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Rumbling noise being heard around the here...

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:49 PM
Possible sources of the sounds being heard from many different sources:

1) Singing Sand - "...When an avalanche occurs or even when the sand is pushed by hand, it emits a powerful, monotonous sound that can last up to several minutes and be heard more than a mile away. Sometimes observers mistake the noise for a loud, low-flying aircraft..." What similar movement of sand or soil would create a noise like this in areas without sand dunes? The Flagler County, Florida report may have been near sand dunes however most of the other reports would not have been. Shifting of the earth, avalanches....where can we find data to show if any changes have occurred on the surface or below in the layers of sand and soil? Also, it was interesting to note that the movement did not depend on wind. I'd also like to explore more about possible reasons a light would flash with this phenomena...gases? friction?

2) Ducting - Sound bouncing off of a very stable layer above the surface. How long does ducting usually last? Is ducting verifiable by a specific weather pattern which could be found on local weather radars or data for that date and location. Ducting can trap other sounds besides natural wind etc. Reports of it carrying the sounds of distant places, trains, etc are found. So, is it possible the weather trapped the sound of the nearby airport and made it seem louder and/or closer?

3) A Jet - Is this a known type of jet or a new prototype that is excessively loud. If so, where was it? What was the flash that caused it to become quiet? Additional reports of the Florida sound event:
Posted by: charly Location: Crawfordville on Mar 10, 2011 at 08:12 PM
"We heard it too last night. On Tuesday 3/9 as I was getting home I heard the same noise sounded like a fighter jet coming across the sky then I saw the air craft flying just above the tree line very low. I say craft because it looked like a military type plane/copter but it sounded like a fighter jet. No ducting here."

4) Tornadoes - These are often described as having the sound of trains or jets. But, the weather bureau stated officially that there were no tornadoes and none of the witnesses in any of the reports I've read have said that there was tornado-like weather or that they saw a tornado.

5) UFOs - Cloaked, somehow invisible to us. This has been discussed by many people. It certainly crossed my mind while watching the video. I hope that other people will be able to find instances of UFO reports that specifically sound like what was heard in that video and what is being reported worldwide. I know alot of you have piles of data on this subject and perhaps can help.

6) HAARP - Good ol' HAARP. HAARP's activities could be tied to several of these categories. Intentional use in the areas or accidentally hearing resonating waves from some other place it is being used. Very dangerous equipment. Definitely uses sound. Definitely can be prolonged.

7) Tunneling - Secret underground facilities and tunnels. The sound of drilling has been suggested as a source of this phenomena. It also occurred to me that when one of these tunnels was opened to the surface the sounds from within could be projected out and have a similar effect from the use of underground machinery, vehicles, etc.

8) Psyops Missions to Libya or Elsewhere - Posted by Bundy Bear - Extremely Interesting Information - Reports are provided detailing specific purportedly intercepted transmissions by a ham radio operator. This one is farther outside of my scope of knowledge but I know that for many of you this is perhaps your raison d'etre and you would be able to tell how this would relate to the sound heard in Florida.

9) Poleshift - People have been reporting unusual behavior with their compasses and an airport very recently closed areas of runway to accomodate changes in the magnetic North Pole. This airport also happened to be in Florida coincidentally. Would a pole shift create this type of sound? Would phenomena specifically would cause it?

10) Earthquakes - We've been told it wasn't an earthquake. But, what if data is being hidden from us? I think we could all guess some possible reasons why it might be. This data seems very active to me. I'd be interested in the stations that are currently not sending and are listed as offline as well. Those are places to watch maybe. Also, check Florida. I live in Florida and that seems very busy to me. Don't miss this.... (thanks to Recall 15 of

11) Hadron Collidor - We can only imagine the sounds coming from this monster. The question for me has always been...why? The potential for catastrophe is so great. Shouldn't all the people of the world at least get to vote if they should use it or something?

Just gathering ideas and asking questions. Hoping to get answers from people with knowledge in the related fields.

