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Rumbling noise being heard around the here...

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posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 03:15 AM
My husband and I heard the same sound captured in the Florida video. We heard the noise in the sky on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 around 2:00 a.m. in Mesquite, Nevada. It was such an odd "rumbling." Normally my husband doesn't get out of bed during the night but he did on this one to see what was going on. It lasted about 20 minutes or more, with heavy wind gusts (news reported up to 67 mph in the area the following day). The rumbling stopped and the wind subsided then it rained lightly for about 5 minutes. It was quiet. It was really wierd. We joked it was a passing asteroid or something "universal" "galactic" near the earth. Maybe a tornado, although we're not in a tornadoe prone area nor have we experienced one. It was pure coincidence I saw the websites headline of strange vibe noises heard across the sky. This is really bizarre what I'm reading on posts since what we heard is identical to the Florida recording. Spooky???

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 04:22 AM
reply to post by noface

I've heard from a family member that there was a similar noise in between the Liverpool/ Preston regions last night at around 4am, though as Iive in Manchester I can't verify it. The person described it as 'loud thunder' which woke them from sleep, but as far as I am aware there were no bands of low pressure, no thunderstorms or lightning etc in the region - the skies were just as clear there as they were here...

We had a great view of the stars last night - I'm sensitive to pressure changes preceding thunderstorms etc and it was definitely a night of moderately high pressure... We aren't that far from these people, so I can't account for the 'apparent weather differences'.

This rumble is turning into the conspiracy of the decade already!

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posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 09:22 AM
I live in Canada very close to Detroit Mi USA. The rumblings I have been hearing are quiet now. Some nights I can't sleep for the rumbling. Not everyone can hear it though. If I hear it and bring my companions attention to it they can hear it. But mostly I think the majority of people place it at background noise. Some more attention getting than others. I live in a very quiet rural setting so I hear everything. I do not know if they are contected but here in Windsor Ont a week ago the rumbling was almost constant then a house blew up on Esdras street killing the owner,sadly. At this time a week later there is no cause they can find. The natural gas people are all over it. 2 days ago another house blew up on Pillette St in Windsor. The same thing and as of now they can not find a cause. No one was injured in this blast but allot of damage to adjacent houses. The rumbling has stopped and I have not heard it since. Maybe I am sure a coincedence. But I am glad not to hear it for a while.
To support this you can google the WINDSOR Star in Windsor ont Canada That is our newspaper.

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by terricoutts

I went to the Windsor newspaper website but I couldn't find anything about houses blowing up. Please help. Thank you.

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 02:11 PM

Originally posted by Grimalkin
reply to post by terricoutts

I went to the Windsor newspaper website but I couldn't find anything about houses blowing up. Please help. Thank you.

I'm not that poster, but here you go.

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by sepermeru

my mother called me this morning. She lives in Mineral Bluff Ga. she does not come to this website and for the most part is a very out of the news person. She doesn't really pay attention to whats going on around her, as far as in the world and news stories. She pretty much goes to work, works on her house, shops for her grandkids, and lives an everyday life..but when it comes to things outside of her little bubble, she's clueless I'm afraid. The reason that is important is because I have no proof, no video, picture, or sound audio..she lives in Mineral Bluff and I live an hour and a half south of her. So..she calls me this morning and we're talking as we always do and she proceeds to tell me that her and my dad were awoken constantly last night by what sounded like cars going by the house and car doors closing. Here is why this would be weird...if you look up Mineral Bluff, you will find its an extremely small town. In fact, the whole area from Ellijay, to Cherry Log, to Blue Ridge, to Mineral Bluff on up to Helen Ga, is made up of fairly small towns, Cherry Log and Mineral Bluff being the smallest. If you blink as you go through the've passed Mineral Bluff. LOL. They live on a dirt road, her and my father being the youngest couple on that their 50s and 60s. The rest are made up of grandparents and aunts and uncles. 4 houses in total. So, My mother tells me this exactly:

Its so weird, your dad and I kept hearing cars driving up and down the road last night..but each time we went out there we didn't see anything. Then we heard car doors closing, and I got really nervous because we hadn't locked the front door, so your dad went to go check again, but there was still nothing out there.

