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The Board Has Been Laid--Egypt And Other Islamic States, The Coming Insurrection

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 04:33 PM
Ive been doing some thinking. Do you remember hearing the story about the military using fake facebook/twitter profiles to guide public opinion? What if the riots in Egypt were planned and perpetrated by our military? It just seems like the US government and US based corporations are the main profiteers and have the most to gain out of the situation. Almost as if they knew the spark from Egypt would be enough to set the middle east ablaze.

Connect the dots...
Why is the Military Creating an Army of Fake People on the Interent?

US Gov. Software Creates Fake Personas

Google "Very Proud" of Exec Who Helped lead Egpyt Protests

Google's Eric Shmidt Proud of the Role Google Played in Egypt

Why do you think Mubarak instantly disowned the US as soon as the protests started? They pulled the rug out from underneath him. Left him high and dry when he thought he had allies. Now we are seeing the effects of the dictatorships crumbling, allowing the oppressed of the violent and rigid regime to step into power. As anyone knows, when any totalitarian government crashes, the most networked and and extensive radical organization will attempt to seize power. Case in point, Al Queda and other Jihadist groups.

One by one the Islamic nation states will fall, giving rise to a beast more aggressive than we can possibly imagine. Once the sleeper cells become active, there will be nothing in their way to creating a caliphate.
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