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My Internet shut down twice in 1 hr

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posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by NWOnoworldorder

On ADSL by any chance? If so, it is notoriously crap. Weather, poor line quality, failure to synch with the network amongst other things are common. I switched from ADSl to cable years ago. Not only is it faster, but is much more stable.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 10:19 PM

Originally posted by boondock-saint
well I had another 5 min blackout
on internet service from 7:10 pm to
7:15 pm. Just an update.

This is beginning to remind me of that lady's lost bracelet thread.

Any remote viewers in the house?

Related (Mature language/content warning) but hilarious:

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 10:56 PM
my internet has been completely shoddy all day.
This is the first time ive been able to connect on my own ethernet.

This happened about a month (or less) ago also.

Ive never had internet troubles..
and I usually know how to remedy whatever problems arise..
But nothing I do has worked.

Cant believe im actually connected right now and typing a post.

This is ridiculous.

upstate ny here.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 11:13 PM

Originally posted by boondock-saint

Originally posted by loves a conspiricy
whos you ISP??? Have you checked their site?? Is it cable broadband...dial up...fibre optic or through a telephone line??
Lots of reasons for internet to drop out, i have worked for 2 ISP providers and have dealt with many issues involving drop outs. More details please

ISP is Century Link with cable modem.

There's your problem. CenturyLink sucks horribly. I had them for a long time and it was ALWAYS going out randomly.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 11:24 PM
I'm sorry it was me trying to send sugar cookies to you through the wires
I'm wondering Ive had some problems also but never called about it plus my Internet has been running like a snail for the last 3 days ..

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 11:25 PM
11:56 was my last post..
and as soon as it posted, and I tried to navigate away...
Nothing! lol line dead again..

Havent been able to reconnect until right now at 12:23.

I did reset my DSL connection, my ISP connection, my broadband link, and also my local network.,

I appear to be reconnected again at proper speed.

we'll see how long it lasts. lol

Im not on the same ISP btw.
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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 05:09 AM
well...internet goes down sometimes...dont be so touchy


posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 08:28 AM

Originally posted by boondock-saint

Originally posted by S3ns1bl3
Ok so you get 2 drop outs and its a conspiracy?

can u tell me where u think a thread like this belongs ??

Erm PC issues forum perhaps?

Your ISP wont give you any info because why should they? You internet dropped out 2 times, WHO CARES. Software fails, technology is not infallible.

There is a process you follow, if said process is followed and you are still having issues THEN you can start looking at conspiracies (I suppose?) , from what I can see your net dropped and that was it, CONSPIRACY. (I showed this thread to some guys in work, Think its going to be going around for a while!)

Lets apply some common sense. Why would anyone running surveillance on your computer want to cause your net to drop? Or any issues for that matter? This is the exact opposite of what a hacker would want to do. Why? Simple, if you start having problems, you start trying to fix problems and it could cause the hacker to get noticed or disconnected.

Also what did we learn from the HGbarry faisco? What we learned is that there is already completely, undetectable trojans out there, One is called 12 Monkeys apparently, It has virtually no memory footprint and has no static install locations, and it masks its outgoing feed within the users, Its is, as of just now IMPOSSIBLE to detect. (and if one exists, theres will definitely be more!) If it was there, you would NEVER know.

So basically no hackers involved, just a couple of random drop outs, probably caused by a crashing drivers or other peice of software. (no technical info I can see, so it could be anything) There's plenty of conspiracys out there, probably best to not waste you time on imaginary ones.



posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 05:08 PM
I live in an area where I get internet problems at least once a day. My phone has severe interference and so does my digital TV. On my phone I dial one number to get another one. It makes me wonder if this has anything to do with all the earthquakes,tsumanis,animal die offs etc.
I have called my ISP to check for problems on my phone and internet there is no problem. Maybe we are dealing with phenoma we have not dealt with before. All of these things have only happened in the past 2-3 weeks.

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:59 PM
You get my vote!!!

Best reply to a thread in a forum...EVER!!!

I seriously think I just wet myself laughing so hard at this!!!


Originally posted by kinda kurious

Originally posted by boondock-saint
I also had a signal and a light on the modem
just no service, all web pages came up
could not be found.

and 20 times is rather many.

SERIOUS REPLY: The problems you describe could be related to your computer, not your ISP. TCP/IP protocol, Browser etc. can get buggy. Unless you have two computers connected via same router/modem set up experiencing same non connectivity, it is difficult to differentiate.


Admittedly I'm no computer expert but here is an option worth a try. On a windows machine:

Go to RUN and type CMD, hit Enter.

You should be presented with a prompt of: C:Windows>

At the prompt, type CD. If that doesn’t work, type CD.

You will now see a C:>.

Type format c: /s and then hit Enter.

Ignore any warning prompts and reply YES to all.

That should do it, be sure to report back when done.

ETA: The above was satire. Driver on a closed course. Do not attempt at home.
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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 08:16 PM
My internet goes out all the time, but it's only because my ISP provided me with such a crappy DSL modem/router that shuts itself down if you disconnect something that is connected via wireless. i.e closing a laptop

Goddamn TPTB want me to rage while I'm playing something online and someone in my house makes the router go out.

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posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 09:28 PM
big times probs today.
i can't stay online tonight

been down 7 times today

sometimes over an hr

somethings up

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 11:01 PM
When my internet goes flaky, I go into cmd and run a tracert on websites that usually have a good response time. Sometimes it'll be a few levels past the local office before it starts timing out. If it drops at the first hop, then you go to your cable-modem's diagnostic page. (You should be able to find the info by searching.) If the signal strength on there isn't any good, then its a local problem.

If the problem is anywhere on the local provider level network you should still give them a call, and give them a heads up on what you found. Sometimes they know, and other times they don't. I usually find that once somebody in an office gets a clue, the connection comes back fairly quick.

If everything else looks good, but it still seems problematic, then I'd look into issues with your router. I know on my wifi, once my router gets too warm my connectivity likes to drop out. The wireless phones in the house also seem to affect it, depending on where they're at. (One of the more stupid and mundane problems, bit it's one of the things I've found from experience.)

Also you're not doing anything like P2P or leaving wifi open where somebody else can do it? I've found my ISP will throttle the heck out of a connection running any of those kind of apps. They may not claim it officially, but testing it says otherwise. Occasionally heavy use of other upload bandwidth triggers this too, sometimes my internet is balky after sending large vids to sites like YouTube.

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