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by barrelhead

Thanks for the link!....I like how he uses his intuition and so have others to come to this conclusion..

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by BRITWARRIOR

Nice work. Too bad we're the only ones who know what you're talking about here, this thread would've been moved. Cracks me up how many people are so quick to debunk a pic or video but just skip your post because its like a foreign language...deny ignorance indeed..."its a plane! Its a wind turbine! Its someone who doesn't know how to properly use Garageband!"

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 08:52 PM
Hi all...i've been an ATS Follower for many years, but however not so a great poster...only some threads more aviation related to, i must assume that, cause its my professional world.
Well, and besides being a pilot for 15 years, im also one of those crazy dudes who spend all free time doing planespotting along the world, military(whenever possible:cool
, civil, etc...Also radio-scanning and related stuff.
In this very case my personnal opinion goes mainly directly to 2 itens»»»

A) Jet Planes, despite if its a military known or unknown/new-test, some civil but due to some atmospheric phenomenon the sound gets deformed, or even some rockets lauching or similar.

B) Some kind of Atmospheric/meteorological advent.

Its well known that when we are under an overcast sky the propagation of sound above the layer of clouds, for us all beneath them, will rest for the double, or even the triple, than with a clear sky.

I live in southern Portugal, and near the border with Spain we have 2 USA bases, Navy's ROTA and USAF MORON D:L: FRONTERA. Since as a child, and being a tru lover of everything and every phenomemon above me, i noticed that for instance during the winter season a mere USNAVY P3 or a HERCULES C130, i could still listening to them for more than 10 minutes...and im here talking about turboprops, not even Pure Jets.

For instance during the 91 Gulf War, i could spend hours and hours at night on my balcony/terrace listening long periods of more than 20 minutes of rumbling jet noises above me, departing and approaching those 2 bases, under a cloudy sky without even seeing a lil light or whatever. As i said, greater the ceiling is overcast, double the amount and exposure of any sound above it, or in the middle of it, to people below.
And the distance here at my city to those bases are around 200 Kms/125 N.Miles.

Of course i respect and fully understand your worries, i have not the powers to say that member X or Z wrote a lie or false statement here, cause that would not be polite from me, but please do not forget that human mind is very pron and kind to following suggestions, specially when it comes the "SEE" & "HEAR" Things...

Ohhh...and BTW....things here regarding Strange Noises keep very quiet...the only real thing here that could turn into a great rumbling sound could be tomorrows our Portuguese Government Demise after years of corruption and nasty robbery, due to an Oppositin Censorship Motion....Cheers to all, my friends

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 08:55 PM
I haven't read through 41 pages of posts, but it seems like the earthquakes on the east coast, the mysterious rumbling, and the mysterious oil spill ( ed-again) is all related. If the earth is cracking open and/or shifting underneath us, it would have all these effects, no?
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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:13 PM

Originally posted by pintobean
I haven't read through 41 pages of posts, but it seems like the earthquakes on the east coast, the mysterious rumbling, and the mysterious oil spill ( ed-again) is all related. If the earth is cracking open and/or shifting underneath us, it would have all these effects, no?
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Good as theory as any right now.

First thought i got after reading was what if the bp oil spill was deliberately to release pressure in the expanding crust.
Just speculation

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 09:17 PM
reply to post by aboveATS

No. The sound in your video was not the same as the one I heard. I distinctly said that I could only describe it most like a jet but I know it was not one. It also stayed in place and did not move toward or away from me. There was absolutely zero dopplar affect, unlike in your video.

Don't mean to be brash, but we aren't idiots. People KNOW what a jet sounds like. Saying it sounded like a jet and that it was a jet are two different things. Truth is, not even you know what we heard, because you obviously didn't hear it. If you did, you would obviously would have brushed it off as a jet. You most likely would have thought twice about it though, because even you would have wondered if it was really a jet if you had heard it. But most of us cannot brush it off as a jet because we know what jets sound like and that was not a jet. If you have read people's accounts, including mine, you would see that many off us thought of the sound as so odd that we stopped what we were doing to concentrate on the sound.

