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Rumbling noise being heard around the here...

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posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 06:08 PM
I've heard a similar sound before. But this was June 29th, 2009 and it was somewhere between 1 - 2am. I was sleeping and woken up by this sound. It happened twice. The first time was in February of 2009. Not sure of the exact date but it was also in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping. I got woken up to what I described at that time, sounded like a garbage can the size of a house, getting dragged across the ground. It lasted for a good minute. The next time I heard it, was June 29th, 2009. It was the same sound, only much louder and closer? maybe. It was so loud and scary sounding that I'd woken up out of my sleep, jumped up, ran into the kitchen and ducked down to the ground with my hands on my head/ears, not knowing whether something was about to crash into my house or what. It didn't sound like it was coming from above me however, it sounded like it was on the ground. There are so many things I can describe it as, yet none of them really feel accurate to me. I could say it sounded like another huge garbage can the size of a house getting dragged across the ground, or I could say it sounded like a train running on the street, not tracks, headed right in my direction. Whatever it was, the sound lasted for about 2 minutes (or at least that's how it felt, I could be wrong) and then instantly stopped. I didn't go to the window until after the sound had passed, because of how scared I was, but I didn't see anything. About a minute later, that same sound returned, only it sounded very distant this time and only lasted about a minute. Considering how distant it sounded to me, I went to the window while hearing it this time, but didn't see anything.
I'm 30 years old and have never head a sound like this. I've never heard it again, but I'm wondering now since a lot of other people are starting to hear it, if I will. If I should, as scared as I may be, I will be sure to get this sound recorded and maybe even run outside but I can't guarantee anything.

By the way, I do live 4 or 5 miles from an airport, however it's not a main/big one. And even so, if it were a plane, I've absolutely never heard one fly that low or close. I really don't think what I heard was a plane. The way it sounded to me, was as if it were coming from the ground.

posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 12:30 AM
I heard something similar about a week ago and didn't think much of it until everyone at work started talking about the same thing. When I saw these threads it blew my mind. I can definitely vouch that something is making noise, it's not all just hype. I'm in Illinois and I've also talked to people in Iowa who heard it too.

It's nice to finally have something meaningful to add to one of these discussions.

posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by Visiting ESB

What's funny about the "ducting" theory is. Go look at this website..

"Ducting" is a term for doppler radar. They stole this term because the layman isn't familiar with it and turned it into something else. What I heard didn't exactly sound like a plane, or thunder, or a tornado. It had an air suction through a tube or something sound to it. It's so hard to explain something you've never heard before. The closest I've heard to anything like it kind of sounds like the sounds of Jupiter or Earth that NASA has recorded. Or the sound from that cave in Tibet. There are no underground caves in south Louisiana. We can't even have basements here. The ground is too wet. You dig 5 feet and get water. It's why our graves are above ground. People are just trying to be cynical about this and debunk it. I'm not usually a conspiracy type of person. It is interesting to hear different ones, but I have my own opinions and make my own decisions. This sound I heard had my heart pounding and my whole body shaking in fear. I thought something was on my roof. The first thing I thought when I realized something was wrong was that a power line was down and whipping around. I was scared to walk from under the garage. To be honest, this sound I heard was different from just a rumbling that most everyone else has heard, but this is the closest thing I can find to anything like it and I wanted to tell someone about this. This is the strangest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I hope I can experience it again because I'm going to take a video with my phone and post it for the world to see and hear. This sound I heard sounded like it was on my roof it was so close, but I didn't see anything around me. Then the whooshing sounds from all directions from the sky like rockets. About 4 or 5 of them before everything stopped. I know what thunder sounds like. I know what jet engines sound like. I know what heavy machinery sounds like. This was in the sky! This was unlike anything I've ever heard before!

posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 07:57 PM
have just witnessed this audio phonomeon from about 1.35am (local time) still happening outside, Northern Ireland - have tried recording with a cheap digital camera will upload tomorrow as its a bit late now..
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posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 08:05 PM
Hi there, long time lurker here, but signed up today to respond to the threads that seem to be dominating this topic. Apologies for how long it is, but hopefully people will find it useful. It was curious to me that during the original thread, posted here , that so many people kept saying over and over that they had heard the same thing, from all over the dang planet, that it seemed to be crowding out the sockpuppets and the can't see past their nose folks. After plowing through many many pages, it was obvious this was a powerful meme. I was extremely concerned, based on the intesity of the video, and intrigued. I had a very good guess what it was, but I thought it was worthy of a nights plowing through google searches and youtube searches and profile checks for further videos and recommendation list dead ends, etc etc. So I popped in some Eskmo (serious dubstep cuz the bay area pwns j00) and off I went on my adventure. As the night progressed, I required more and more beer, because I was getting more and more concerned and depressed. It appears this meme is very powerful, but has been percolating under the surface for a few years now (a few=3-5). Not a lot of footage, scattered, crappy audio/location, tons of it not compelling (no offense to camera phone people plz). But some of it scared the holy hell out of me. I was getting tired of reading about people trying to debunk daisyjays78, the brave soul who crystallized this meme so it broke out into the wider consciousness for stragglers like me to pick it up. This meme was percolating for awhile, like I said, but required a spark to ignite discussion and bring it to the forefront. That person/spark is the brave soul Daisyjays78. She has consistently tried to deal with the disinformation brought her way in the orignal thread, and has persevered bravely in the face of some complete assholes/idiots. She has bravely fought back the disinformation and sockpuppets so this meme is now almost global. She has redone her youtube page so it is more concise, makes sense, includes mainstream info to fight off sockpuppets, and refines the meme even further. I think she realizes she is the spark, and god bless her, she is actually up to the challenge. I further bless you personally on this quest, add me as backup. I came across a very interesting response to her video on a website in my drunken nighttime search. Please realize her video has gone viral, people are propogating this meme on many, many blogs because it's true. Here it is :
Re: Florida What is This Loud NOISE IS IT HAARP? March 20, 2011
Works fine here too Jake.
This was a great catch! That was Ducting alright, but it wasn't of any kind of natural phenomenon.
This is what a powerful LF/ELF (Low Frequency/Extremely Low Frequency) rf carrier wave sounds/feels like when it is scanned through the human audio range. The carrier contains most of the power that is being transmitted, so when it passes through the audible range this is what your hearing/senses will focus on.
But wait a minute! Go back and listen to the video again. This time listen closely WITHIN the overwhelmingly loud sound (which is the carrier). You can actually hear sounds within that are changing pitch, going up and down in frequency. This is what is known as modulation. The modulation is the actual work being performed (example: The voices/music you hear on your radio) but it is the base carrier that has to get it where you want it to go.
Modulation is not a natural phenomenon.
For those of you who cannot pick-out the sounds that I'm describing, I understand. I have been working in this stuff for over 40 years so my ears are quite well-attuned and experienced.
In the 70's and 80's Russia and the United States was experimenting with what they called at the time "Over The Horizon Radar". We knew that this was a "cover story" because this was military experimenting with transmissions across the entire radio spectrum, and wherever you were (world-wide) any person would hear this transmission whenever they happened to scan through a range of frequencies that you may be listening to - say shortwave radio or CB radio for example. So they had to have a story to squelch the questions, right?
Whenever this transmission would come across a frequency that you happened to be listening to it would completely wipe it out and make it useless. It was a strong steady carrier which was modulated with a constant "clicking" sound, which itself would vary up and down in frequency within the carrier. People in the Ham Radio community came up with a name for it, and I'll bet some here will have heard of it. We called it "The Woodpecker". Of course no one knew at the time what they were doing, but now we know. This was the birth of HAARP.
I have suspected for years that they've been manipulating the weather in the Mediterranean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, and now this video has spoken volumes to me. Along with the sound, which most definitely is not thunder (or an airplane), see the ionization in the cloud deck? And it makes perfect sense that this would be caught in Florida, especially during this time of year. Hurricane season is right around the corner!
HAARP is real, and what they are doing with it is real. And like any technology, it has been advanced and refined into a fine art. They have come a long way!
Oh, and by the way. HAARP is not only what most know of being located in Alaska. It is a world-wide network of installations which are designed to work together in focusing their energies with maximum power to almost anywhere in the world.
Please don't listen to your local media, unless of course you just want a good laugh!
p.s. Sorry Folks. I didn't mean to write a thesis!
Re: Florida What is This Loud NOISE IS IT HAARP? March 20, 2011

Harley, write away my friend!
Yes, I came across the woodpecker signal many years ago. Then I left the whole ham radio scene and just filed away that experience to yet another unexplained phenomenon. Thank you, thank you for bridging that old experience and bringing knowledge up to speed.
You bring much needed knowledge. Thank you for sharing.
There is a lot of information in regards to HAARP on the internet. So much so that I do not know what is valid information and what is disinfo. Could you recommend certain websites or certain papers or certain individuals that, in your opinion, contain more valid info than not?
Thanks again!

