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Cloud shine.. Cloud shine?

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posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 10:37 AM
Late night yesterday night looks at the sky
Catches a breeze why watching the clouds fly

Breeze thru window good energy felt better
Oh what can it be to bring forth this weather

Clouds over head rain drizzles here and there
Stares at the clouds sitting in the air

Grey clouds white clouds oh that's fine
With blue clouds white clouds that even shine!!!

Shine cobalt blue behind the clouds
Clouds move past, lol nothing there now

Clouds cover again & sees a lil peep
Smiles once again before I go to sleep

White cloud oh white clouds enjoyed the LIGHT
Hidden beside neighbor cloud of blue last night...

Stared and watched as clouds moved by
Once no cloud cover white cloud shine hide

Cloud cover back again white shine seen
Watches it closely cut off like a BEAM!!!!

Gone gone white cloud shiny and fun
But there remained the blue cloud that cobalt one

Rain drizzle drizzle Blue "STILL"cloud there
Hidden behind clouds now deep in stare

Sky lights up of left of blue*
Even if you don't believe this true

Cobalt sitting cloud sits all night
time seems endless knew I was right

FEAR no FEAR NOT cool is what I felt
Not something that seems to want to harm thy health

Poem a poem for the conspirators mind
Seems yes oh yes they been here all the time.

Experienced last night. 3-21-11 around 1am or so

Mods feel free to place it where it fits.....
be well

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posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 10:43 AM
I place this in here because I feel some is related to internet activities
Also before 12am the lady and I were discussing the Greys and how they may be trying to understand emotion better to communicate.

Good day and you dont have to post enjoy my experience if you may. I felt happy
Not scared-- DONT KNOW WHY?

Also sorry know pics I dont have recorder devices and also pick upi that they dont like being exploited. Um Just Sayen

For onits. only should 1 try more to communicate?
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