You would have also read in my earlier post, I mentioned to my boyfriend, just after we both were wondering what that sound was, that it sounded a lot like the sound I have heard before an earthquake. I did not feel the ground quake, though.

It's one thing to disagree that we heard what we heard, but it is another to imply we are all somehow idiots because we can't figure out that all we heard was jet.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 10:06 PM
Here's my rudimentary guess, someone is either taking advantage of ducting conditions to broadcast this sound for some strange reason, or something is causing ducting conditions to happen more frequently. If you read about ducting, you will find that it involves the transmission of RADIO WAVES:


Under these conditions we now have the radio wave bent back towards the earth. However, the radio wave can then reflect back of the earth and become refracted again to return earthwards once more. This can sometimes occur a number of times with little attenuation but some fading. The result can be long distance reception of radio waves that would normally have been far beyond the radio horizon.

What 's crazy is that the effect explains why there would be no Dopplar effect on the sound. If you listen to the OP video sound, you can hear that it SEEMS like it is fading but then not and then maybe it is, but then not. Could this account for the sound "bouncing back and forth between Earth and the duct wall?

The reason I suggest this is deliberate is because radio waves don't necessarily imply that a sound will be heard unless there is something to tune into the wave and transmit the sound, right (wrong)? Not to mention the weird flash of light that happened right before the sound faded away (had the property of the Dopplar affect). It was as if the duct wall suddenly vanished and the sound ended. Now that I am saying all this, I am starting to think about HAARP more. Could HAARP cause Ducting conditions so that this "signal" could be broadcast???

Edit to add: I just found this guys blog where he said he heard something very similar and people commenting are saying they heard the same things. One guy said he came across the guy's blog because he was looking up the strange sound after his sister said she heard something just like it. This is getting weird...Guy's Blog

Secondly, listen to this NASA recording of Jupiter's sounds. It sound a bit like the sound being heard. But Voyager had specially designed instruments made to pick up the sound and then put into a range humans can hear. (just a thought)

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 10:08 PM
First the good news, I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!

(Please read the links as they are quite important for the explanation.)

American indians called these sounds; THUNDERBIRDS. They are precursors to earthquakes and volcanoes. And they have been around for millenia, even the Ancient Egyptians wrote about them after they had a catastrophe.

Look at this map of Leylines;
It comes from this site;

The Fatima line, lines up perfectly with one of 'Under water's' post of east USA and sounds heard.

From Revelations; Ch 8v5 “So the angel took the censer (filled with smoke!!!!) and filled it with fire from the altar and cast it upon the earth. Then there followed peals of thunder and loud rumblings and blasts and noises, and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.”
Wow this verse got it all!

I suspect that other sounds heard/felt and/or saw flashes, will be on these leylines on the Earth's energy grid.
Usually on leylines you find granite, gold and water. Reason being, these are conductors of Earth energy. (Gold is better than copper as a conductor of heat and electricity-problem is we have been taking the gold out of the Earth!!)
Some of you mentioned it getting louder when you are in bed. That’s because the waves are not coming from the air, they are coming in horizontal waves from the ground up through the air, explains the absence of Doppler effect.
And these sounds, when heard by mice they do the 'duck and cover’. Keep this in mind.
(I’m going to play these to my rabbits and my dog-I’ll report back later as my dog is really good as an EQ monitor.)

Was it Matrix that said if you can’t see the angels and elementals doing their work it means it’s working alright, if you can hear them, it is not-big time. This is bad news, keep reading, I’ll tell you why later.

I was going to bring out a book on this, later this year, as I have been following clues left by the Templars, Rosslyn Chapel, the Bible and King Arthur's Grail quests. These clues are well known by the Occult Shadow government as well and have been using them against us & the Earth for centuries.
Bummm, I think I have run out of time.

