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Germany: where obedience can be a dirty word

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by faceoff85

My God Man.. What the hell are you talking about lol..

You are generalizing 82 million Germans, 300 million Western Europeans and almost a billion Westerners as 'Backstabbing Types'..

Might I suggest that your comments say something derogatory about YOUR personality, inability NOT to generalize and overall outlook towards the human race.
You do realize we evolved like this yea? All of us.. And it is built into our survival mechanisms yea? And it is the reason we have advanced more than animals yea? So what is the problem..

Btw, I'm also European so I understand all our little rivalries but come on.. You're acting like you've never been outside Holland.

In my personal opinion, one in four people are a**holes and one in two will rub you up the wrong way.. Not your fault, not their fault..

But by saying that all Germans are crude backstabbers is ridiculous.. Like saying all Americans are retarded, all French are pussies and all Belgians rape their children.

But then again, I'm just a drunken Irish idiot, so what would I know

posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by Dermo

Well, I am talking about generalizing atributes. Offcourse I fully realise that in reality there will be more people who dont conform to my description then those who do. But when one would incorporate politics into this discussion, my description would become a whole lot more VALID.

Doesn't take away the fact that most households can and will be very generous, helpfull and hospitable. Still... the general attitude doesn't ring well with the individual attitudes displayed

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 07:00 AM
As a german I want to state something

The big problem is that they settle whole blocks where you´re called "#ing german" just for walking by. The appear always in groups and try to fight each other (the russians and the turks) but sometimes they ally and fight against germans. This is done by mostly younger people. Its a big problem in our schools. No one I know has something generaly against them, its their behavior and I think its part of the culture. Think of russians on vacations in your hotel for example. Nothing against Turks/Russians in general, and of course germans also start fighting. Not all but a good portion doesn´t want to learn german language or integrate. They´re coming to us in hope of a better life (wich is totally ok!) but when they are here they see how easy it is to cheat on the system so they just take the money from government and live their lifes like before.

Proud German
We´re proud of our land because its beautiful (i think most other people in the world would say the same thing about their own country) and we´re proud of our knowledge and work attitude. NOT proud of our past doings.

They did terrible things to us AFTER WW2 stopped offically, bombing little towns in the nowhere and in the middle of the country just for fun. they hunted people out on the field with their planes. Here in my town, theres still a old farminghouse with thousands of bulletholes and some grenade holes in the earth in front of it and in the backyard. Its outside the town, freestanding, no nazi troops were ever there.
They raped my grandma because she was outside in the dark because she needed something from a neighbor and was taken by them. They took her in the capell next to her house, wich was improvisized into a jail, she only had nightclothes on and my grandgrandfather was shot when he sneaked the 10meters over there to bring a blanket to her. For that, they beaten her almost to death while her father was dying outside. Other family members wanted to help but they forced them back into the house.
They took their food and tools away from the people and wastet it before their eyes, even they were not allowed to give some food of their own to the people. They took the things you need for farming because these were considered as "weapons". Of course this "happens" in war and I´m sure german soldiers were not better but this was after the war and just pure sadism. Most people in germany back then didn´t want the war and you were forced to join the "heer" when you got 16 years old, if you didn´t went there, they were coming to catch you.

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 07:19 AM

Originally posted by derpif

Neonazis and Commies are the scumbags of our society and many Germans agree on that.

Indeed. Central European countries have become Models of good Government because they have seen the horrors of right-wing and left-wing ideology.

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