In the fight against disinformation I present the following links. They are my contribution in the fight to backup DaisyJays brave entrance to global meme-dom. Since this sound is occurring all over the world in these vidoes, this discussion can finally graduate past local concerns like rockets that can be heard in a 100 mile raduis magically, or airports creating noise that travels 100 miles magically. It must be absolutely crazy scary, and enthralling and enlightening for Daisy Jay to be the conduit of so much energy at once. Since I won't be posting any responses, I never really wanted to un-lurk in the first place, I will be happy to pre-empt all the idiotic responses to my post. Yes they all sound like Chuck Norris farting. Yes they all sound like Justin Bieber's love aura while touching your private parts. And yes, they are all, every single freaking one of the videos, fake, ghey and stupid, just like your extremely easily deceived little brain. Hats off to ATS for being such a cool huge group of people that this meme survives, and avoids takedown by the sockpuppets. In a way this place reminds me of the original group of people on the web that formed a powerful meme, the BBS The Well.
What do I think? I agree with the person on the blog above, she was in the middle of a torsion field. Since she would have been in the middle of a field of excited plasma/magnetics/electrons/positive ions/orgone energy/leylines/whatever the holy hell you want to call it field, she would have experienced the sound as coming from all directions as she did. And she would have experienced all sounds waves from probably .5 hz on up if she was near the epicenter of the field, as she did, which made her nauseous, and freaked out beyond belief because nothing on earth does that. I read one post saying it felt like they were being scanned. Nice analogy since these sound waves would penetrate you like you were in the middle of a CT scanner, x a billion (watts that is, and that is just the Alaska wattage). All the other posts mention the sound is coming from all directions, and the sound in the Israeli video is the most disturbing since she called it sound warfare, and her husband is clearly unconscious while the tone is going. If some of the tones in some of the videos were to continue on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time, like the one in Israel or British Columbia, and hiding in a cave or underwater didn't solve the problem, clearly I would have issues, or perhaps mass surrender of forces/mass freakout of a large population, if thought about on a larger scale. I'm very happy someone was brave enough to get really good footage with decent sound to percolate this meme high enough for me to notice. Cheers Daisy Jay. I am very concerned.
Who was using it? Far too convoluted for this mere .000000001 rank masonic to decipher, and anyone else would be mere conjecture as well, but just knowing it exists and that you aren't crazy is very powerful. There are two other possible explanations, which are not improbable but statistically small. Explanation 1.) The comet Elenin has a larger gravitational pull than Nasa is letting on and the Earth is actually attempting to expand as a result of a tug of war between the gravitation of the Sun and other plantets and the comet lined up along a sight line. Or Explanation number 2.) Aliens want a ring side seat for our apocalypse, either self induced or otherwise, and are picking up their various hitch hikers as a last taxi to BeetleJuice. (see the 2 'alien' vids I included, only because it fit the criteria of the noise being just as loud inside the house, sure sounds like last call to me

If you'd like this meme to propagate and percolate even further, it's rather simple really. You favorite all the youtube videos. You put the top 12 videos that encapsulate this sound the best, and put them in your top 12 favorites so they show up first. You put Daisy Jays video as your channel video. You link from your blog to these articles/comments/videos. You search like once a week for memes this events occurs under, such as 'strange sounds sky' 'weird sounds sky' strange rumble sky' 'weird rumble sky' and on and on etc. Lots of dead ends, but pay dirt can be rewarding, and frightening as you add another video to the list. Hopefully people will take more footage so we can juice the meme further so it gets even more noticed. In this way you are starting your own mini google bomb, and your meme propagates quickly and hits critical mass. Sadly this is the real deal. The most important message of all is, if you are experiencing this, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. Do not believe the sockpuppets. You should be very worried about the people that can't wrap their minds around this, and will go crazy very quickly and be a huge problem for you personally if it occurred. The tragedy of it all is these installations with all their elf/hf towers could be used to transmit energy, NUKE RADIATION FREE, and practically free of drag/resistance, since this energy encounters practically no interference which is why it is used to talk to submarines at a huge depth, even water barely puts up a fight to a .8 Hz wave. You could set up huge solar installations in all the most brutal deserts, and transmit the energy without wires to another tower installation anywhere on the planet, and distribute it from there. By now this is probably one of many suppressed technologies that could solve more than a few of the worlds energy problems. But instead it is used as a military/financial Oligarchy tool to blackmail entire nations who wish to avoid military/financial hegemony. Perhaps Elenin will crush them all in their underground bunkers with it's tectonic shifts. If haarp proves anything, it is that karma might be a real thing, since intent is very much involved in quantum mechanics (Schroediner equation), and quantum mechanics is the science we now live under, just no one bothered to tell us.



