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NWO EIlitist code words for war leading to depopulation via "No FLy Zone?"

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 10:44 AM
]The UN rapidly convened to a "No Fly Zone by ALL NECESSARY MEASURES" vote following two recent incidents. It is also said that the French will probably lead the action. WHile they have been somewhat of a colonial power they are much better at resistance. If Qhadafi's fprces embarress the French well then NATO (US) will have to step in. We are hesitant to do that because we just spent money supplying Qhadafi with 50,000 mercenaries via Israel. Could it be also, we would use Libya's easy defeat to build National Pride amongst NATO?

First, Israel boarded a German owned vessel, Christened "Victoria," chartered by a French company, flying a Liberian flag (US?), carrying arms from Iran and bound for Gaza via Egypt to use against Israel. (Even though there was ammo for Russian arms, Chinese missiles, and English Radars.)
However, the manuals for the Chinese missiles were in Persian with Iranian Government emblems. (Those Iranian idiots. Don't they know the Gaza based Egyptians don't speak or read Persian?)
Note it was going to Egypt. Maybe to arm Egyptians? MAybe to march in Gaza.

Below is a preliminary list of weaponry and weaponry systems discovered and unloaded this morning at the Ashdod Port hidden in the cargo of the “Victoria” vessel.
■230 mortar shells, 120 mm (Egypt, NATO, IDF, to name a few)
■2,270 mortar shells, 60 mm (US)
■6 C-704 anti-ship missiles (CHinese)
■2 radar systems manufactured in England
■2 launchers
■2 hydraulic mounting cranes for radar system
■66,960 bullets for the Kalashnikov, 7.62 millimeter

The identification document for the anti-ship missiles was in Persian and contained emblems of the Iranian government throughout. In addition, the ship left from the Syrian port of Lattakia before stopping in Turkey to make its way to Egypt. To the IDF’s understanding, Egypt and Turkey had no prior knowledge of the weaponry.


Sound familiar?
Well in 2009 Israel intercepted a German owned vessel Christened "Francop" (France Op?), chartered by a Cypriot company, flying an Antigua & Barbuda flag (UK?) , bound for Lebanon via Syria to use against Israel. The Iranians couldn't get it right in this one either. This time the rockets had English writing on them. But rest assured, IDF was certain they were from Iran because the way the crates were hidden.

The rockets and artillery shells on the Francop were mostly manufactured over the past two years, and though they had English-language markings, intelligence officials believe that most were manufactured in Iran - other than the 122-millimeter rockets, which are apparently of Russian manufacture.


Hmmm... Israel and Iran :puz

2nd- Qhadafi made a statement which reminded the UN why we fight wars and after the Colonel's statement the UN realized that a vote to enforce the LIBYAN "No Fly Zone" by "BY ALL NECESSARY MEASURES!" was now the pressing matter of the day because Saudi Arabia's and Bahrain's citizens can handle it.
Just what did he say?

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi slammed Western powers in a German television interview on Tuesday, saying Germany was the only one with a chance of doing business with Libyan oil in the future.


Well then the UN voted. Some abstained from a "No Fly ZOne by ALL NECESSARY MEASURES." Who were they?

The vote late Thursday was 10-0 with five abstentions: Russia, China, India, GERMANY and Brazil. Russia and China, generally reluctant to authorize military interventions, both abstained rather than using their vetoes to block the resolution


I watched a documentary recently about Germany. The US counterparts of automaker BMW were comparing themselves to each other. WHile they said the US flies by the seat of their pants and reaches the goal by trial and error, Germans very carefully plan out every detail occuring in every scenario then rapdidy executing the plan without failure.

What do the Germans know?

Now to this term that has been used in every instance of war, but more directly in this example, "by all necessary means." Similar phrasing was used by George H. W. Bush to involve the US in the current hot war in the Middle East. We have never left the Middle East nor ceased to fire upon the Middle East since then.

Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 provided Bush’s most serious crisis and his finest hour as president. His masterful diplomacy fashioned a broad international coalition against Iraq. Justifying the U.S. response, Bush cited the unprovoked invasion of defenseless Kuwait, Iraq’s desire to control a large portion of the world’s oil reserves, and Iraq’s growing nuclear-weapons potential. In January 1991 Bush asked Congress for “ALL NECESSARY MEANS” to expel Iraq from Kuwait. He received congressional approval to use force, and the U.S.-led allies launched a punishing aerial assault on strategic sites in Iraq. In a ground war in February, lasting just 100 hours, allied forces drove the Iraqis from Kuwait. Bush’s popularity rose to historic highs for a president, but he drew some criticism for ordering a cease-fire before Iraq’s president, Saddam Hussein, was ousted.


Now when you say it like that it reminds me of statements of George Greens (whoever he may say he is and whatever he may be saying) when he said in the 90s, I believe, that the US and Israel wanted to start the depopulation to 500 million soon, starting in 2000 by "BY ALL NECESSARY MEANS." He said we would know it was about to take place because they would start wars in the middle east leading up to Iran and bombing of Iran. He said when it got to that point AFTER bombing Iran that TPTB would start "by neutron bombing major cities to wipe them out and all the Elite would migrate to the Southern Hemisphere where the equatorial winds would push back the fallout and contain it in the Northern Hemisphere."
I thought I would watch and look for his "signs." And lo and behold in 2006 George W. Bush does this...

Paraguay in a spin about Bush's alleged 100,000 acre hideaway


So as we sit and wait let's watch and see if this doesn't lead to a bombing of Iran. If so, Hasta La VIsta, Me voy a América del Sur.
I will be gong by "ALL MEANS NECESSARY!"
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That is where OBAMA is right now.
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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by sirjunlegun

Germany abstained from the "No Fly" vote imposed on Libya.
FWIW, Germany is Gomer and Put is Libya in Ezekiel 38.
Interesting, is it not?

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 11:08 AM
Very well thought out. I've been very suspicious of all the recent high profile "resignations" and the like. Bailing ship perhaps? Heading for higher ground as it were. Or the Southern Hemisphere. Interesting. And the big land grabs in South America. very telling.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by sirjunlegun

By major cities did George Greens mean globally, or restricted to the States?


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