I asked her what time it was when this began happening and she said it was constant from 11pm till about 3-4 in the morning. they have a dirt road with when you drive on it, or when you are at her house, and a car is coming up the road (normally my dad from work, or my brothers and sisters if they are also coming for a visit) or a truck, which is what most everyone owns up there, its this loud rumbling thunder.

She said it kept happening and at one point my dad even went outside with his gun and flashlight..but there was nothing and when they did in fact hear the rumbling again, he went outside during the time it was happening, he never ever saw a car go by. But thats what they kept thinking it, trucks and then it would sound like car doors opening and closing.

Is this like what anyone is experiencing? at all, when she began mentioning I immediately thought of this thread. I personally have experienced any sounds or rumblings or noises where I am. But just wondering about her descriptions.

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 04:44 PM
I got a new book today; Planet X and the Kolbrin bible Connection. Very interesting reading.
I also bought the Kolbrin Bible and on page 22 Manuscript 3:6 of the Kolbrin Bible;
"They will hear the trumpet and battlecry of the DESTROYER and seek refuge within dens of the Earth."

In the chapter Origins 3:15 "It concerns the DOOMDRAGON which has come more than once and will come again, and the music mankind will hear is the shrill throbbing notes of the Doomsong."

Apparently the Kolbrin Bible has been kept under lock and key in masonic (Craft & Free) lodges till 1992 and they have known of the coming Destroyer since the Exodus.
This rumbling noise is a sign it is near at hand. It also mentions it has a 52 yr and a 104 yr cycle.
There is another thread I am watching; 'No joke. This could be another tunguska Event...'
THEDUDE86 noted a 104 yr cycle too, ending in 2012. Did this man know about this cycle???

This is a warning.....Get the Kolbrin Bible before it becomes impossible to get. There are a lot of answers in there, in relation to the anomalies we are experiencing.

By the way theory about a black hole/Planet X conjunction being the Destroyer-Not a theory now I've read this book.
What I don't understand is why the TPTB are being so ruthless, we could have all worked together and secured a place for everyone who thought this was a problem years/decades ago. But now they are going to go into their DUMBs and then what>>>>>
I don't care what is said on this thread in terms of what is causing it, I know what it is now and I feel sorry for the Earth and mankind.
Peace to all and have fun this year. I will be.

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by JohnySeagull
Posted this earlier in the Florida thread, hadn't seen this one. Just copied post below.

"OK, I am kinda freaked out now.

I'm living in IRELAND and just expierenced a very similar event last night(20th March).

I was in bedroom last night and thought I heard a plane. Nothing new in that. The only thing is five minutes later I could still hear it. Got out of bed and stuck my head out the window. First off there was a pretty weird sky. Pretty cloudy but the moon was bright enough that it was shining through it. There was some orange light in parts of the sky too. Now I would usually put a lot of this down to light pollution but there was some straight ahead of me that there would be no light pollution possible which was really annoying trying to figure out what was causing it.

The sound was much louder when I stuck my head out the window. Couldn't see anything in the sky which is where the sound was coming from but it was very hard to pinpoint. Usually you would dismiss it as plane but it just kept going. The whole thing lasted approx. 20mins maybe 30. I wasn't sure how long I was listening to it before getting outta bed. I know it finished at 11.55pm.

There is only two explnations I have for this and thats why I am kinda fraked out.

1. This was some huge craft passing overhead.

2. It was so wierd it was like sound was broke, or not working right. ( I know that don't make much sense but thats what it was like)

I didn't record this simply because I knew if I went to get something to tape it , it would have stopped when I came back and I didn't wanna take my eyes off the sky. "

Same experience near Badalona, Spain on the same day, but around 5:00 pm.

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 05:30 PM
Hey guys,

Just thought you should know Kennedy Airport is taking on 200 new "commercial” flights. Particularly United and AA, I know when my ex was in Alaska and they were in Bangkok in 92 and the civil war there broke out, the military there that had to get out had a hop on AA, so I am not sure who the “commercial” flights are contracted by now with the military. I just report on the Government now, I am not really considered to be a “friendly advocate” for them. It is not just the flights but now they are also changing their flight patterns. I don’t have a link but do know it was on the channel 7 news last night, ABC here. Instead of headed out over the ocean they are headed inland over the states then out. Many in Long Island are very upset about the change in plans. So that is one heads up.
Now for the reports on the “invisible” jets that are leaving their lovely noise behind. It was quiet yesterday till about 7 am this morning, 4/2/11. Very unusual as of late here, usually you hear them daily.
Till later.


posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by Ainge

The one thing I can tell you with this scenario of planes over the states is that, we are not stranger to planes, or even jets.....Being in Woodstock, a military air base about 10 minutes from in Kennesaw makes the sound of planes, jets, military craft and helicopters a common occurance...not sure where there is an air base up my mother's way I just know that since we've moved here 15 years ago....low fly bys are a habit...without fail they happen every night, always military low in fact you can see the details of the plane and know if its Navy or Air Force
My parents are no stranger to any number of Air Craft sounds on a routine basis....nor are they stranger to Dirt Bikes, 4 wheelers, tractors, construction machinery...etc etc etc. My mother as I said, is not really into computers, nor conspiracies or news in when she tells me something, and I wanted to be clear..when she told me? she was really confused by it..she never thought of it being anything out of the ordinary, she was pretty certain it was cars and they just couldn't see them, LOL. And for all I know, it was nothing, because as I said, I wasn't there, I was an hour and a half away and...this wasn't till the following morning that she was telling me about it. But, she did state that my dad went outside several times with flashlight..and gun..just in case..never know, and found cars, no planes, nothing. But he says, after talking to him tonight, that it was almost like there was a car right there on the dirt road, thats how close and loud the sound was (their house is right on the dirt road, about 3 feet from it, the porch borders it.)

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by Nkinga


Yes you are correct and I know there are bases here in NY as well. I was lucky enough to live in the Springs for a spell in my life, so jets, airplanes, and the like were always running. In Alaska was at Ft. Rich, before Elmendorf (hopefully spelled right, sorry if it is not) Being an Air Force/Army base they were always running. You know since Palin can see her house from Willow Valley. The name Willow Valley says it all...

I am hoping what I am hearing is loud noises and I just wanted all to know that the flight pattern changed. Kennedy I believe, along with JFK normally take off out over the water. So the new flight pattern will go over new states that they may not know why.

So odd what your mom heard, at least I know that if someone else is not seeing the planes I am not alone. Esp someone as your mom who you said if I remember correctly, is not really into the issues of the world (please don't take that wrong.) and is more concerned with her own backyard. Thank goodness there are stilll people out there like that so we can remember we must place the air mask on our face before the child beside us.

I know this site is also big on links so I will see if I can find the report for you online and post the link so you can see the new flight pattern if they put it on the web. You know how MSM is and sometimes you just have to be lucky enough to catch the story. Usually not and when you do, they rarely put it out to be read.

Also, please forgive my words if they sound harsh, it not meant that way. I have social interacteration issues, I say what I mean and it always comes out wrong or is taken wrong. Working on that issue.

Thanks for the response.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by Ainge

LOL..not at all, I am at least once a day shaking my head at my mother's "own backyard" issues!
most of the time I find that to be just fine, growing up in small towns and moving to an even smaller one at 15 its very very easy to do. But when I mention the problems going on in Japan after the earthquake (no food, freezing temps) and not even the scarier thoughts...radiation in milk ( I know I know..they tell us, not to worry, its not a big deal, my thoughts matter how small the amount? it was not there before!) And she looks at me like "what are you talking about?" and then I have to explain Japan just had a really big earthquake and then she looks at me..and I kid you not states "don't they always have big earthquakes?" you have to have to...shake your head and wonder "what is wrong with you woman!" LOL. I love my mother..I really really do, but I have come to admit that at times its simple cluelessness and at other times it pure and simple shallowness..I mean that in the best way possible. She focuses on her world and only her world..which yes..can be a good thing. Actually, I at times envy her for it..I'd rather not know about radiation in milk and weird rumbling noises as I tuck my children into bed at night.

