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The US: Instigator in the Middle East?

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posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 08:23 PM
After hearing about problems in the Middle East (especially Palestine/Isreal) my whole "intersted-in-world-affairs" life, I am seriously starting to believe the US is secretly funding/supporting both sides. The quote from Training Day sums what the US might be trying to accomplish:

Ethan Hawke
Oh what? Just let the animals wipe themselves out.

I dont consider ANY nationality one of "animals", but with the prophecy of descruction to anyone who turns their back on "The Chosen People" (Israel/Jews) combined with the trouble we're constantly causing in that area of the world, maybe the US is looking for a way out? We've done it (secretly playing for both sides) in the past with Vietnam, Iraq/Iran, and the Russian-Afghan War, so why not again? Why not now?

I predict this web of lies and half and/or hidden truths is going to come crashing down in the (near) future, and secret intentions will finally be revealed (which will only support the accusations of a US planned/financed 9/11).

Any thoughts?

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