person to sell their body's for sexual favors, it's their body. They are the one's carring heir own personal burdens from birth to death. Why? they don't want people becoming independntly rich. Again, maintaining the difference between the haves and the have nots. What differs from them as humans to become higher beings who minimize and regulate our livelihoods. Privacy is embarked on and pursuit of hapiness is liminted only for their agendas

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 02:25 PM
"Cause a fool and his dough soon split.
So when you come across a fool get all that you can get"
- Dr. Dre

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