I you do not come across harsh at all, I think I simply misunderstood what you were saying about the flight patterns. Now, my question is this..are saying the rumbling noise is by the new flight patterns, but we just can't see the planes? or are you saying that they made new flight patterns to give an excuse to the noise? but in reality the planes have no new flight patterns? which would be interesting. I waffle...I feel that people are bit a jumpy right now and therefore, anything they see or hear, they are quick to want to jump on the "what was that?" band wagon, especially if they maybe haven't paid attention before. But then I get calls like the one from my mom and I have to wonder? like I said, I personally have not heard anything or felt anything so I can't sympathize with those who have, it makes me curious. I see the videos, but I've also taken videos at the beach before..and any wind sound on a video camera can sound loud and different, or...even the factor of..if I were to go outside right now..I could easily have rumbling noises and only show you my backyard...but about 10 feet pass the trees you'll see they cover up a highway that has construction going on. NOT SAYING THATS THE CASE AT ALL! please do not misunderstand me, I fully agree and believe there are simply things in this world and life we do not always understand, nor ever understand, and I fully agree there are cases where science has its head stuck in the sand
I am curious about these rumbling noises and I am leaning towards the side that my mother heard "something" I just wish I could have actually been there to know for sure.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 09:24 AM
Anybody in the East Bay/SF area hearing anything weird right now? I don't trust my ears. I haven't had enough sleep, and also I'm seriously insane, so for all I know it's the leprechaun gang having a knife fight with the manticore family up the street again. Pretty rumbly though.

I can't tell how loud it is or how far off, but it's definitely from the ground and not the sky. With SFO and Oakland on either side of me, I hear planes all the time, so I do know it's not one of those. Has a modulating element, like: WOOOOSHAAAMwwoooaaahmWOOOOSHAmmmwoooahmmmg

...yeah I did say I hadn't slept.
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by webpirate

Maybe there is an UNDERGROUND RAILROAD..whoa..would be so if people heard it going back and
forth and back and forth from exact locations on the map.
just an idea, maybe be silly but.
will try to look up sound of boring machine.
appreciate yall's input..originally from N.C..tarheelian LOL.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by Visiting ESB
These reports are coming up everywhere: San Diego, LA, West VA, Florida, New York/New Jersey, Canada, UK,,,the latest video with the sound is from the Ohio River:

Debunkers, you've got to really do better on this one if you plan to pull this into the world of the mundane. It is simply not a weather event or anything ordinary. It is causing the ground to shake for as long as the sound is happening.

Anyone's opinion welcome...including debunkers...
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I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was leaving a store yesterday (April 2nd) and I heard s similar undulating sound. I asked my wife if she heard it and she asked "heard what". We got into our car and drove home (about 2 kilometres). By the time I got home I forgot about it until coming back to ATS and seeing the thread..

Has anyone experienced the sound with someone else around who did not heard it? I'm asking because maybe it was just in my head (which I doubt!)....

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by HunterKiller

I'm nearly 60 and back when i was a teen girl i..heard something outside during daylight that
sounded like computer sounds..u know..artificial/tech bloops and blib sounds..well i followed it best i could
and could not find the source..sound is deceiving indeed !!!! it was so low this sound and could have been
water flowing..there was the neighbor's well pump maybe it's water somehow or sound
traveling through water..perhaps weather and haarp do have something to do with this..and climate change
and earthquakes..though I'm looking for a simplier explantion myself. guy down the street had a small
ham set so sound could have been carried on the wind in my direction at the time and just sounded
different to me than it would to someone close to the radio. Also not relative orange light shown in on
me once while i was in the outside john..HAHA..well that was a long time ago..there was a light shining
in on you my daddy said..i know i replied..where did it come from i asked..hoping he had the answer..
up there he said while looking up..okay enough of reminising but really we could weave a fantastic
explantion from pieces of life's puzzles about this but hope we really do find the answer and it's a simple
one relatively speaking. if it's not cloaking black triangles, i will be happy LOL.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by amongus

These sounds are pretty creepy. Not sure what is causing them. It sounds like a jet engine that got the off switch broken off and it can't be shut down. Maybe these sounds are from the earth, because the earth is starting to get angry at the humans.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by AriesJedi

If it is the destoryer then why can't we see it..amateur astronomers?? etc etc etc.
I made a post somewhere saying I'd be happy if it was not a cloaked black maybe I wish
it WAS..egads..that does not seem as bad as gas leaks and nibiru etc..

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 07:13 PM
reply to post by malcr

You cannot expect to live in the present, living in the now trying to find an answer with your "psyhcological time", using your mind to find the most resonable, logic, interpretation will not allow you to look-outside-the-box. To live outside your comfort-zone, to look outside your box, you have to live in the here, in the present, in the now, observe, do not try to anaylse or interpret.

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by AwakeinNM

I hear the tinnitus rings but ever once in a while I hear a those in a hearing test..that does
not last long thankfully.

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