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The real news (short story)

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posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 02:30 AM
Has Barrack Obama steps in the oval office theirs three generals two with really long faces and one with a
sort of blank look on his face. in a casual voice Barrack says "so any change with are problem in Japan?" the general with the blank look says "no, they still want are military out and shut down the under ground sub bases."
Barrack sort of gives a stern look back and sits down and says "you talked last time when we all meet about plan "B", is that ready?"
General replies " yes, we just need the O.K from you"
Barrack just nods and says "so i guess this meeting is over now, busy busy day for me"
all three stand and walk out like it's a another thursday meeting with the President.

The trailer next to the United States best kept secret H.A.R.R.P (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) smelt like a fresh pot coffee and donuts. The Colonel is a nice guy always likes to get the crew some thing every morning. Has the day shifts walks in rubbing their eyes form a long sleep the night crew walks in rubbing their eyes. the Major is slamming his third donut and reading the orders for the day every one settles and sits. The Colonel stands with the days orders in his hands and speaks "well today it looks like it's a high priority case today so lets gets this done with no mistakes, would like say any thing Major?" he nods no "well you guys no what to do, the Major will give you the codence" after the donuts where done the H.A.R.R.P was humming doing it's job aimed at some where in the Pacific.

The evening news in america was very grim with tons of video of houses and cars being swept into the sea. But back in the White House the press secretary and his team was feeding all the news wires what they should be saying about this problem. the team working on this was writing copy and making very edited video just for the public. the edited video could not show the real horrors of this tragedy. they also would mix in a couple feel good stories that evening. but they did not know that this problem was going to get a whole lot worst and out of control.



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