When hypersonic travel was first tried, they couldn't get much past mach 5.3, too much heat from creating a pocket of air that can't move, couldn't disperse the heat well enough, way too much g's for a human to survive. I found a couple video's of what I believe is the Aurora plane using a torsion field to create a pocket of their own gravity field to avoid getting ripped to shreds as they obviously go past mach 7 or even 10. My brain can't compute how fast, probably close to altering time, certainly at least as fast as a rocket launch (it appears to me magnitudes faster). Notice the charged plasma trails they leave behind, glowing at night. These are reported on youtube with meta words like ufo wormhole glowing tail or trail, etc, you can certainly find more if you look. Obviously everyone thinks this is an alien invasion. The concept is hard to wrap your head around of course, an airplane that leaves a plasma trail similar to a comet.

I'm sorry to disappoint all the ufo people on this site, but most of what you are seeing is charged plasma/magnetics/ionosphere, which is interpreted as a UFO by people who can't compute. On the other side, I have no explanation for the video of the ufo with the changing colored lights making freaky deaky whale noises at a bazillion decibels, perhaps stat trek is right (again) and someone wants to come to earth to talk to the whales since they are the smartest/oldest inhabitants, or it's the last taxi home as I mentioned earlier. There are certainly things I can't explain. Peace.

posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 09:06 PM
I wonder if it's alien ships leaving because our atmosphere is now radioactively poisoned

posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 10:53 PM
I knew I should have never signed up, too much disinformation out there to counteract. To the folks that wish to try to debunk the Tibetan caves video because it sounds similar to Jupiter, they obviously haven't listened to the entire segments of both videos, as there are glaring differences. The Tibetan caves sound approaches the jet engine noise every one else is describing several times, and present in more than a few videos I posted, towards the 1/3 point and the middle. The Jupiter video is very gentle in it's magnetic fluctuations, and the audio shows that. If you look closely at the Jupiter video description, it uses some key terms in describing the sound. The key words are: Magnetosphere, Metallic Plasma, Magnetic Field. The reason all these sounds are happening is from a use of Elf and Ulf frequencies bouncing off the Troposphere/Magnetosphere, caused by Haarp and Eiscat and many number of installations, and if concentrated enough they create illuminated plasma. They are related in cause/effect. I hope that concept isn't too big to understand.

posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by iamconcerned

I understand ,just can't put it into words.
I understand the carrier frequency with the modulation,the real message with in.
I see that particles percepitating from the Van Allen radiation belt could cause disruptions
to the ionosphere,therefore cause tectonic plates to shift causing major earthquakes.
Didn't read it all,was just alittle to much for right now.

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 12:33 AM
I have been reading ATS threads for over a year now and recently decided to become a member. There is so much taking place in the world right now. It is nice to have a website where opinions and information can be discussed about the so called "topics they don't want us to know details about". Recently I came across a thread about this rumbling noise. It is very interesting to say the least. So....I passed it on to my father, who is originally the one who helped me to start thinking outside the box.

After describing in detail this thread and all the facts surrounding this curious "rumbling" noise he proceeded to tell me that he has in fact experienced this...on more than one occasion in the past year, as recent as in the past few months.

My dad lives in central Kansas, on a 40 acre plot of land. He is located about 8-10 miles from any city. My grandmother lives on this same plot of land. She, in fact was the first to bring it to his attention. My grandmother has no use for my or my dads conspiracy theories and when given facts about anything related to that thereof she just shrugs her shoulders. me it is important when she makes a statement about something that she knows nothing about....especially when it is being discussed here on ATS.

I will not go into detail about what he heard or experienced, because it is basically the same as the description given by the majority on here. I myself have not experienced it. All I did was describe what was being said on ATS. He says it is exactly what he and my gma experienced. He couldn't figure out what it was and why it seemed to last so long.....for them about 10 minutes. I basically am just posting this so it can be added to the list as another location confirmation. Please flag central Kansas. Maybe we eventually will get to the bottom of this. I look forward to posting more comments!

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 05:29 AM
my recording from last night (see a few posts above)

not the greatest recording in the world, but you get the idea..

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 11:48 AM
Hello everyone,
Just wanted to add to this thread. Last night about 2:30 -3:00am I could'nt sleep so I moved to the couch in the living room. Normally my wife and I sleep with a fan or noise maker on but in the living room is dead quite. As I was trying to fall asleep I started to here this noise. It wasnt rumbling, it sounded more like if you had a 20inch box fan and you your mouth next to it and talk, only in one tone. There is a scene in the movie Crocodile Dundee 2 where he uses a bull roarer. It sounded pretty close to this only with a more steady sound. I went outside and the sound grew more faint and when inside it sounded like it was coming from outside.