In an experiment written about in New Scientist (I will find the link later) they squeezed magma, it became molten and hot, nothing unusual there. But when they opened the magma nugget, out popped a silicon crystal; from the middle.
This is what is in the very middle of our Earth and all the planets. It is also found as silicon quartz in granite, sand, concrete, house bricks and us.
The silicon quartz in us, is found in our Pineal gland that governs all our hormones. You can not live without a pineal gland, it’s that important.

In another experiment in New Scientist, a crystal was made to ring on one side of a vacuum jar. And this then made a crystal ring on the other side!!!
So this means planets can talk to each other across the vacuum of space. If you are in alignment with the other planet’s crystal, that planet (or singularity) will have an affect.

But as anyone knows if you squeeze granite you get positively charged ions and piezoelectricity too.
This link explains the science really well. The Earth is a giant granite battery.
We use piezoelectricity on a daily basis (as many of you know) in mobile phones. So I’ve figured out every thought is being beamed down to this core crystal. (AKA Askashic records, Greater Philosopher’s stone) from our Pineal gland (AKA Lesser Philosophers stone).

Now chemtrails are producing positive ions. They are saturating the Earth and us with Postively charged ions, as they increase they make humans sick, tired and anxious. This is what it feels like just before a good thunderstorm clears the air.
Has anyone heard of Slyphs? King Solomon and Isaiah knew of them. God made them to take the positive ions and DOR and accelerate the particles to gamma radiation, which we know as sprites, elves, etc and chuck ‘em out of the atmosphere. They are like shepherds of thunderstorms. They are cleaning up the ‘bad vibes,’ if you want it in layman’s terms.
But the Occult governments have been making war against them by killing them with solvents, their skin falls to the ground as clear slime, from the sky. So there are now less of them to clear the positive charge, and more of us not keeping the balance.

On Dutchsinse channel he has a video on HAARP and what it used for. Half of it is right, weather modification is semi right. HAARP increases Beta brainwaves-the goal orientated ones=less compassion.
Couple that with mobile and TETRA phones which make your brainwaves Beta all the time, life starts to feel like you have had 100 cups of coffee and your nerves are all jittery. Anyone seen it doesn’t take a lot to set someone off lately? The Occult Govt wants this, as it increases the work the Earth and Slyphs have to do to get rid of DOR/bad vibes. The balance is tipping.

This is where it gets bad;
1) We are not doing what God asked us to do, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind”. In other words, only worship God.
2) The Earth is having trouble getting rid of her excess positive charge. The Pyramid of Giza does this constantly, as does Stonehenge. If Tesla had had his way we would be using this Excess Earth energy as electricity, not using fossil fuels. We are supposed to using this free energy but yet again the Occult Govt has hidden these ‘keys to knowledge’.
3) The Shumann resonance is linked to the EM field/shield.
We are increasing the bad thoughts-fear leads to anger leads to suffering. Debts, EQs, panic about catastrophes, etc.
(If you know about the Schumann resonance, you will know the story of how Princess Diana’s death increased the frequency of our magnetic shield, as did 911. It was the whole world in grief and compassion.) If we can make it go up, we can make it go down by selfishness, and being nasty to one another. This where the other Jesus law comes in “Love others as you love yourself”. Do something nice for someone today-it will help heal the Earth.
4) The EM field has cracks in it and a massive hole that a satellite flew though. This is letting microwaves & cosmic rays through to the Earth & us. Mankind is being manipulated to make this happen. (See above.)
5) This next key is the hidden knowledge that every Government is scared of the populace getting. I have put this on other posts but maybe someone will notice the science behind it. We have a Stellar mass black hole that our Sun goes around every 11 years, causing El Ninos and La Ninas. Read ‘Doomsday Just Ahead’.
6) If everyone can hear these sounds all round the world, then I believe the Earth is trying to get rid of these +ions as sound waves, like a pressure valve. She has been overloaded by Mankind, chemtrails, and now the black hole. These sounds are her way of releasing the pressure as harmlessly to humans as possible but if it (war, murder, spitefulness, selfishness, greed, etc) continues she won’t be able to keep being harmless to humans. If this makes me look like I think the Earth is alive, I do and so does the Bible.

