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G.I.Joe : Renegades

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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 02:01 PM
G.I.Joe Renegades- wiki

A group of young G.I.s are forced to become fugitives after a spy mission goes horribly wrong that involves the explosion of Cobra Industries' Cobra Pharmaceuticals. Now branded as renegades by the media for crimes they didn't commit, they're forced to fight. Pursued by the authorities, Cobra mercenaries, and the Falcons, they must use all their skills to prove their innocence and to expose the true face of Cobra Industries and its mysterious leader Adam DeCobray.

According to the recent "Hub Exclusive" TV broadcast, promoting this series and the Transformers Prime, homages to The A-Team movie are used in the background of this incarnation of the characters. Most notable is that Roadblock is stated to parallel to B.A. Baracus in size and mechanical aptitude, and Flint is formally an actual officer (First Lieutenant in Army Intelligence) rather than a warrant officer and is specifically used as the officer assigned to arrest the "Renegades", akin to Colonel Lynch of the A-Team series. Also Lady Jaye is sympathetic to her long time friend Duke and provides covert support to the him and the Renegades as was Captain Charissa Sosa in the A-Team film and AAA in the 1980s TV series.

and yes they did go there...


After two episodes, the series intro is narrated by David Kaye:

"Accused of a crime they didn't commit, a ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle to clear their names and expose the insidious enemy that is... Cobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
But these determined men and women think themselves only as 'Ordinary Joes.'
And this is their story."

I had to put that right there...

and for the fans of GI joe you can watch it on Youtube so far so If you want to I would before it gets vevo'ed

the show are still there.. NOW to the transformer page.....


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