I dismissed it as someones A/C unit fan being bad or some of the the noise being carry from the local refineries. I thought I would share anyway.

Southeast Texas.

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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 02:54 PM
O.k, so I was not buying this as I hadn't heard anything I'm in Miami, FL (33187) Today is the first time I ever hear this noise. I pointed it out to my mom and she brushed it off as just being a plane as we live close to tamiami airport. So I put my watch next to her and said lets wait this one out, that was at 3:38pm, it is now 3:51 and I can still hear it just as clear. It indeed does sound like a jet, or several jets are just flying all over the place. There is a storm not too far from here; although In all my years living in Florida and witnessing hurricanes I've never heard such a strange continuous noise coming from the sky. I hear some people say this is a natural occurrence of ducting? Just wanted to share, hopefully I'm not the only person hearing this in miami right now. edit

4:03pm -- still perfectly audible, no change in sound. if this continues I will provide a recording.

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posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 03:00 PM
Gulf coast Texas near Galveston.

Approximately 15 minutes ago at 2:55 pm CDT, a sound I initially believed to be a jet flying over began. It continued for 10 minutes and was quite loud. It sounded just like an f-16 kicking in after burners and move from north to south. It is overcast presently and vertical visibility is limited and patchy.

I can still faintly hear it diminishing to the south.

The neighbors across the street are having a concrete driveway poured so the ground was vibrating a bit due to the concrete trucks so I cannot ascribe any ground motion to the sound.

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 07:43 PM
Please ignore my contribution to this thread and accept my appologies..

Originally posted by acidslacker
a bit embarrassing, but I would like to post a retraction. I couldnt believe my ears when I went outside tonight and I could hear the rumble sound again!!

So using triangulation my self and my friend discovered that the sound was from nothing more exotic than a cement factory about 3 miles away from the town which must have some new furnace which is running at night as I have not noticed the sound before (I think).

a victim of my own over active imagination i'm afraid!

sry again..

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 08:17 PM
About two or three days ago here in Melbourne my girlfriend woke me up at about 8AM and commented on the fact that there was a weird sound outside.

It sounded like an airplane flying over head, but it was there for a while and it didnt sound like it was moving, it was just there, but other than that sounded very similar. I didnt really think too much of it to be honest and dozed back off to sleep for a bit and havent thought about it or heard it until I came across this thread.

I'm about 50 pages too late. Someone want to fill me in on the theory?

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 04:30 AM
I live in Dollar, Scotland - yesterday at 2.30am i was having a cigarette out the back, this is the 3rd night in a row i've heard the heard the rumbling, sounds like thunder but it definately isnt thunder.

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by bitwize

Hi there, I heard the same thing, I live in Miami and heard it around 4 something pm yesterday.
I have made a petition online for all of us who has heard it to sign to demand an answer from our representatives. I know it is not perfect english not being my first language but I tried my best.


posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by ChangingSkies

"On the other side, I have no explanation for the video of the ufo with the changing colored lights making freaky deaky whale noises at a bazillion decibels"

If you're referring to the triangular one with color changing lights that sounds like it's from War Of The Worlds, I hate to say this, but it's fake. I heard crazy sounds in my own yard last week, so I believe some crazy stuff is happening, but I watched that video with the lights off and could see a few flaws in the video. Watch it full screen without any lights on in the room and you can see his flaws. Like a hand popping up for a split second under the lights, the face that pops up to the right of it. You can also see that he's filming straight ahead, which you wouldn't be able to see the 3 lights under the craft unless it was floating facing straight up (lol). Plus, there are no stars in the sky. But you can see one little flicker every once in a while that moves around with the lights, which look like someone is holding a jig and moving it very amateurish.. Sorry folks.. I'd love to believe it was true myself..

posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by Visiting ESB

I noticed that one of the trials in the sky had a nice circle or part of a large radius to it, I wonder if that could possibly be an effect of the whistling? This is allot different from other sounds I've seen and heard posted. S&F

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posted on Mar, 30 2011 @ 08:59 AM
Heard this last night around 11:00 pm EST.

Can't say when it started, this just happens to be when I started hearing it. (was going to head to bed)

Stayed up to listen to it.

Sounded like a really strong wind that didn't die down, with some sort of really slow plane over that.

Occasionally you would here what I would call overtones.

Sometimes high, sometimes low "whistling" type noises.

Lasted until I just went to bed around 3:00am EST

When I woke up I could still hear it.

Finally died down just a bit ago.

Very strange indeed.

Oh, I am in eastern PA.

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