Here comes the bad news. Now I know why TPTB have tried to assassinate me & my family.
The black hole is waking up and sending out waves on nearly all of the electromagnetic spectrum. We haven’t reached the Gamma radiation frequency yet but as it is mentioned in the Seven Trumpets, I believe it is to come. (Gamma radiation can be stopped by going under ground, so start finding caves near you, or start digging, 6 feet should do it or find a basement.) Get water and food now.
Our compasses are now registering the magnetic onslaught from the black hole, coming through the cracks in the EM field.
Whenever we experience, what one member said was a Planet quake, you know now it was the black hole trumpeting. This is what I believe HAARP has been recording.

No headless chickens here. Do not panic. Think peaceful thoughts.
I totally believe in thinking positively and see all this as a challenge; people do survive this according to the Bible. Many Japanese survived the Atomic bombs!
I have solutions to this……..

I started to look at what our ancestors had left us to combat this problem. Their answers have been found in Templars’ and King Arthur stories, cathedrals and scared stones.
The last two are even now, carriers of the +ions up to the sky for the Slyphs to deal with.
1) Go to the sacred stone rings and any churches with steeples and sing to God; six songs each time.
2) Stick two iron or metal pipes in the ground and attach a car battery to them for half a day, unattach and use the energy, with a resistor (Electricians will need to post on how to do this safely.)
3) If you have heard the cries of Earth for help or Thunderbird sounds, then you have been especially blessed, and now you must help her by singing to God everyday or do the pipes solutions. Those who have heard the sounds outside are very close to a leylines and your efforts will have a greater effect.
4)Or if you know how to build a City buster organite, then build one, this does the same thing as the Slyphs.

If we all work together we can beat them, without raising a weapon and save Earth.
I repeat;
No headless chickens here. Do not panic. Think peaceful thoughts. Love everyone.

By the way the Book would have been fantastic but you know that sign the Illuminati do, the sign like a bull. It’s code for 1 333 1, which I thought was 31 March 2013 backwards (ie 13-3-31 but I think it is for 31 March 2011. BUMMER
If we are still here after 31 March 2011 I will write the book, as this isn’t all I’ve found.

By the way I wouldn’t know if I’ve heard this sound, as I live under a flight path and near a railway and in a city,
BUT I can feel it in my damaged Achilles tendon buzzing for the last month on and off. And I can feel it more when I lay down to go to bed, I have had bad trouble getting to sleep as the buzzing is annoying and it makes me feel anxious, I was starting to think I was calcium deficient.
My youngest child can hear it too, as a ringing in the right ear before going to sleep.
And I have smelt the smoke smell but just thought it was me.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by Visiting ESB

Me and my friends over here in fort worth Texas hear this rumbiling all the time

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 11:15 PM
We live in Minnesota and where we are right now is going through a snow storm.. funny thing is, when the weather reports were being told about how bad the conditions will be, they also said there will be thunder and lightning... umm okay thunder and lightning during a snow storm, that's not very likely and round these parts everybody was commenting on how that it's never happened before to their knowledge. And yes we did hear thunder like sounds during this snow storm. Is it thunder, no I don't think it is, it's not normal for this to even happen.. maybe this is just another case of the strange rumbling sounds?

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 11:36 PM
Electro/Magnetic/Radio Waves=Invisible=Potential Possibility Of Exploitation

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 11:40 PM
You can add me to the list. I live in N.D. For the past two weeks around 3:00 A.M. there is a very distinct low rumbling sound which typically lasts for around 10 minutes. It doesn't happen every night but the sound fills the air and seems to be all around you. I have lived in this town for over twenty years and know the sound is not normal. It's the strangest thing I have ever heard. I did not know this was happening in other places until I accidentally came across this article. I will try to record it next time I hear it.

posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 12:10 AM
I have a thougt about these strange word "elrad" (my spelling may be off) a sonic weapon or as I like to call it, the miiltary's "lions roar". What do you guys I way off? BTW, I heard it too on 3/20/11 during rain in Pasadena, CA..

posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by AriesJedi

Hmm, i am wondering if you are a Angel....You are so innocent in what you write and its very refreshing and i can feel that you are full of Love yourself...........I am open minded and anything is possible. I can see how loving one another and doing good deeds could heal our earth and each other..That means the Japan disasters will help heal because of all the compassion going out to them now....Thank you for sharing this and with so much Heart!!
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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by judgiebegoode

I thought I was the only one who thought of the Langoliers movie. Haven't heard anything that loud over here in Albuquerque, NM. However, when picking my son up from work last night at about 9:30, I literally had to pull my car over and stop because there were three sets of blinking lights on the west horizon. They were flashing red, green, white, and blue When I got to the store he works at, all of a sudden, one of them flew directly over the shopping area, it "looked" like a strange plane but made no sound. My son and I were shocked, then as we drove away, it continued circling over that part of the city which is very heavily populated. After I picked him up as we were driving back, we kept watching the other two and they didn't budge. Then I heard a low sort of "humming sound" and then the one that was circling the are just kept going in circles, lower than I have ever seen a huge plane do. After we got home, the air literally seemed to be "buzzing" with some sort of energy sound, not like the one's in the video, but softer. I was so scared after seeing those crafts that I locked up tight as soon as we got home. My dog was so restless with his ears twitching that I didn't get to sleep until 2:30 this morning.

posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 01:27 AM
i read about this rumbling a day or two ago and found it interesting. kept up a little later last night to see if i heard anything and unfortunately i didnt. listened to the news yesterday morning and last night and on like the top 3 stories they led with was did you hear a rumbling last night? well it was two f 18s taking of out of the champaign airport. kinda interesting that this pops up a few days ago and then they almost lead with this story. wondering if its a coincidence or if someone is trying to get it out there that this is just aircraft.

posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 01:35 AM
I just checked the seismograph at ANMO here in Albuquerque, it is filled with lines, earlier today it was calm. I have a feeling something is going to happen somewhere with all this noise people are hearing.

posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 01:42 AM

Originally posted by Nonchalant
reply to post by Visiting ESB

Yea IMO a jet engine wouldnt get louder as it does in the video - unless of course the airport somehow slowly moved closer to the house in the video over the 20 minute period

Im tending to think large undergorund boring machinery something similar to this

I'm also of the opinion the US government is in overdrive mode boring these underground tunnels and bases(?) in preparation for some future event.

I am sorry but I have a problem with the TBM theory. A TBM can only dig a maximum of a few feet if that in 20 minutes. Did the tunnel stop after 20 minutes? If not why did the noise stop? Why would TPTB be digging a bunker 20 minutes at a time? Here is the fastest TBM that I found.

The largest tunnel boring machine in the world or TBM is the German built

S-373 Herrenknecht double shield and it is owned by the Spanish Govt. It was dismantled from its last project in the Asturias and 500 trucks transported it to Sorbas for reassembly and now it’s ready to start work. The TBM is a mile long and it is AWESOME. The TBM currently holds the world speed record for tunnelling as it managed up to tunnel up to 105M a day on the Madrid to Valencia AVE line in 2007/8. 988/

105 divided by 24= 4.375 meters an hour.
4.375 divided by 60 minutes=0.072916667 meters a minute
0.072916667 meters multiplied by 20 minutes =1.4583333 meters in 20 minutes

If my math is wrong, please correct me.

If it was a TBM then it would have only dug 1.458 meters in 20 minutes. This is not enough to accomplish anything. With all do respect. I think we need to focus on another theory. I have looked into this theory and the numbers just dont add up.
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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by Visiting ESB

That's DubStep music. He's outside with it playing inside. You can even hear the harmonic sounding treble channels. This is absurd. Here in Florida if this noise was omnipresent I'd be amongst the first to notice. Everyone do check out DubStep music tho, its awesome. It's the final conclusion of all music period.

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