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Division By Proxy

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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 08:55 PM
have u ever noticed how divided we are as a people,even down to our most loved ones we have become cold and distant? wowee its an internal conflict as well as external. why is that? well my humble opinion is this, its a mix of alot of things but its being done by design, also a cause of severe depression because we depend on each other as a whole,when we are compartmentalized and mind f--ked into singularity we divide and therefore conquered by people who remain a whole in and of themselves for private interest groups.

examples of the causes and reasoning behind the division

1) Reality t.v- this is a disgusting example on how the media portrays what reality is,in turn the mass procures a mixed message of what reality is and what entertainment is, people dont distinguish reality from entertainment and act out by following suit to their influence

2) Race- why are we still on this hill? havent we surpassed the ignorance yet? no explanation necessary

3)Diversions- we have a staggering amount of diversions to deflect us from our humanity. we hurt the ones we love and are more caring and closer to strangers for the simple fact of being a social climber, we get comfortable and take for granted the people who matter to us most,yet the new potential friends who in reality do the same thing recycle each other like under ware,all the while focused on bieber and sheen and gaddafi and football and everything that comes of the devils gospel out of ur TV

4)Employment- ever notice that if ur working somewhere,anywhere and you get fired or let go for whatever reason,to people u know u instantly become a moocher or a POS, and you get looked down upon just because u are a free slave for a moment, or even if u have a job,and u cant relate to the asinine meanderings spewing out the mouths of your co workers such as mainstream TV or inside jokes or any number of things u cant relate too,u get phased out,heard mentality and sheepish nature is our culture

5)Class and Culture- depending on how much money you make or have and what kind of hat u wear or food u eat instead of individual impressions and actions dictates your place and role in society

those are just a few examples, i could go on all day but i got things to do, u get the point. its become a total distopia for a considerable amount of people due to external influences instigating mind states of what is normal and what is set in stone on how things should be, we live in a chaotic universe consequently changing and humans have the arrogance to decide how things should be or like we are the cats pajamas in the universe. its all disgusting to me and im sure im not the only one who has suffered this by strangers friends and family. the reality is, kcuf it lets just smoke a bowl n hash it out like real people instead of prepackaged prechewed individualism and seperatism u get the point nuff said...............

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 09:04 PM
All I can say is brilliant
I have been saying the same for quite some time. The trouble I have found is getting the people in your life to understand.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 02:21 AM
Good post OP. I would like to add on this because you have hit the nail on the head.

While people in the West, or as some would say, 'the civilized world' worry about things that are unimportant, people in countries with less monetary wealth have focused on more fulfilling purpose.

The same people that people condemn the elite for controlling the masses exert the same type of controls over their family members and children.

The rich control the masses, the poor control their homestead.

Think about the abuse of power that enrages so many and then think about the masses who abuse their families. Parents that don't give their children the freedom to speak out, to question their authority.

Many would argue that children are spoiled, that they don't deserve half of what they get in the modern world. The truth is that the superficial items that are thrust upon our youth are not what they are seeking but what they have been trained to seek. They do not know what they want, as a parent it is your duty to make them realize what is important.

I will reference Asian culture for a moment, which is based heavily on building a name for the family. There are many drawbacks to this type of thinking but one of the benefits is that in general, the population is more worried about bringing a bad name to their family than they are about being from the wrong political group. In Chinese they have an expression called ' bay mein' -literally, give noodle. Meaning to give 'face'. Losing face is considered one of the worst things in their culture, and to bring a bad name to your family is to lose face.

Losing face can include anything from speaking out of term, being arrogant, taking advantage of people, etc. If your family is educated and successful than you have brought 'face' to your family. To take care of people in a bad situation you have shown 'face' to the ones you have helped.

The term 'face' is interchangeable with many words but usually falls back to humility.

The West is so structured socially that it is near impossible for people to communicate without first aligning themselves to a political party, an outlook or predisposition towards certain issues. How you feel towards race, religion, and politics seems to be a requirement for friendship.

While in other areas of the world, the most important thing is how you treat each other in a social setting. If you are of an opposing view, it may be proper to hold your tongue and try to understand the person next to you speak their mind.

The West has lost their humility. In short.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by boncho

To add to what I was saying I would like to point out something that the Chinese teach their kids as soon as they learn to speak. The three character classic.

A text of Confucianism, that tries to instill wisdom at an early age with youth.

The first four verses state the core credo of Confucianism as developed by Mencius, considered one of the most influential traditional Chinese philosophers after Confucius.

While it has considered to be not as popular as it once was, it is nearly impossible to find a native speaker that has not memorized this piece of work, which they did at an early age.

To read the full English translation go to this link.

It is actually quite a good read.

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