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UFOs in Drag? Never!

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 09:35 AM
In my thread “The Nuts and Bolts of Black Triangles” of a couple of months ago, I did some forward thinking of various aspects of our triangle designs, configurations and capabilities. The chief factor of the triangles is, of course, their revolutionary means of motion.
We know from almost the first modern sighting of a flying saucer that those craft are not conventional aircraft. That power source is a thing of dreams! And by some means that system has found its way into the innards of the triangles. True to genuine UFOs, they make amazingly quick stops, stops, turns and hover with little or no noise with no evidence of props, rotors, ducted fans or roaring exhausts. If anything, they may issue a humming noise. In fact, they appear to not use air at all for lift or propulsion and therefore not need any equipment or appendages to interact with it. Anti-gravity systems are frequently touted as the means of power, but explanation is short-sighted and cannot be the solution. Negative gravitational influences does not fully explain what is being demonstrated. The only viable explanation—by simple observations is that these craft, both ET UFOs and our triangles are canceling their mass which then allows them to work around the limits mistaken placed on what is possible with physics. (My second signature line says it very succinctly.)
If these craft do not use air for lift or in propulsion units, it may seem that moving through air would be, a nuisance, a hindrance, especially at extreme speeds, and may, in fact, limit ultra high speeds because of the atmospheric friction causing heating of the leading edges of our craft. This is a very real problem for us in current, conventional aerospace applications.
But consider that an inherent feature of a massless field created around such a ship is that there is no air resistance, even if the ship is shaped like a brick. The atmospheric environment in the immediate area of the ship is part of the massless envelope encompassing the ship. When working within an atmosphere, this inherent feature is much desired and would allow unthinkable high speeds. As the ship moves forward, the encountered air comes within the massless envelope. That air, now without mass, flows effortlessly and instantly around and into the exact same volume of area left behind the ship. There is no dam of air as typically created at the leading edges of a super-sonic jet or even created in front of your car as it moves at speed on the highway. This feature is why there is never a sonic boom from a UFO regardless of its speed.
That concept will be difficult for some to visualize. Let us bring the concept more down to earth to show that it is not so far-fetched.
Largely unknown, the Russians were the first to claim to have a submarine torpedo that would exceed 300 mph. A rocket-powered torpedo, named the Shkval, solved the seemingly limiting problem of the enormous frictions of water upon a torpedo at speed by providing a gaseous envelope squirted out the forward tip. This envelope then fell back, so to speak, to surround the torpedo as it move forward. This allowed it to cruise in a self-generated cloud of water vapor around itself. The gas provides far less friction upon the body of the torpedo than the surrounding water. The “envelope” need not be quite so literal. It can be a cascading fan of densely packed, small bubbles that overall have more total vapor volume than the water that the torpedo is going to displace as it moves forward. It replaces those tiny multitudes of voids with its own volume. (Or something like that. This is pretty secret stuff you know!)
Called the supercavitation process, this was a startling new direction for torpedo development. Slow to the gate, the US wasted little time in revealing (if not developing) its own version called a transonic torpedo that, supposedly, was about three times faster than the Soviet Shkval!
“In 1997, the (US) Navy tested a supercavitating projectile that reached 5,082 feet per second, becoming the first manmade vehicle to exceed Mach 1 underwater.”
This data about supercavitating torpedoes is to show that there are ways to cheat what we normally assume to be the rules of nature. ”Reasonableness” and “common sense” need not apply when it comes to Science side-stepping the basic facts of physics. The process is somewhat different between UFO and torpedo, but the basic principle is exactly the same.
There is no reason not to accept that UFO and triangles have a massless drive unit for power. And when you see one in operation, there is every reason to believe your eyes despite voices and agencies that deny each and every one.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 09:51 AM
Some man who apparently had interviewed a Reptilian claims that the Reptilian said that the Black Triangular UFOs we see are being piloted by our own military. Other UFOs are not though.

Hope that helps

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by Skate
Some man who apparently had interviewed a Reptilian claims that the Reptilian said that the Black Triangular UFOs we see are being piloted by our own military. Other UFOs are not though.

Hope that helps

I too have been told that same thing, from a human being who worked for some people that are un-named. I was telling him that I saw a triangle craft in the sky, and he said to me, "those are ours." "The round ones are theirs."
I strongly believe they are our own Air Force's craft, set to bring off the fake alien invasion scenario from Project Blue Beam.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by autowrench

I don't think it can be reasonable contested that triangles are not our own craft and developed from the true flying saucers. I tend to believe that the three-point triangles are shaped that way because we failed to fully follow the alien round designs and had to fall back on our typical manner of control systems for virtually all of our aircraft and manned space craft. That would be the three axis system of control. The huge lights usually seen in the underside of triangles are evidence for that control system.

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by Aliensun

I apologize for the lack of paragraph breaks in the OP. They were in the original MS Word text I posted, but pissadeared somewhere. And by the time I checked it, it was too late to change.

posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 09:19 PM
The massless envelope surrounding a triangle or UFO also has another major benefit not mentioned in my article above. That benefit is that any object wholly entering into that field also loses its mass. (The word "wholly" is critical to this feature.) But that object would not lose its velocity. But neither would it do the body of the triangle/UFO harm nor to itself. There would be no impact to speak of, it would simply bounce off the ship.

That is difficult to conceptualized for solid, physical bodies, but easy to literally see if you shine a flashling at a mirror. The proton beam, the light, is massless, and it has no problem bouncing off the mirror, and neither does the mirror have a problem with the massless impact of the beam. No harm done to either.

A bullet or even a missile entering into that massless field would be totally ineffective as would the explosive warhead of the rocket. (The strength of the field would have some bearing on that last condition.)

The only danger that seems evident for a triangle/UFO would be for a large body, such as an asteroid, to enter that field, reach the hull, and yet have its hindparts out beyond the effects of the field, and thus, still retaining mass which then drives the massless forepart into the triangle. In other words, you could poke it with a long stick and do some damage, but not with a short one.

How a triangle or a UFO would react to a laser fired at it would probably depend upon the type, kind and intensity of the laser.

It is plain to see that a massless field created around an object is very protective of it from the standard laws of physic that are now held so sacred on this planet. Such a system does not escape the imagination, and in fact when seen in the actions of UFOs, leads to the obviously conclusion that such is the primary way that starships can flash across the great depths of the cosmos unmolested by natural physics.

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